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Kings Sign Udoka

In Free Agency on November 11, 2009 at 11:30 am

The Sacramento Kings have signed free agent Ime Udoka

That was the rough logic behind the Kings’ signing of Ime Udoka on Wednesday.

The 6-foot-5, sixth-year swingman spent the last two seasons as a key reserve for San Antonio, averaging 18.0 and 15.4 minutes, respectively.

He was a strong defensive presence and an occasional three-point threat, although his 32.8 three-point percentage last season was the worst of his career (37.4 percent overall).

According to sources, Udoka has a nonguaranteed contract for the veteran’s minimum salary that will run through the end of the season and pay him a prorated amount of $1.03 million. It won’t be fully guaranteed until Jan. 10, 2010.

“I’m thinking of him in terms of the (shooting guard) and (small forward positions),” Westphal said. “He’s a versatile player, a good three-point shooter.

“He’s been part of winning programs, and I think he can help anybody in this league. … If you can add a guy like that to your team, it’s a good thing to do.”

Good Signing

Nice signing by the Sacramento Kings. Here’s a quick look at the Kings’ wing situation:

  • Franchise player and starting two guard — Kevin Martin
  • Sixth and Seventh men — Andres Nocioni + Francisco Garcia
  • Good role player — Ime Udoka
  • Rookie — Omar Casspi
  • Non-rotation caliber wing — Desmond Mason

I haven’t gotten a look at Casspi yet but I hear that he’s been playing very well for the Kings. Good defense + sharp shooting offense. If that’s the case then Casspi makes sense as the Kings starter at small forward and final rotation player on the wing.

If that is not the case, and Casspi isn’t capable of being a good rotation player, then Ime Udoka can fill the hole. He’d be a good option as the starting small forward due to his above average defense + above average rebounding. Two massive needs on the Kings perimeter. His shooting ability should also help space the floor.

As for Desmond Mason, he’s a candidate for the waiver wire once Kevin Martin returns. I see no point in the Kings hanging onto him since they have five wings (plus Tyreke Evans and Donte Greene who are capable of playing minutes on the wing and are thus solid insurance options should injuries strike again later in the season) who are ahead of Mason in the rotation.

Anyway, Udoka is a guy who can help that team. Hence, he’s a good signing.

  1. Hi Dave,

    What an impressive run the Kings are going through at the moment! Winning 3 games in a row and reaching the 0.500 mark in the standing. It looks like they’ve turn things around and I believe the confidence in their locker room must be sky high. The combination of thr young players and the old guards looks solid. I doubt they might make the cut for the post season in the long run. Nevertheless at the moment, anything is possible from them.

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