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Bidding For 2nd Round Pick

In Draft on November 5, 2009 at 4:15 pm

Interesting report from Chris Broussard today

According to information gathered from multiple league executives, DeJuan Blair was 10 seconds away from joining “King James” and “The Big Shaquisition” in Cleveland.

On draft night 2009, Cleveland offered Denver $2 million for the 34th pick. Cavs GM Danny Ferry thought it was essentially a done deal and had fingered Blair as the pick.

But with just 10 seconds left to make its selection, Denver was offered $2.25 million, a league record for the sale of a 34th pick, from the Houston Rockets. Because there was such a small amount of time left to make the pick, the Nuggets didn’t have a chance to give Cleveland the opportunity to beat Houston’s offer.

So the Rockets got the pick and instructed Denver to select Sergio Llull for them. Three picks later, San Antonio took Blair.

So close … yet so far.

There were a lot of good players in the second round of the draft this year. It’s not surprising that the money involved was higher than normal.

I also think other team’s (Portland) propensity to buy draft picks and turn them into something successfully has been noticed by several teams and will become more common over the next few years.

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