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Keith Bogans

In General NBA on November 14, 2009 at 9:51 am

Good article in the San Antonio Express on Bogans

It is a general truism that every NBA player possesses at least one NBA skill. It didn’t take long for Keith Bogans to discover his.

He’s built a career on his uncanny ability to be the most annoying guy in the room.

“I want to annoy guys,” said Bogans, the Spurs’ latest starter at shooting guard. “I want guys to know when I’m guarding them, it’s going to be a tough night. I don’t want anybody to think it’s going to be a walk in the park. See me, and put a smile on your face? No, that’s not me.”

An afterthought for much of the preseason, Bogans has emerged as perhaps the biggest early-season surprise for the Spurs. His defensive prowess earned him a spot in the starting lineup three games ago, and he has done little to relinquish it.

Pop adds

“That’s what Keith Bogans does,” coach Gregg Popovich said. “He knows his role. He takes pride in it.”

Dice chimes in

On Nov. 6 in Portland, Bogans’ role changed. Hoping to beef up the Spurs’ defense, Popovich inserted him into the starting lineup. He’s been in it ever since.

Spurs forward Antonio McDyess, a former Detroit Piston, was familiar with Bogans’ work in the Eastern Conference. When he began to see Bogans on an everyday basis, McDyess began to appreciate Bogans’ art of irritation.

“That dude is a monster,” McDyess said. “I knew he was a good defensive player, but I didn’t know he was that good.”

McDyess likens Bogans to former Detroit teammate Lindsey Hunter, another player who built his reputation as a tenacious defender. Well-versed in Hunter’s body of work, Bogans considers the comparison the ultimate compliment.

“Lindsey was a bulldog, one of those guys who would get into guys and annoy them,” Bogans said. “That’s my job, too. I take pride in playing defense. When a guy scores on me, I get mad.”

Bogans on the Bowen comparisons

“Once I saw Bruce leave, I thought it was a perfect opportunity for me,” said Bogans, who has also played for Orlando, Charlotte and Houston. “I do basically the same thing he did. I’m not as good of a defender yet, but I’m trying.”


I was unhappy with Michael Finley and Matt Bonner starting. I thought it put too much pressure on the Spurs three other starters defensively + on the backboards. I also felt that both players were too reliant on others offensively to give Duncan/Parker/Jefferson enough help on that end of the floor to make up for their defensive issues.

So, I’m very happy that Popovich has done something about this and inserted his best defensive minded wing (role player wise) into the starting lineup. Bogans can provide most of Finley’s offensive duties and he far out-performs Finley on the other end + on the glass.

This decision makes the Spurs a better team. Now if only they could find a good solution to the Matt Bonner situation while keeping McDyess on that bench. That would be excellent.

  1. For me this guys, is Spurs find of the season. Period.

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