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Game Time: San Antonio vs Washington

In Game Log / Recap on November 21, 2009 at 9:33 pm

East coast West coast matchup tonight.

  • The vast offensive firepower of the Washington Wizards versus the more well rounded San Antonio Spurs.


  • Manu Ginobili is out again tonight but Tony Parker is back. Theo Ratliff and Keith Bogans continue in the starting lineup alongside Duncan, Parker and Jefferson.
  • The Wizards have a healthy roster! Jamison is back in action. Caron Butler too. Along with Arenas and Haywood, plus Miller (he was injured too, right?) rounding out the lineup.
  • Theo Ratliff is not good enough to be a rotation player in the NBA anymore. Good fifth or sixth big in the rotation, an insurance guy, but not someone who should be relied upon day in day out. He’s still a solid defensive player but he’s a below par rebounder and a very weak offensive player.
  • Brendan Haywood has been having a phenomenal season mainly because he finally has a coach who will actually play him the minutes he deserves (bloody Eddie Jordan!)
  • The Wizards are not a Championship Contender. They are the fifth best team in the Eastern Conference though.

First Quarter

  • Spurs jump out to a 5-0 lead off two Parker FTs and a Bogans three pointer. Arenas follows that up with a quick three pointer which misses (bad shot).
  • Antawn Jamison gets Richard Jefferson down in the right post, turns baseline, jump hook, hits it. Easy shot against the much smaller Jefferson (RJ cannot defend the four spot — switch there).
  • Oh man, tough shot, Parker taking it at Haywood on the pick and roll, Haywood does a solid job, forces the 15 footer with a hand in Parker’s face as he takes the fallaway, Parker hits it anyway.
  • McDyess is in the game early … he’s defending Jamison. I didn’t notice Theo checking out.
  • Tough shot, Duncan takes the face up jumper from 17 feet above the FT line over Haywood, misses. Haywood’s length could be problematic for Duncan’s jumper.
  • Richard Jefferson with the nice first step baseline off the left sideline, blows by Miller, no help there (Miller thought there was), easy layup.
  • Arenas takes another bad three point attempt.
  • Nice setup by Tony Parker to Duncan for the jumper off the pick and pop, excellent setup by Parker, nobody rotates over to Duncan, he drills the shot. Washington not making second efforts defensively.
  • Tim Duncan beats Haywood off the bounce from the foul line, left side of the lane, layup. Haywood not in good position defensively as Duncan caught the ball.
  • San Antonio passing the ball nicely now. Nice three man play between Hill, RJ and Duncan on the left side of the floor there resulting in three good looks (RJ jumper from 17 feet, then a Duncan J from 16 feet, and then a three point attempt), before getting their best look at the rim later in the shot clock.
  • Washington are not jumping out on San Antonio’s big men when they have shooting opportunities. Their defense has been fairly pathetic here in the first eight minutes.
  • San Antonio leading 18-16 after eight minutes. They could be ahead by more. A little tentative so far, both teams.
  • Butler bags a three pointer resulting in a Spurs timeout. Arenas with a simple pass out to Butler after RJ sagged off defensively to guard against dribble penetration.
  • Oh, aww, Finley misses a dunk on the fastbreak. Very good steal in transition by Parker and pass up ahead to Finley for the opportunity.
  • Duncan babying Haywood back in the post, Haywood falling asleep, easy jump hook, hits it. Next possession, nice extra pass by Duncan to Bonner in the right corenr, he hits the shot. Oh my, lovely pass along the baseline to a cutting Hill from the weakside after Duncan gets doubled on the right post, layup. Three nice plays in a row by Duncan. Next possession, Parker drives, draws the D, out to Duncan, extra pass to the left corner, Hill takes a three pointer, misses it.

Second Quarter

  • Spurs lead 27-21 after a 9-0 run to end the quarter. The run was led by Duncan who’s having a very good game.
  • Nice hand off from Ratliff to Finley who hits the shot. 11-0 run. Blatche travels, turnover. Spurs come back at Washington, Ratliff in the paint for a good 4-5 seconds, no call, Spurs don’t get much done, Parker peentrates with the clock ticking down, kicks it out to Finley who has to create, pump fake, dribbles right, shoots from the right sideline, hits it. Tony Parker blows by Boykins in transition, 15-0 run. Timeout Washington.
  • Mike Miller will not return to the game. He’s out injured.
  • The number of stoppages and ad breaks during games is mind-numbing. Ruins games for me.
  • Ah, great block by Ratliff in transition, he trailed the play, measured Boykins drive all the way, then came down and slapped it out of bounds in midair.
  • Oberto sizes up Parker’s spin move in transition and swats teh layup attempt. Nice job Fab!
  • Reggie Miller is an awful announcer. Someone please fire him. Please.
  • Why is Theo Ratliff trying to put the ball on the floor to drive? He draws a foul. Odd play.
  • Theo Ratliff has grabbed a couple of very nice boards. An excellent on offensively in a crowd which helped setup a Bonner J, and two nice deefnsive boards that I can remember too. Just as I say that he fails to grab a defensive rebound and costs his team two points. Ha, makes up for it on the other end, rips it out of a Washington player’s hands, to Hill on the baseline, short shot, blocked by Oberto (nice!).
  • Duncan with an offensive rebound … Jamison is pissed, starts complaining to the refs, leaves Duncan alone, teammate has to cover now a shooter has 15 feet of open space, still whining and waving his arms, jump shot good. Terrible sequence from Jamison. Completely let his teammates down.
  • Spurs lead 36-29 at the midway point in the second quarter
  • Antawn Jamison + Caron Butler has to be one of the worst defensive combinations at the forward spots in the NBA.
  • Duncan with a nice bank shot from 12 feet over Haywood off the left post. Nice catch and shoot from Duncan off of Hill’s penetration (Haywood off balance).
  • Richard Jefferson with a quick long shot out of the right sideline, misses. Didn’t like that.
  • Oh my gosh, replay on that foul Boykins drew, awful call.
  • Richard Jefferson forces a drive, pull up J from 16 feet with Butler in his face, misses it. Bad shot again from RJ.
  • Lovely pass by Duncan out of the post (right block) to a cutting McDyess (through the middle), layup.
  • Arenas attacks Jefferson off the bounce, can’t explode when he gets to the rim, defense converges, turnover.

Okay, I’ve had enough … I can’t take any more of this. This is a disgraceful defensive performance from the Wizards. They’re sleep walking tonight. The Spurs have just about showed up for this one. The lack of energy/urgency from both sides is horrible.


  • That was a depressing basketball game.
  • Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison are one of the worst, if not the worst, forwards combination defensively in the league.
  • Gilbert Arenas was pretty poor tonight. He’s been poor most of the time I’ve seen him early in the season. Far too casual with possessions offensively plus his usual weak defense. If Arenas is still playing this poorly in January, then I think that the Wizards need to shop him and get his contract off the books.
  • Washington aren’t a threat in the playoffs. I don’t like their starting lineup with Mike Miller in there. Too much offense, not enough defense. Their starting lineup isn’t balanced and one player’s mistakes defensively seems to decrease their efforts collectively. Maybe that was just tonight … but I get the feeling it’ll stick and happen all season.
  • I would have loved to have seen the Wizards sign Quinton Ross in the offseason to play a Dahntay Jones like role for the Wizards this season. Then use Miller as their sixth man, Foye as their seventh man, Blatche as their eight man, and others when/where needed.
  • The Spurs aren’t looking good. They’re short of grit, energy, hustle. The Wizards were dead tonight but the Spurs weren’t that much better than the Wizards energy/effort/focus wise. I’ve felt that way every time I’ve seen the Spurs play this season.
  • San Antonio needs to get it’s defense going. They’re coasting right now and that’s hurting their urgency. A few more stops could be the spark the team needs.
  • Not liking how Richard Jefferson fits offensively. He needs the ball too much and needs too many shots. A fourth scorer in the 15ppg variety is all this needs offensively. What they really need is a stopper defensively and a high quality rebounding small forward but RJ doesn’t look too interested in that.

I get the feeling I’m a little negative at the moment so I’ll stop … terrible game of basketball.

  1. Hi Dave, finally the Spurs have ended their losing streak. This clearly shows that they need thei big 3 very much though this team is a much revamped side compare to the sides they had in previous years. Still a lot needs to be done by Pops to ensure that this team can still be consider as a contender in the Western Conference.

    The Lakers are; well still the Lakers. The Suns are back again. Don’t forget there is also the Mavs and Rockets need to dealt with. What about the surprise package, Sacramento Kings.

    By the way, speaking of the Kings; I’ve been hearing some rumours about a possible trade sending Andres NOCIONI to the Boston Celtics. Perhaps you may want share your views on this.

    If this is true, one hand it’s good to see Noce going to play for a Championship contender team. One the other hand, I fear he will loose his minutes dramatically once he’s there.

    I like what I seeing in him with the Kings. They are a youthful side and in a rebuilding process. A player like Nocioni can give valuable lesson for the young guys in the Kings dressing room. A role he certainly won’t enjoy in Boston.

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