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Grizzlies Waive Iverson

In Free Agency on November 17, 2009 at 6:27 am

ESPN reports

The Allen Iverson experiment with the Memphis Grizzlies is over.Memphis announced Monday that the team has ended its one-year contract with the 10-time All-Star and former league MVP in what it called a mutual agreement. Iverson was not placed on waivers by the 6 p.m. ET deadline on Monday so is expected to be waived on Tuesday, a league source told’s Chris Sheridan.

Under the agreement, Iverson will receive only a fraction of the $3 million he was scheduled to earn. If he clears waivers, he will become an unrestricted free agent on Wednesday night.

This whole situation is just too funny/sad/disappointing. Unbelievable, Iverson did the exact same thing again in Memphis as in Detroit. The Grizzlies could have managed it a bit better (best player starts) for the most part they were upfront about what type of role (bench player) Iverson was going to have to play.

But, hey, at least Michael Heisley got to sell some jerseys, right?

New Home?

The funniest/saddest (I can’t make up my mind, it’s both) part of this is Adrian Wojnarowski’s twitter follow ups — first and second links

Spears and I are running out of teams to ask about A.I. Not even one “Maybe” yet. Or, “We’ll look into it.” Just flat “no’s” and “hell no’s”


Just texted assistant GM of team that could use some scoring punch,and asked if they had any interest in Iverson. Response: “Haha.”

Later in the day there was a report of Donnie Walsh being interested in Iverson.

Donnie Walsh will spend the next 48 hours debating what impact, both negative and positive, Iverson could have on the organization. Walsh, the Knicks’ president, confirmed Monday night that the club will explore the possibility of signing Iverson, the former league MVP who was placed on waivers yesterday by the Memphis Grizzlies.

“We’ll look into it,” Walsh told the Daily News. “Right now, I’d say probably not but we’ll see.”

A source close to Iverson says he’d be eager to play in Mike D’Antoni’s up-tempo system. Iverson had similar interest over the summer but the Knicks passed.

Wojnaroski gets wind of Isola’s report and follows up

Cavs and Bobcats

Two teams which have been linked to Iverson over the last few weeks + months. Marc Spears asked them if they’d be interested in Iverson.

Cavaliers and Bobcats not interested in AI, sources tell Y! Sports.

  • Good decision by the Cavaliers.
  • Not sure about the Bobcats, Iverson could have some value there, but I would have made the same decision if I were them. I’d rather play big on the wings and continue to develop Felton + Augustin as well as they possibly can.

Iverson Wants To Keep Playing

Marc Spears article

Allen Iverson fully intends to resume his NBA career, preferably this season, his personal manager told Yahoo! Sports on Monday night.

“There is absolutely no doubt that he still wants to play,” said Gary Moore, Iverson’s personal manager. “There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind. He will be working out every day until he hears from someone.”

“That’s one of his favorite places to play,” Moore said. “He loves [Mike] D’Antoni’s style of play. He’s always had respect for Donnie Walsh since his days in Indiana. We’d be elated if that is true.

“We don’t want to jump the gun. … But that would definitely be of interest. That would work family-wise with him having family in Philly and his wife having family in New York.”

Iverson will come off the bench if …

Moore said Iverson would even agree to come off the bench if he signs with a championship-caliber team.

“It doesn’t have to be a starting role if it’s the right situation, right circumstances,” Moore said.

Haha, okay, I can’t decide … do we believe him or not?

And by bench — does Iverson mean 17-20 minutes a night or a Manu Ginobili/Ben Gordon/Jason Terry  30 minutes a night role? Whoever, if anyone, decides to sign him must get a clear answer to that question.

Also, a note on why the Clippers fell out of love with Iverson this summer after their strong interest in him

The Los Angeles Clippers initially had some interest, but balked when Iverson made it clear he wanted to start.

I guess that rules the Clippers out. Their backcourt is locked up with Baron Davis and Eric Gordon.


I’ve always liked the idea of Iverson in New York. He is one of those players that gets that special adrenaline rush whenever he steps on Madison Square Garden. Seeing him do that on a nightly basis would be a lot of fun.

Iverson isn’t a D’Antoni type of player though. He pounds the ball into the floor and hurts ball/player movement. But with the offense misfiring and with Chris Duhon under-performing for close to 50 games now … does New York really have much to lose in this scenario? Something to ponder.

Overall, I’d love to see Iverson head to Europe and play for one of the main powers over there. I think that’s the best chance he has for playing his style of basketball. Being allowed to be the man and all the things that come with that.

Any other options?

  • Hornets — I’m not wild about this option, but, could the Hornets be desperate enough to sign Iverson? They want more offense and specifically a go-to type of scorer. Short low money deal. Minimal risk. You can see the attraction there. No problem with small backcourts either.
  • There really aren’t any other teams that look like they’d be willing to consider adding Iverson. Toronto? Washington? Miami? Dallas?

Final Thought

Terrible way for such a gifted player to end his career. Iverson just couldn’t adapt his game for the good of his teams.

  1. If the Bobcats didn’t sign a ticking time bomb in Stephen Jackson, I think the Bobcats would be a nice fit for Allen Iverson. Remember that is a team that lacks a go to guy/ Closer. Allen Iverson = All of the above.

    Your talking about a team that scored 59 points! regardless of who it was against…59 points! Iverson has surpassed that and has come one point Short not to mention he is currently second to Kobe Bryant for most 50 point games amongst active players. Felton can’t get you 20 for his season average and lead a team to wins, nor can Gerald Wallace who would a great fit along with Ai esp. in the open court. Jackson is not a leader nor can he lead by example, He has said it himself.

    Allen Iverson has that never say die attitude and that is enought to lead a team like the Bobcats. Also Larry Brown knows his character inside and out.

    The Knicks would also be a great fit to me. Like Grant Hill said about AI, “He does a bulk of his damage in the open court”. That’s where AI has thrived putting pressure on opposing defenses and also putting them in the penalty early.

    The Knicks have nothing to lose 1-9 to start the season. They ain’t going to do any damage with that line up. They lack a go to guy and a play maker, Like I said before Allen Iverson = all of the above. Al Harrington is the leading scorer? He also doesnt place in the top 10 in scoring in a high octane offensive system. Allen Iverson will thrive in D’antoni’s system and could be the Answer to the Knicks lack of offense and attendance.

    There is so much to gain from this if the Knicks get.
    1. An elite scorer and under rated passer for cheap.
    2. Attendance will rise.
    3. Jersey’s will sell (I will buy one or two: home and away)
    4. no where else to go but up!
    5. possibly an 8th seed if all goes right…possibly

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