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Andrew Bynum Producing

In General NBA on November 16, 2009 at 6:57 am

I haven’t been watching the Lakers play much here in the early goings (not the prettiest basketball around with Gasol is out) … I was watching the fourth quarter of the Rockets-Lakers game last night and I was surprised to hear what type of numbers Bynum has been producing.

  • Games — 8
  • Minutes per game — 39.3
  • Rebounds per game — 11.9
  • Field Goal percentage — 59.6%
  • True Shooting percentage –62.7%
  • Points per game — 20.8
  • Blocks per game — 1.88
  • Assists per game — 1.6
  • Turnovers + Fouls per game — 2.5 + 2.75

Great stuff!

Particularly impressed with Bynum’s improved rebounding + field goal percentage. More in line with what he was doing two years ago. That’s great to see.

Judging from the stats — I still think Bynum can do more for the Lakers defensively + on the boards than he is currently doing and I’d rather see him concentrate on those areas but at least he’s starting to find a better balance between those duties and his need/want to score the ball.

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