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Raptors Waive Douby

In General NBA on November 12, 2009 at 6:27 pm reports

The Toronto Raptors announced Thursday they have released guard Quincy Douby. Douby had been on the inactive list since October 28 and did not appear in any regular season games. He averaged 3.0 points, 1.7 assists and 10.5 minutes in six preseason outings.

About bloody time. There was absolutely no point to Douby remaining on the roster.

Jose Calderon and Jarrett Jack have all of the point guard minutes locked up on the Raptors team. Then there’s Marcus Banks who will be stuck on the Raptors for another season past this one due to his contract. That’s three point guards combining to earn $17.8 million this season who are filling the starting point guard slot, the primary backup guard (and sixth man) slot, and the third string point guard role.

There was absolutely no need to waste a roster spot on another point guard.


This — having Douby on the squad was a waste of a roster spot — was clear from:

  1. The start of the season
  2. The middle of the summer after Jack was signed
  3. From the start of free agency before Jack was signed
  4. Since summer league
  5. And from the end of last season

How so?

(1) The Raptors were always going to upgrade their backup guard position due to the very poor play they received from the position last season and the clear need to address the situation. Whether that was by spending $20 million on Jarrett Jack or by signing someone like Anthony Carter to a minimum contract.

(2) The Raptors were always going to be stuck with Marcus Banks.

These two simple truths were abundantly clear since the end of last season, throughout the summer, and through the start of the season. There was always going to be two guards clearly ahead of Douby in the rotation and the Raptors already had a third string guard in Banks. There was no role for Douby to fill from the beginning.

Roster Flexibility

This move creates an open roster spot which the Raptors can use to acquire another player.

  • Big Men — Chris Bosh, Andrea Bargnani, Amir Johnson, Reggie Evans and Rasho Nesterovic.
  • Wings — Hedo Turkoglu, Demar DeRozan, Antoine Wright, Marco Belinelli and Sonny Weems
  • Guards — Jose Calderon, Jarrett Jack and Marcus Banks

The Raptors are well stocked with big men and guards. No need to sign further players there unless they’re an upgrade over their rotation players.

However, the Raptors are weak on the wing and in need of a good defensive minded player who can also rebound. It would be a bonus if the player could shoot because the Raptors role players on the perimeter this season aren’t the strongest in that regard.

Free Agent Options

Ime Udoka was a player mentioned regularly during the summer both here on this site and by several Raptors fans across the internet. He would have been an excellent choice to fill this roster spot (capable of winning a spot in the rotation, starter material even) but unfortunately he signed with Sacramento earlier in the week.

Unfortunately, again, with Udoka now off the board combined with the time of the year … there really isn’t a great deal of talent available in free agency.

Note: This is the problem with Bryan Colangelo not realizing that Douby was a waste of a roster spot months ago when there were plenty of options available for the Raptors.

Anyway, here are a few of the names that may be worth looking at:

  • Jerry Stackhouse
  • Kareem Rush
  • Bobby Jones
  • Fred Jones
  • Ruben Patterson
  • Morris Almond
  • Mario West — best defender of the bunch but not rotation material.
  • Ronald Dupree
  • Darius Miles
  • Mickael Gelabale
  • Gerald Green

Not an overwhelming list of names. I think Colangelo would be best off holding off on signing a new player. Wait it out and see if a better player becomes available at a later stage in the season either through free agency (waived) or through a trade.

Bobby Jones is the player that interests me the most. He was waived six times during the 2007-08 season but he showed flashes of talent and a couple of spots. A capable defender who also rebounds well and can play a bit of offense too. It’s a mystery why he was waived so often and so quickly despite some quality play. He’s currently playing in Italy.

Mickael Gelabale, Jerry Stackhouse, Kareem Rush and Mario West would be the other names who catch the eye but I’m not convinced any of them is an upgrade over Marco Belinelli or Antoine Wright. Not rotation worthy players.

So, in conclusion, I’m not really interested in signing any of those players. Bobby Jones, maybe, if the Raptors could get him out of his contract in Europe but other than that I’m not interested. I think Bryan Colangelo would be better off holding onto that open roster spot and waiting for a better option to become available.

Edit: Oh, there is a good name who is not on that list and that’s Rashad McCants but I wouldn’t sign him if I were the Raptors. He’s a combustible character who has tunnel vision offensively and is not a team player. McCants needs to spend some time in a defensive + team orientated environment before he begins to fulfill that talent of his. Raptors are a bad fit for him, and he a questionable fit for the Raptors.


Quincy Douby’s salary is indeed non-guaranteed. So the Raptors brass will get some cash savings there.

Update: Doug Smith reports that the Raptors will save somewhere around $600k by waiving Douby. The move also puts the Raptors $1.8 million below the luxury tax threshold giving the Raps some extra wiggle room as the season progresses in that regard too.

Doug Smith also reports that the Raptors are planning no immediate moves despite creating a vacancy on the roster.

Update: Marc Stein reports that Douby’s contract was to become guaranteed if Douby stayed on the Raptors roster past the opening month of the season. Stein also writes that Douby will earn $105k for the time he spent on the Raptors + until he clears waivers.


Good decision by Colangelo. A belated decision which cost them the opportunity of signing better players with that roster spot … but better late than never.

  1. Ug! You’re absolutely right – great post – if he had only executed sooner on this. As some know, I made a big case for signing Ime Udoka mid summer as well. And again after Portland cut him loose. He’s a nice asset – especially for the price!

  2. Bobby Jones???!!! He’s got to be close to 60, by now. I’m not sure that would be a good pick up.

    Or is there another Bobby Jones you’re referring to?

    Another player mentioned on another site was Desmond Mason, but as I commented, do the Raptors really need a 33 year old, 6’5 SF who can’t shoot, can’t dribble and isn’t athletic anymore, which was basically his best attribute when he was playing big minutes?

  3. Hey Tim W,

    Has Desmond Mason been waived? I saw that report a several days ago on RealGM but then read a more recent article in the Sacramento Bee that Mason still on the roster?

    I checked’s transactions page and it had nothing on Mase being waived.

    As for Mason’s ability to contribute — I think he’s a slightly above average defender, good rebounder and poor offensive player. He is a solid post up option as a two guard which would be possible on the Raptors when playing alongside Bosh + Bargnani — Decent signing but not much to him. A different type of Antoine Wright who needs to be used even more specifically (two guard alongside perimeter bigs) than Wright to be anywhere effective.

    Bobby Jones

    Draft express page — link page — link

    He’s an athletic 6-7 wing capable of playing both the two guard and small forward positions. He played good defense and rebounded the ball well in the short stints I’ve seen of him in the NBA. He was also a passable offensive threat.

    I have no idea why he was waived. He showed far too much talent in a couple of those stops to keep getting cut like he did. Possibly (probably?), there’s something that we don’t know about him character wise. then again, you normally hear about those things.

    Anyway, an interesting gamble on a non-guaranteed contract. May be something there, may not be.

    Hey Tom,

    It’s a shame about Udoka. He would have been an excellent signing for the Raptors. Helps improve their two biggest flaws both as a team + on the perimeter — defense + rebounding.

  4. Dave and Tom,

    Douby-Q is a strictly mediocre NBA player, and so is Mr. Udoka.

    As I said at different times over the last 12 months …

    * The Raptors should not have traded Rasho Nesterovic to Indiana

    * The Raptors should not have traded Jamario Moon to Miami

    * The Raptors should not have traded Kris Humphries to Dallas

    * The Raptors should have re-signed Moon this past summer, and retained both Nesterovic and Humphries

    Believe it or not, Jamario Moon is actually a better NBA player than Misters Douby-Q, Udoka-I, or Wright-A.

    When he eventually gets playing time this season with the Cavaliers, Mr. Moon is going to have another solid season in the NBA, as a low-cost adequate PER wing player with good size and tremendous versatility, and Mr. Humphries is going to do likewise with the Mavs, as a front-court player … which is precisely what the Raptors need at the present time.

    If this year’s team then reduced Bargnani’s PT, in favour of using Rasho, Reggie and Amir more, beside Chris Bosh … the Raptors would be well on their way to making the playoffs this season.

  5. It would be a shock to see the Raps pick up anyone not currently good enough to be on an NBA roster.

    They didn’t dump Douby to pick up another guy destined to wear a suit.

    Hi Khandor,

    Moon might be better than several reserve SF in the NBA but I’m extremely happy he is no longer starting for Toronto.

    Raps will make the playoffs with Bargs playing about 34 minutes per night. To this point, playing Bargs less would have equaled more losses.

    Now playing Jack less would have equaled more wins.(But that will likely correct itself)

  6. khandor,

    I’ve got to disagree with you here. Moon is not going to be a low cost alternative to anything because he was overpaid by Cleveland. Does he have talent and have the ability to put up good numbers? Sure, but his basketball IQ is low and he ends up hurting the team as much as helping it. Same goes for Humphries, who has the ability to be a great bench guy, but has never seemed to get the fact he’s not the star he was coming out in the draft. If he stopped shooting, except when wide open, he’d be a good player, but that’s never going to happen.

  7. Hey Khandor, lots of good stuff in that comment …

    Udoka vs Moon

    I’d rate Ime Udoka as a better player than Jamario Moon. If Udoka can’t get his shooting touch back though … then I’d agree with you that Moon is the better player.

    Moon In Toronto

    I would have been delighted to have seen Moon back in Toronto this season. He would have been good fit in that starting lineup at the two guard. And a one year contract at that money (or slightly higher) would have been a much better use of the MLE than signing Jarrett Jack — that contract bothers me. I don’t like giving role players long money when a team’s core is in such bad shape.

    Less Bargnani

    If this year’s team then reduced Bargnani’s PT, in favour of using Rasho, Reggie and Amir more, beside Chris Bosh … the Raptors would be well on their way to making the playoffs this season.


    Moon In Cleveland

    I’m not wild about Moon fits on the Cavs roster.

    I don’t think he’s good enough defensively, man-to-man, to be the primary stopper on the wing while LeBron plays power forward which limits that small ball lineup greatly. I think the Cavs get a lot weaker on the perimeter defensively (say Mo-Parker-Moon) while LeBron is at the four and I don’t see enough offensive gains from players like Moon to make that a top option for the Cavs.

    I love Moon as the secondary wing defender while playing alongside LeBron (defensively, that would be a fun lineup), but, then I worry about his jump shooting. The Cavs don’t have enough shooting from their bigs to compensate from that. It becomes to easy to load up on LeBron off the ball when he’s creating off the dribble when there’s only one quality perimeter shooter on the floor alongside him. Hurts the offense.

    I think Moon is a good role player (who doesn’t get enough respect from most Raptors fans) but only a middling fit on the Cavs. Those flaws limit the number of minutes + how large of a contribution he could make in Cleveland.

    I think Moon could/would have contributed a lot more if he returned to either the Raptors or the Heat. I see both places as better fits for him.

  8. Dave,

    You’re invited to this evening’s live blogging event.

    Suns vs Raptors

    PS. Possible line-up for the Cavs with Moon, include:

    Williams/Gibson + Parker + Moon + LeBron + Ilgauskas/O’Neal
    Williams/Gibson + Moon + LeBron + Hickson + Ilgauskas/O’Neal
    Williams/Gibson + Parker + Moon + Varejao + Ilgauskas/O’Neal

    PPS. Humphries is not a star player but with Dallas he will show that he’s a much more useful Big … as a versatile PF-C, with good energy, who can rebound/#1, defend/#2, and score/#3 in an adequate way … than many Raptors fans ever realized.

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