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Pau Gasol Win/Loss Stat

In General NBA on November 21, 2009 at 5:03 pm

LA Times article on Pau

As the 108-93 victory over the Bulls reinforced, Gasol could be cited as the team’s Most Vital Player, or at least its Most Victorious Player.

It should be no surprise that, breathless and straining and struggling to find his legs, Gasol still put together a season opener of 24 points,13 rebounds, and defensive leadership that made the young Bulls look old.

It should also be no surprise that this 9-3 team suddenly looks like a potential champion again.

You may not notice Gasol on the court, but you cannot miss him in the standings.

Since the start of the 2007-2008 season — during which Gasol arrived in February — the Lakers are a vastly different team when he’s part of it.

During that time, when Gasol has been on the court for more than three minutes, the Lakers are 116-35.

When he has not, they are 44-24.

Wow …

  • So that’s a winning percentage of 77% when Gasol is in the lineup (63 win pace)
  • And a winning percentage of 65% when Gasol is out of the lineup (53 win pace)

Ah, it looks even more impressive in W-L terms. For an extra 11 losses Pau Gasol also brought home 72 more wins.

Anyway, just a fun stat.

“There are a number of things he does that are unnoticeable to the average person,” Jackson said before the game.

Jackson talked about Gasol’s defense, about a quickness and flexibility that allows other players to cover more of the floor.

Sure enough, throughout Thursday Gasol was screaming and waving and directing a defense that forced 15 turnovers while blocking four Bulls shots.

Jackson also talked about Gasol’s passing, about how his penchant for sharing is contagious and leads to more team offense.

Sure enough, Thursday night, six Lakers scored in double figures, the bench finally energized with Lamar Odom’s return there.

Finally, Jackson talked about Gasol’s basketball smarts, his ability to make the right play at the right time.

Good to have Pau Gasol back on the court. He’s a wonderful player to watch.

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