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Sixers Make Iverson An Offer (Update: Iverson signs)

In Free Agency on December 1, 2009 at 6:56 pm

CBS’ Ken Berger reports

The Philadelphia 76ers have offered Allen Iverson a one-year, non-guaranteed contract, a person familiar with the situation confirmed to Ken Berger of on Tuesday.

Hmm …

  • Did the Sixers really just offend Allen Iverson before AI ever got on the court? Heck, before he ever agreed to come back?
  • Iverson’s pride isn’t going to like signing a non-guaranteed contract.
  • No word on how much the contract pays but the Sixers should have offered a contract comparable to the Grizzlies … again, Iverson’s pride the issue at hand.
  • Still, Iverson has no other options, and he would get to return to Phily and get to play a large role … so even if the Sixers have offended him, and I think that’s pretty close to being a certainty, there is still a good chance that he returns.

I’m hoping Iverson returns to the Sixers. It’s the best possible solution for Phily + for Iverson.

It will make them a very interesting team to watch for the rest of the year + should get them into the playoffs.


Allen Iverson has signed — ESPN reports

Iverson was offered a one-year, non-guaranteed contract on Tuesday, according to a person who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the contract talks had not been made public.

The Sixers would owe just under $650,000 if they guarantee his contract for the remainder of the season on Jan. 10. Stefanski plans to talk about Iverson’s return in a noon teleconference.

In 10 seasons with the Sixers, Iverson posted the highest scoring average in team history (28.1), was second on the points list (19,583) and holds the record for 3-pointers (877). He was a seven-time All-Star, won four scoring titles and two All-Star game MVPs.

Very nice contract for Philadelphia … a little surprised that Iverson was so quick to accept a contract that small.

  1. Looks like the “Buzz” in Philly is electrifying. Monday’s game against his former team the Denver Nuggets is close to selling out. There has been a great demand for tickets that day. Jersey sales should shoot straight up as well, Iverson’s new Sixers uniform will be on sale Monday. The number 3 will not have the name Green(Willie) on the back, This #3 jersey with Iverson’s name will be in high demand in all three colors.

    The Sixers are the 3rd worst team in the East and are out of the play off picture if it started today, they are also on a six game losing streak. So AI disrupting any chemistry would be absurd because obviosly there is no chemistry what so ever. Also you have a unacheiving Elton Brand who is being paid $80 mil. Watch his #’s surge when Allen Iverson jumps on board.

    Dalmbert, Brand, and Kapono will all benift from having the Answer on board. As for Igudola, Andre He will still be productive but like a cloumnist said he is a great #2 and not a real alpha dog.

    That is what the Sixers lacked that Identity and an Alpha Dog to lead the way!

    As of today December 3:
    Elton Brand= 12-6 & 1.3 blocks
    Samuel Dalembert= 6-1 & 1.8 blocks
    Jason Kapono=6-1
    Thaddeus Young=15-4
    Andre Igudola=18-6-5 & 2 steals(Alpha dog? avg’ing under 20 ppg will not carry a team anywhere)

    we’ll check back in January to how much these #’s have changed. Like I said Brand and Dalembert will improve along with Kapono. Igudola will probably dipp in ppg but his fg% will rise which is great if he can avg. 14-18 on a high fg% and 3point % then they are going to do some damage because now he can focus his nerygy on shutting down the opposing teams best scorer.

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