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Iverson Says He’s Retired

In Free Agency, General NBA on November 25, 2009 at 8:27 pm

Yahoo Sports reports

Without a clear-cut suitor emerging to sign him, All-Star guard Allen Iverson announced his retirement on Wednesday.


“I would like to announce my plans to retire from the National Basketball Association,” Iverson said in a statement released to Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Stephen A. Smith, who first announced Iverson’s decision on his personal web site. “I always thought that when I left the game, it would be because I couldn’t help my team the way that I was accustomed to. However, that is not the case.

“I still have tremendous love for the game, the desire to play, and a whole lot left in my tank. I feel strongly that I can still compete at the highest level.”

“Wonderful career. Right thing to do for his family,” Iverson’s manager, Gary Moore told Yahoo! Sports. “It’s no secret that Allen has been unfairly treated through all this. The fact is his family needs him more.”

Eh, I don’t put much stock into this. It’s a stunt.

Iverson is both fishing for another contract + trying to avoid looking like what he really is — a free agent that nobody wants. A player like Brevin Knight or Jacque Vaughn … someone who can’t get a contract and is stuck on the outside waiting for his telephone to ring hoping he can get another gig — If an NBA team was willing to offer him a contract Iverson would jump at the chance to get back into the league.

It’s a stunt.

  1. Unbelievable, one freaking day! And he’s already considering a comeback.

    Immediately after word came out that Iverson had announced he was retiring, sources close to him said he was having a change of heart. They said the uproar over his pending departure reminded him of the love that still exists for the former Sixer, Nugget, Piston and Grizzlie, instead of questions about an imminent departure.

    He’s like a six year old child trying to get his parents attention.

  2. As far as his talent is concern, the league will miss perhaps among the best players to rise in the post-Jordan era.

    Is there any alternative for him? Well, maybe he should consider a move to Europe. I’m sure he might get more respect for his status as a bonafide superstar.

    I doubt he will ever get to greatness he was once was in the NBA. Unless there is a team out there that is desperate for his talent. Then again, his attitude in the dressing room can be a huge risk.

  3. Great story in the works — Philadelphia is thinking of bringing back Allen Iverson

    Allen Iverson not only may come out of retirement in a matter of days. But he also could very well return to the franchise where all of his glory began.

    Numerous team sources confirmed on Friday that the 76ers’ brass has already talked — and talks will only escalate this weekend — about bringing Iverson back to Philadelphia. Possibly as early as next week.

    “It’s being seriously considered,” one Sixers official said before his team lost to the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night. “We know the history. We know the ups and downs. But we’re also aware of what (Iverson) can do and that he’s needed here. We simply can’t just ignore the upside he’d bring. Not with our situation.”

    As of Friday night, coach Eddie Jordan was on board with bringing Iverson back, according to sources. So were officials within the club’s hierarchy, along with the team’s executive adviser, Sonny Hill.

    The rest of Jordan’s coaching staff is amenable to Iverson’s return, including assistant and former Sixer Aaron McKie, one of Iverson’s best friends, as well as assistant coach Randy Ayers — the former Sixers coach who had his share of run-ins with Iverson, ultimately lasting just 52 games before he was dismissed by former president and GM Billy King in 2003-04.

    The Sixers say they are aware it will cost them less than $3 million to get Iverson — “possibly less than $2 million, according to another team source — and have every intention of acting on it, probably as early as Tuesday.

    Lou Williams went down with an injury the other day and is out for the next two months. The Sixers have had problems with their backup guards all season and clearly do not trust them taking on a larger role in the team (yet). Large role there to be filled between now and February.

    Allen Iverson looks like a very good stop-gap signing here. Good risk to take for Phily. I hope this happens.

  4. Hey Dave, is Iverson on the Bobcats a good fit?

  5. Hey Dino Gunners,

    I don’t like Iverson on the Bobcats. They have two point guards in Raymond Felton + DJ Augustin that they use a lot already. Adding another undersized guard to that backcourt makes them a lot smaller + consequently weaker defensively/rebounding. Plus I love Charlotte’s big wings with Stephen Jackson at the two (his best position) and Gerald Wallace, with more athletic wings behind them (Gerald Henderson, Derrick Brown, Stephen Graham). The Bobcats get a lot of added value through their athleticism, defensive ability, plus rebounding ability of all those big wings.

    Iverson does improve their offense — not too much though because it takes touches away from Diaw, Jax, Wallace (players who need their touches + need to be in certain positions offensively) and the guards so while Iverson puts up numbers he’ll also be taking away from others .. so some offensive improvement but not large improvement — but I think Iverson detracts just as much, more really, defensively + on the glass from Charlotte than he adds with his offensive talent.

    I’d rather Charlotte stayed away from Iverson. I think they’re better off without him. But if they do sign him I see it largely as a lateral move (same overall quality achieved in a different manner).

  6. If the Sixers want to make a play off and push and not waste the season with Louie Williams, Elton Brand and Maurice Speights out due to injury. They better sign Allen Iverson and give him the keys to the jeep. When Brand gets back I could Gaurantee his #’s will improve and the same goes for Dalembert who’s game has been in shambles since the departure of AI.

    Look at this team compared to his 2001 finals run and you have an upgraded roster all around. Dalembert, Brand, Young, Igudola, and Iverson sounds like a pretty formidable foe in the East.

    He still has the fire and will to play at the highest level. According to coacj Eddie Jordan the team is lacking a true play makeer, thats where ai comes in. Igudola is the type of player who is great at recieving the ball off of a playmaker after the defense has collpased where he can use his athletiscm and spot up shooting to make them pay. Last time Allen Iverson had a sure fire shooter on his wing was Kyle korver and we all know about his enormous contract he got after that…same goes for Dalembert.

    Gilbert Arenas’ last season under Coach Jordan when he was healthy posted some Guady numbers 27-5. Numbers ai can put up for an average easy. thats was Gilberts best year and thats what Iverson has been averaging for his 14 year career not to mention the 2.2 steals per game.

    Allen still has it and he is going to exactly what Brett Favre did to the doubters who said he should have stayed retired.

    The second coming….you should listen…

  7. The Sixers have met with Allen Iverson to discuss his possible return to Philadelphia

    The 76ers met with free-agent guard Allen Iverson for two hours on Monday in Dallas.

    The team released the following statement:

    “This afternoon, we met with free agent Allen Iverson in Dallas for the first formal discussion regarding a possible return to the Philadelphia 76ers. The meeting lasted approximately two hours and covered a variety of topics, all of which we would prefer to keep between the team and Allen,” general manager Ed Stefanski said.

    “Joining me at the meeting with Allen, his agent Leon Rose and his personal manager Gary Moore was Senior Vice President/Assistant General Manager Tony DiLeo, Head Coach Eddie Jordan and Assistant Coach Aaron McKie.

    “At this time, both parties remain non-commital regarding a final decision and we will continue to discuss internally whether or not to pursue this course.

    “We want to thank Allen, Leon and Gary for taking the time to meet with us today.”

    Fingers crossed … hoping this happens!

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