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Dalembert Trade Rumour

In Trade Talk on November 17, 2009 at 6:32 am

Interesting side deal that the Bobcats could have chosen instead

Charlotte had offer to trade Raja Bell and Vladimir Radmanovich to Philly for Sam Dalembert, but chose Stephen Jackson deal, source tells Y!

I like Dalembert more than most people and think some team could get him in a good deal … but I don’t have much love for the idea of Dalembert playing alongside Tyson Chandler on a team that is already the worst in the league offensively.

Still, it was very interesting to see what type of deal the Sixers were being offered and that it appears it was given mediocre-to-strong consideration.

Other Destinations

San Antonio Spurs

Could they afford the luxury hit? Probably not.

It would be great to get Tim Duncan some more help in the paint though, particularly on the defensive end of the floor.

Utah Jazz

How about an Okur for Dalembert swap? Their squad has become stale. They’re not good enough to win a title and their players know it. They’re not good enough defensively and their players know it. They need to make personnel changes and their players know it.

Switch out an offensive orientated big man for a defensive orientated big man and give the team a shot of life. More follow up moves would be needed (more shooting on perimeter needed without Okur around) but it would be a step in the right direction. Plus, I think there’s a very good chance that the Jazz could get a good deal on Sammy’s next contract (2011). On a final note, I think Okur’s best days are behind him, it looks like decline is settling in.

New Orleans Hornets

Peja for Dalembert? Are the Sixers that desperate?

Songaila + (no expiring contract, dammit! This is where Antonio Daniels would have been useful!) Mo Peterson??

That is more money than the Sixers were taking back in the Bobcats trade discussions, and not a lot more talent (less actually but a bigger reputation).

Detroit Pistons

Dalembert + future top 10 protected draft pick for Rip Hamilton?

Or, a Dalembert for Villanueva + Kwame deal?

Other teams

  • Dallas + Oklahoma + Minnesota + Miami = too early to spend their cap flexibility on a player of Dalembert’s caliber. It would take more talent for them to commit to a contract like Sammy’s.


I think Dalembert is under-appreciated in Philadelphia and I’d love to see him leave the Sixers.

The Utah Jazz option would be my favourite. I like the second Pistons one too. I don’t think the Spurs have enough wiggle room financially to make this happen, but that would be a great place for Sammy to be.

  1. I just came across a trade rumour on ESPN involving Dalembert, the Kings (Nocioni) and Boston

    So where do we go now for our trade chatter?

    There is some hope, according to NBA front-office sources, for a three-way deal that is currently in the exploratory-discussion phase.

    Sources told that the Philadelphia 76ers and Sacramento Kings, in considering the feasibility of a Samuel Dalembert-for-Kenny Thomas swap, have discussed expanding that concept with Boston by trying to draw in the Celtics on a potential three-way deal that would land Andres Nocioni with the Celts.

    Sources further stressed over the past 48 hours that this should be classified as an ongoing conversation as the teams involved decide how much they like what’s on the table.

    But the full deal as it stands, if it eventually gets that far, would send Nocioni to Boston, Kenny Thomas, Tony Allen and Brian Scalabrine to Philadelphia and Dalembert and J.R. Giddens to Sacramento

    It’s a weird trade and I’m not buying it. Cursory interest rather than strong intent would be how I’d describe these discussions.

    The Teams

    * Kings — Sacramento shouldn’t waste their cap space on a player of Dalembert’s ability. Bad move that will keep them down in the gutter.

    Actually, hang on, I’m wrong. This is a good trade for Sacramento. They’re moving a worse contract in Andres Nocioni and creating more cap flexibility come 2011. They shouldn’t be spending their cap space prior to then anyway (not ready to run, they’ll stumble if they try).

    I’d rather try to move Nocioni for a lesser talent and lose more games in the short term (Sacramento desperately need high draft picks to right their ship) … but this is okay too. A good trade, not a great one, for Sacramento.

    * Boston — Danny Ainge wasn’t willing to pay James Posey his contract. Nocioni earns more ($27 million over four years versus $19mil over three). Danny wasn’t willing to pay Nocioni during the last trade discussions in February last season. What has changed? I don’t think anything has changed.

    Plus, since then, Marquis Daniels has arrived and is doing a great job as the main backup wing. True, Nocioni can definitely help (a four man bench rotation of House-Daniels-Noce-Sheed would be amazing), but at that cost? I’m not buying it. Doubtful that Danny is really willing to follow through on this interest.

    * Sixers — Great deal for Phily. They get cap space and get rid of a player that they don’t want.

    Edit: Sorry, I made a mistake on the Nocioni contract. I thought his final year was a player option but is in fact a team option. Nobody is going to pick up that team option at $7.5 million. So his contract is really only three years and $21 million.

    So the contract is basically the exact same as the one James Posey has ($2mil difference over three years) … and has one extra year versus the Dalembert contract but totals considerably less ($4 million more + trade kicker — not sure how much the trade kicker is, think it’s 15% which would be an additional $3.75 million which would total close to $8 million more).

    I think the Kings could find a better contract than Dalembert’s if looking to rid themselves of Nocioni’s contract. Dalembert will add more as a player/talent than the other contract but that should only be a secondary concern. Thus, if I’m Sacramento, I’m unwilling to do this deal. Bad trade for them.

    UpdateReports starting to flood in from Boston citing no interest in the reported trade + claims that they haven’t inquired about Nocioni this season.

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