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Captain Jack To Charlotte

In Trade Talk on November 16, 2009 at 11:00 am


Charlotte Bobcats receive: Stephen Jackson + Acie Law

Golden State Warriors receive: Raja Bell + Vladamir Radmanovic


Marc Stein reports

Disgruntled Golden State Warriors forward Stephen Jackson is about to make a fresh start with a new team.

The Warriors completed a deal Monday that sends Jackson and guard Acie Law to the Bobcats in exchange for veteran swingmen Raja Bell and Vladimir Radmanovic.

The trade will be announced Monday.


First Reaction

  • It continually amazes me how incompetent the Warriors front office truly is.
  • Charlotte continue to back themselves into the corner. Another move that makes sense in the short term but will haunt them in the long term.
  • The Bobcats odds of making the playoffs just improved considerably.
  • The Warriors would have been better off with a straight expiring contract. They shouldn’t have accepted that extra year on Radmanovic’s contract. They definitely could have gotten an expiring deal elsewhere.

The Golden State Warriors

  • I like that the Warriors have created open minutes for Anthony Morrow to step into. That’s a good thing. Now if they could only get Stephen Curry and Morrow into that starting backcourt and playing 30-35 minutes a night they’d be really onto something.
  • It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Corey Maggette now. Will he still be used as a combo forward? logging substantial minutes as a power forward? Or will Don Nelson look to put Radmanovic in that role and have Maggette switch back to his small forward role full time?
  • Will Raja Bell get in the way of Anthony Morrow’s + Kelenna Azubuike’s playing time? The only way to get Curry + Monta 30 minutes a night apiece is to play small backcourts, will Raja Bell get in the way of their court time? Lot’s of shooting guards who all should be getting playing time ahead of Bell for the long term good of the franchise.

Charlotte Bobcats

  • Charlotte should flip Stephen Jackson for an expiring contract in a few weeks/months. That’s their best play here. That would make this a very good trade for them. Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen. ‘Tis a pity.
  • The Bobcats have added another above average passer + above average defender + a quality scoring option. Stephen Jackson is going to be able to improve the Bobcats defensively + offensively. Obviously, the offense is the main reason for things here since the Bobcats are struggling so badly in that department.
  • While Charlotte added scoring punch here … they lost two sharp shooters in Bell and Radmanovic. Their squad was already desperate for spacing + good perimeter shooting so this will put the squeeze on them even further. It’ll detract from some of the scoring/passing value that Jackson will bring to the team.
    • DJ Augustin is now the only above average jump shooter on the the perimeter in the roster. Boris Diaw is the only big man who is an above average jump shooter.
    • Gerald Wallace + Gerald Henderson + Stephen Graham + Derrick Brown all have iffy jumpers.
    • Raymond Felton + Stephen Jackson have inconsistent but serviceable jump shots.
    • Tyson Chandler and DeSagana Diop can’t hit a shot outside of four feet.
    • Jump shooting is going to be a big problem for this team.
  • Derrick Brown and Stephen Graham both have excellent opportunities in front of them now. They can fill that vacuum left behind from Radmanovic. Those backup SF + backup PF minutes.

Bobcats salaries

  • Tyson Chandler — $12 million per annum for two seasons
  • Boris Diaw — $9 million per annum for three seasons
  • Gerald Wallace — $9.5 million per annum for four seasons
  • Stephen Jackson — $9 million per annum for four seasons
  • DeSagana Diop — $6.5 million per annum for four seasons
  • Nazr Mohammod — $6.6 million per annum for two seasons
  • Raymond Felton is up for a contract extension this summer

The Bobcats have tied their hands financially + trade wise. They’re also good enough to earn low end lottery picks to mid first round draft picks.

Adding high quality talent to this roster is going to be nigh on impossible.

Title Contenders

Any title contenders that were interested in Stephen Jackson or could have benefited from acquiring him should be very disappointed today. Cleveland Cavaliers especially so. They just lost a great opportunity to add a quality piece that could have put them over the top.

Of course, teams like the Celtics who didn’t want to see teams like the Cavs add Jackson should be deliriously happy with this trade. It just made their lifes all that much easier come playoff time.

Edit: Article from Brian Windhorst on the Cavs pursuit of S-Jax.


This is a bad trade for both teams.

  • A very bad trade for Charlotte despite the short term benefits due to the long term consequences.
  • A very bad trade for GSW because they easily could have done better and gotten a straight expiring contract.
  1. GSW probably did as well as can be expected. No one wants to trade next years cap space for a player like SJ with his type of deal. Who needs the headache? Imagine asking SJ to come off the bench on a losing team! lol

    The Bobcats just got a player who has proven to be disruptive. Maybe he helps? Maybe he destroys all team chemistry? Why do it? They should have insisted on Diop instead of Vladamir Radmanovic! Equal Out Pain and the Risk!

  2. Brothersteve,

    Diop is not Don Nelson’s kind of player. IMO, there would have been ZERO chance of Diop being included in this deal in place of Radmanovic.

  3. Brothersteve,

    Stephen Jackson is a complicated character rather than a bad one.

    Don’t buy into all the negative press he receives … it doesn’t paint an accurate picture.

    Interesting Note

    ESPN reports

    Jackson demanded to be traded this summer after signing a three-year, $28 million extension a year ago. Sources say he was told the team would look to add “a big name player” and was excited that the Warriors tried to acquire Suns power forward Amare Stoudemire in a draft-night deal last June.

    “They made promises and didn’t keep them,” Jackson said. “I just believe they’re more interested in selling tickets than winning. And I’ll leave it at that.”

    Front office’s response

    “We put in a lot of time, money and resources to help him rebuild his reputation,” Rowell said. “I have a lot of respect for the work he put into it, on and off the court. I did take a vested interest in signing him to an extension. We told him we’d look to make this team better, but we never talked about trading the pick or acquiring a big. He knew the landscape. He sat there and told everybody this is where he wanted to be and was up to the challenge. In the end, we were duped.”

    You gotta love Rowell’s self-serving ways!

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