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Game Time: Utah vs San Antonio

In Game Log / Recap on November 6, 2009 at 1:17 am

Utah Jazz at home against the Spurs tonight.

First Quarter

San Antonio leads 3-2 after one minute as Deron Williams hits a layup in transition.

  • Tony Parker pick and pop with Tim Duncan, nice help defense by Brewer to dissuade Duncan from taking that jump shot immediately, Okur recovers, Duncan facing him up on the left wing, takes it, misses it.
  • Okur gets good position in the middle of the paint, eight from the rim, against Bonner, turns around and hits the short shot.
  • Ronnie Brewer knocks down a 17 footer off the left elbow. Nice catch and shoot.
  • Tony Parker pick and pop with Matt Bonner on the right wing, three pointer Bonner, miss.
  • Boozer is getting booed loudly as he misses a 16 footer on the right wing. Not good to boo your own players – only makes your team worse.

Quick tempo to this game. Utah leads 10-8 after four minutes.

  • Duncan right elbow, Parker runs by for the hand off, Duncan dosen’t make the pass, turns, faces up, hits the 16-17 foot jumper
  • Good defense by San Antonio … forced Okur into a contested off balance fallaway against the shot clock, miss. Nice job by Bonner against Okur there.
  • Manu Ginobili enters the game for Finley. Tony Parker heads to the line and makes one of two at the stripe.
  • Nice cut by Boozer to get himself a layup. Give and go from the top of the key to the right wing, Boozer cuts down, screen by a guard to free him up, layup.
  • Aggressive drive by Kirilenko. Draws a foul on RJ.
  • Antonio McDyess enters the game. This figures to be the Spurs best lineup.
  • Tony Parker slithers intside off the pick and roll, takes a floater in the lane, misses … rebound Utah, outlet, Kirilenko layup on the fastbreak.
  • Carlos Boozer blocks Tim Duncan up top. We don’t see that very often. Jump ball as the ball was never released or knocked loose by either player. Timeout.
  • Good job by Manu Ginobili to break up that pass into Boozer in the post. Great anticipation.
  • Deron Williams hits a jumper off the baseline inbounds against the shot clock.
  • Kirilenko drives on Ginobili, beats him, Duncan helps, passes out to Boozer at the foul line, Booz drills the jumper. Utah is on a 6-0 run here.

Timeout San Antonio. Utah leads 18-14 with four plus minutes left in the first quarter.

  • Manu Ginobili scores on a twisting drive … Brewer responds with a bucket in the paint on the other end.
  • Ginobili pick and roll, defender goes under the screen, Ginobili laces up a three, misses.
  • Wes Matthews on the left wing, some action happening on the other side of the court, defense turns off, Matthews has the baseline open, takes it, beats RJ with the first step, drives baseline, finishes. Nice take.
  • Millsap hits one of two free throws. Utah leads 23-16. Offensive rebound off the missed free throw, ball brought back out, Okur posts up McDyess, scores over him.
  • Nice pass by RJ to a cutting George Hill for the layup.
  • Okur drives the ball on Dice, beats him, loses the dribble, regains it, turns in the paint and hits the layup.
  • Great job by Ronnie Brewer to steal that short pass, breakaway, slam dunk!

Utah leads 29-18 with a minute plus remaining in the first quarter.

  • That was San Antonio’s third turnover (6 points off turnovers). Utah has zero.
  • Good contest by Okur on McDyess’ face up jumper from 17 feet on the right wing, miss, offensive rebound, Blair scores an easy one inside.
  • Wes Matthews beats his man off the bounce, RJ again, gets to the paint, takes the runner, fouled carelessly. Nice play from the rookie. Utah leads 32-20.
  • Brewer picks off another pass. Utah slows it down. Deron Willaims goes around the pick and roll, between his legs and switches the other way, takes the jumper, misses.
  • Roger Mason Jr misses a jumper out on the left wing, Ginobili tips it in with one hand! Utah inbounds the ball, Blair almost steals it but the clock expires before he can retrieve the loose ball.

Second Quarter

Utah leads 32-22

  • Utah has scored 22 points in the paint — Popovich is pissed during that quarter interview. Utah is more physical and beating up San Antonio. His team isn’t trying hard enough.
  • Ginobili takes a step back jumper frmo the top of the key, misses.
  • Oh, nice pass by Kirilenko to Boozer, Boozer stripped on his way up … shouldn’t have brought that ball down. Nice job by McDyess, I think, to slap that ball loose.
  • Wow — San Antonio has held Utah to under 100 points in 39 of their last 40 meetings. They have a 32 wins and 8 loss record over that period.
  • Finley knocks down a triple
  • Ronnie Price curling around a pair of screens, Boozer finds him, drives to the rim, runner, misses it. Millsap fouled after getting the ball back, hits two FTs.
  • Matthews with another aggressive drive, this tim beating Mason Jr, into the paint, hits a floater moving from side of the paint to the other, tough shot, hits it.
  • Good backdoor cut by Price, great pass by Kirileno, Blair comes over and tries to erase but doesn’t get to it in time, Price hits it anyway.
  • Lovely pass by Price, drive and dump to Boozer (other side of the rim) for a layup.

Timeout San Antonio — Jazz lead 40-27 after two minutes.

  • George Hill snakes his way into the paint off the pick and roll, misses the layup. Over-stretched himself on the shot attempt.
  • Ronnie Price called for a moving screen. Utah’s first turnover.
  • Price turns it over again, carrying call. He was forced to create one-on-one against the shot clock after Utah’s offense broke down, and after San Antonio defended the pick and roll well.
  • Good job by Utah out-running the Spurs, Matthews misses the layup, Boozer grabs the offensive rebound and scores the putback.
  • 12 second chance points for Utah. 12 of their 30 points in the paint. I think the Spurs only have 12 points in the paint total.
  • Boozer has his inside shot rejected by Blair, Boozer faces him up off a post up after Utah gets the ball back, Booz has a quickness advantage here but the paint is too congested, passes out, missed shot … rebound, outlet, Parker in the fastbreak, to the rim, fouled as he hits the layup.
  • Tim Duncan checks back in.

Utah leads 42-32 with seven and a half minutes to play in the first half.

  • Nice pass by Millsap to Brewer inside who beat his man to the ball side of the rim, but Brewer takes too long to shoot (why the power dribble?), loses his lightly contested dunk and instead takes a heavily contested one which turns into a foul against San An. Brewer makes the first FT, misses the second. Blair yanks down the rebound (excellent hands, one of the strongest in the league).
  • Tony Parker gets another three point play by scoring in the paint and hitting the and one again.
  • Tony Parker gambles for a steal, almost but not quite good enough, Williams has an open three, DUncan moves out to contest it, Boozer cuts hard to the rim, Deron finds him, Boozer scores inside and draws the foul. Boozer has 11 (13?) points and 4 rebounds.
  • Tim Duncan with the tap in following Blair’s missed 14 foot jumper.
  • Deron Williams tries a fast ball to his cutter, too fast, turnover.
  • Tony Parker dribble penetration from the wing, leaner, misses it, Blair tips it in.
  • Utah’s defense is falling apart and they’re not hitting the defensive glass. Timeout on the next possession. Good timeout, the Jazz need it.
  • Millsap scored in the paint before that timeout.

Utah leads 48-39 with five and a half minutes remaining in the second quarter.

  • Ginobili splits a pair of free throws.
  • Kirilenko scores inside. Utah leads 34-20 points in the paint. Nice weakside cut by Kirilenko there.
  • Ginobili with a lovely crossover on Brewer but he misses the 22 foot jumper. His jump shots haven’t looked good tonight, you expect them to miss.
  • Tony Parker gets into the paint again, Deron Williams switched off (tried to take away the pass and stopped defending the ball, Parker crossed him over and went right down the middle of the floor to the rim), Parker draws a foul on Millsap. Parker gets another two points.
  • Illegal screen – out of bounds screen – turnover Utah. Fourth Jazz turnover in the second quarter, versus one for the Spurs. A reversal of the first quarter.
  • Drive and kick from Parker off the pick and roll, to RJ on the right wing, three pointer, good.
  • Deron Williams hits a 21 footer in the left corner. Nine point game.
  • Parker uses the pick well again, drives baseline, draws a foul on Millsap (second most fouls in the NBA last season, Jason Thompson led the league). Parker hits another two at the line. He is 9-9 from the foul line tonight, and 19-20 for the season.
  • Spurs — 19 games decided by 3 points or less. 43 games decided by 7 points or less — Doug Collins is saying that those tough minutes down the stretch over-worked Duncan and Parker last year.
  • Boozer knocks the ball away from Duncan on the clearout, turnover. Utah is getting back into this.
  • Okur drives on McDyess, baseline, lay in. Very poor defense by Dice.
  • Boozer rebound, outlet to Williams, Williams showing off some sweet ball-handling, then loses control of the ball, clearout right wing, drives middle, fouled. Deron hits two.

Utah leads 59-47 with two plus minutes to play in the first half

  • Tim Duncan drives from the left wing, draws a foul. Hits two FTs. Ten point game.
  • Deron Williams checks out. Opportunity here for the Spurs.
  • Kirilenko takes a contested 23 footer early in the shot clock, misses, rebound Boozer, turnover … San Antonio running the other way, bad foul, RJ hits one of his two FTs.
  • 1:38 – Utah’s offense looks a little lost. Lots of movement but little direction.
  • 1:06 – Duncan posts up, kicks it out to Manu, three pointer, misses, Dice rebounds, out to Ginobili, another three, misses, Boozer rebounds. Booz has 13 and 8 already! Dice didn’t react after that rebound, bad transition defense.
  • Ronnie Brewer picks Ginobili’s pocket, Manu fouls him, Brewer splits a pair.
  • 25 seconds – Bonner in for Duncan. Hill plays down the clock, looks for the final shot, to Manu, pick and pop with Bonner, Bonner three pointer, blocked by Boozer, fastbreak Utah, Brewere loses his handle and turns it over.


  • Tony Parker’s ability to get into the paint brought the Spurs back into this game in the second quarter. Parker has been the one bright spot for the Spurs.
  • Carlos Boozer has been very good with 13 points, 8 rebounds and 2 blocks.
  • The Spurs big men are giving Tim Duncan no help in the paint. Utah’s trio — Boozer, Okur, Millsap — have caused huge problems for the Spurs. Duncan can only defend one of them at a time. He needs more help.
  • Antonio McDyess continues to be disappointing. I’m becoming increasingly concerned about his play.
  • The Jazz did a brilliant job of pushing the ball in transition, moving without the ball, of not settling for jumpers and heading inside instead, and hitting the offensive glass. As a result, their offense has lit up the Spurs.
  • Utah scored 37 points in the first half. Last season, the Spurs allowed 37 points in the paint for an entire game.

Third Quarter

  • Jefferson with a nice baseline drive and reverse layup out of the left corner. Bad help defense by Okur.
  • Okur beats Bonner off the dribble, to the rim, fouled. Okur makes both. Ten point lead.

Jazz lead 62-52 a minute into the third

  • RJ in the left corner again, beats Kirilenk to his right this time, no help defense again, fouled.
  • Turnover, Williams to Brewer, layup, rejected … baseline inbounds, jump shot by Williams, hits it. Same as previous baseline inbounds play.
  • Carlos Boozer drops a fadeaway over Bonner in the low post … Tim Duncan needs some defensive help.
  • Nice backdoor cut by Parker on the right baseline after Deron overplays the passing lane. Layup.
  • Deron Williams to the rim, hits the layup. Bad weakside defense.
  • Tim Duncan faces up on the left wing, drives middle, layup, misses … fastbreak Utah, foul, Brewer hits two.
  • Doug Collins — “Duncan gets no lift off the left leg. The one with the brace” — that has happened a couple of times tonight.

Utah leads 70-57 with 8 minutes to play.

  • Carlos Boozer drops another fallaway J. He leads Utah with 17 points. Parker is the game high scorer with 19.
  • Nice lob pass by Parker from the left post (after dribbling beneath the baseline) over Okur’s head to the other side of the rim where Duncan was defended by Deron, Duncan reaches over and grabs the ball, lay in.
  • Great job by Kirilenko stripping RJ on the drive … Deron Williams orchestrating the fastbreak, he goes one on one with Parker, to the rim, scores it.
  • Timeout Popovich — Ginobili + Dice + Mason check in for Bonner, Finley and RJ — Spurs small on perimeter again
  • Roger Mason Jr hits a three pointer
  • Kirilenko posts up Ginobili, gets great position six feet from the rim, backs him down easily. Foul. That matchup is a problem for San Antonio.

The Spurs have only one small forward in their perimeter rotation (Richard Jefferson) and five guards. They also have no combo forward.

  • Boozer yanks down another rebound. Good defense by the Jazz to deny Parker’s dribble penetration to help force the miss.
  • Offensive rebound Boozer after Deron’s missed three, out to Okur, hand off to Williams, baseline drive, drive and kick, Mason picks off the pass.
  • Nice ball fake by Duncan to help beat Boozer 17 feet from the rim, drives left, to the rim, fouled. Duncan makes two.

Utah leads 76-64 with less than five minutes to go in the third quarter

  • Boozer offensive rebound and putback. Jazz lead 22-8 in second chance points. They’re pummeling the Spurs on the glass (33-22 overall edge to Utah). Duncan had to come over and help after Okur beat Dice off the bounce, left Boozer open for the rebound.
  • Nice UCLA cut by Deron Williams, Brewer finds him cutting down the middle, layup. Normally see Kirilenko throwing that pass.
  • Duncan splits a pair of free throws after Boozer fouls him (hit him on the elbow) on a turnaround J.
  • Boozer stripped in the paint again. Loses an easy layup. Baseline inbounds, Williams moves off a screen, cuts to the rim this time, pass, layup. Nice.
  • The Spurs get a three pointer. Mason? I didn’t see who hit it. The Spurs have made 6 more three pointers than the Jazz.
  • McDyess hits an 18 footer. Good shot.
  • Boozer post up against Dice, faces up, jab step, goes left, shoots over Dice. Basket. Boozer took whatever he wanted from McDyess there.
  • McDyess repsonds with a 17 foot jumper. From the left wing this time.
  • McDyess pump fakes the jumper, Boozer bites, one dribble, shoots from 16 feet, misses, offensive rebound Blair, putback good.

Jazz lead 86-76 with a minute twenty to play

  • Deron Williams draws a shooting foul on George Hill off a jump shot. Bad foul. Williams hits two.
  • Man Ginobili working the pick and roll, forced wide, then turns and faces the rim, turns on the jets, flies into the paint, draws a foul. Ginobili makes two FTs. He has 9 points on 3-8 shooting in 21 minutes. Bad offensive game from Ginobili so far.
  • Deron Williams dribbles upcourt, winds down the clock, looks for a two for one, pick and roll coming, Boozer hangs back (slips the pick), Dice jump out, bounce pass inside to Boozer who hits the short shot.
  • Spurs turn it over.
  • Deron Williams dribbles down the clock again, a large enough difference between the game clock and shot clock so San An will get another shto, same play, touch pass by Boozer to Matthews in the left corner, he hits it! First three pointer of the night for Utah.
  • Ginobili dribbles upcourt in a hurry, drives hard, draws a foul. He goes to the line and hits one.
  • 3.7 seconds — Williams races up the right wing, takes a running three pointer, misses.

Utah have held serve here in the third quarter. A lot of work for the Spurs to do in the fourth and they’ve shown no signs of being able to do that.

Fourth Quarter

Utah leads 93-80

The Jazz are coming off two consecutive terrible quarters against Dallas (Dirk’s outburst) and the Rockets. They’ll excorcise their ghosts tonight.

  • Spurs are still very small — Hill + Mason + Manu + RJ + Blair
  • Jazz lineup — Price + Matthews + Kirilekno + Millsap + Okur
  • Beautiful cut by Millsap, layup.
  • The Spurs don’t have enough defense on the floor to make this lead back.
  • Ginobili climbing over Kirilenko to deflect the pass (post entry pass to AK).
  • Utah starting to settle for long shots. Bad judgement.
  • Another turnover by Utah — turnovers + long shots — stupid play. Bring Deron Williams back in to get some control of this game.
  • Tony Parker checks in for Ginobili. The Spurs are even smaller now. Huge rebounding advantage here for Utah, huge size advantage inside for Utah. A frail Spurs defensive lineup. Utah needs to take advantage of this.
  • Millsap fadeaway against the shot clock, misses, Okur on the offensive glass (boxed out by Hill), tip, no good, knocked out of bounds.

Timeout — Utah lead 95-84 with 9 minutes left to play

  • Deron Williams comes off a Millsap screen, top of the key, jump shot. Hits it. 25 points for Williams to lead the game.
  • Tony Parker still stuck on 19 points.
  • Kirilenko goes over the back while attacking the offensive glass. Foul. Nice drive and runner by Matthews on the miss there (prior to AK fouling).
  • RJ left wing, over to Mason, baseline drive against Kirilenko, Okur does just enough to contest Mason’s shot, miss.
  • Turnover Utah. Their fourth turnover in four and a half minutes.
  • Tony Parker sizzles his way into the paint, spin move, off balance, miss, Blair rebounds and scores the putback.
  • Tim Duncan rebound, putback, good. Duncan claims a defensive rebound on the other end, his 12th board.
  • Did Tony Parker not travel there? Anyway, he finds Jefferson on a baseline cut but RJ misses the layup.
  • Beautiful pass by Williams to Millsap, bullet bounce pass from the top of the key to the right post to Millsap who had a bunch of Spurs big men near him but none were paying close attention, layup Millsap.

Timeout — Utah leads 101-88 at the midway point in the third quarter

  • Pick and roll with Boozer, Deron to Booz, 14 foot jump shot, Booz hits it.
  • Utah leads 56-38 points in the paint.
  • Tim Duncan drives from the top of the key, Millsap sets up to take a charge, Duncan falls hard … turnover, fastbreak, Matthews layup. Matthews is shouting and hollering all the way up the floor. He has a lot of energy.

This game is over. Good win for Utah.

Thoughts On The Game

San Antonio Spurs

  • Tim Duncan received little to no help from his fellow Spurs big men. Once again, the Spurs were outplayed by an opponent with multiple talented big men. This is a major problem for the Spurs going forward.
  • San Antonio has only one small forward in their rotation and that’s Richard Jefferson. The rest of their perimeter players are all guards (Parker, Mason, Hill, Finley and Manu). This is a defensive issue for the Spurs whenever Jefferson checks out of the game.
  • Jefferson isn’t rebounding the ball at even a mediocre level so the Spurs are getting no rebounding help from the three spot.
  • Tim Duncan didn’t look good physically tonight. No explosiveness.
  • The Spurs haven’t found a way to include Richard Jefferson into their offense. His only baskets are stand still jump shots or cuts off the ball. They have to find a way to mix it up and get RJ some different looks at the rim.
  • Antonio McDyess looks old out there. I’m getting more and more worried about him each time I see him play. If he can’t play at a somewhat comparable level as he did last season … the Spurs simply won’t be a legitimate contender. McDyess is that important to their team.

Utah Jazz

  • Wes Matthews looks like a decent player. He plays some defense and is aggressive + efficient offensively. He doesn’t try to do more than he can, limits his mistakes.
  • Outside of that … same old, same old for Utah. They’re a very good team but not a contender. They’re still one move away.
  1. Damm!!! This is really bad. You’re right about their defensive issues. Also, they must find someone to backup Tim Duncan. They can’t be too depending on him. Plus, he haven’t seen the best from their guards.

  2. I love watching games between two quality teams like the Spurs/Jazz last night. Only got to watch half of the first quarter but love the movement the Jazz play with on offense. Deron Williams is one of my favourite players in the NBA, did you see near the end of the first quarter when he faked going one way then cross-overed, leaving the defender in his dust. Amazing!

  3. Surprising given how highly rated the Spurs were coming into the season.

    How are they going to do without Parker for a week or so?

    Utah has a player to move if they are just 1 player away! It’s only luxury tax money that’s stopping them! lol

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