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Game Time: Miami vs Phoenix

In Game Log / Recap on November 4, 2009 at 12:43 am

Fun matchup here. Two undefeated teams battling one another.

  • Dwyane Wade put on a show against the Suns last season putting up 43 and 6 in Phoenix + 35 and 16 at home leading the Heat to two wins out of two versus the Suns.
  • No Barbosa tonight. He’s out injured.

This should be a good game.
First Quarter

Miami lead 4-2 after 75 seconds following two Beasley free throws.

  • Nice pass by Steve Nash from the left elbow out to the right wing to an open Richardson for a three pointer, miss.
  • Beautiful bounce pass by Nash from the top of the key to Richardson who cut down the baseline and got himself a wide open dunk for his troubles.
  • Channing Frye looks like a small forward out there. The way he moves, the positions he takes up.
  • Q-Rich knocks down a triple out of the let corner. Good pass by Jermaine O’Neal to set that one up.
  • A lithe Grant Hill. Wow, I don’t think he’s been that slim since his rookie season. He still looks as quick as ever.
  • Lovely give and go between Jermaine and Richardson on the left wing. Entry pass into the post, left block, cut hard baseline, hand off, dunk.
  • Amare rips a rebound away from a Heat player. It’d be nice if we could see him do that more often.
  • Good take by Jason Richardson. He had Jermaine on him on a switch over on the right sideline, drove hard to the middle, beat Jermaine, forced the defense to collapse, was about to take a pull up J from 14 feet but spotted a cutting Hill and found him for a layup. Fouled before Hill could make the shot.

Some very nice passing here in the early going. Miami leads 11-7 after four minutes.

  • Excellent patience (to avoid the shot blockers) from Jermaine after rolling to the rim off the pick and roll with Wade. Nice pass by Dwyane too.
  • Grant Hill races down the left wing on the break, dribbles in to 17 feet, pull up jumper, knocks it down.
  • Beaseley with a nice drive baseline, takes the lefty one hand floater, miss. Good contest by Channing Frye to alter that shot.
  • Amare Stoudemire on the right elbow, no ball pressure from Jermaine, Amare dribbles his way down to the right box, six feet from the rim, right hand jump hook over Jermaine on the baseline, hits it. Bad defense.
  • Fastbreak Phoenix, Steve Nash hits a streaking Channing Frye for the powerful one handed dunk.

Suns lead 15-13 at the midway point in the first half after an 8-0 run.

  • Some replays — nice pass by Hill to Nash who was cutting to the rim and got himself a layup. Also a fantastic offensive rebound and putback dunk in one motion from Frye (no box out from Beasley).
  • Wade makes the drive and kick to Haslem on the right wing, 18 footer, misses it. Good look.
  • Great effort by Wade defensively, he was running behind Nash, slapped the ball loose, it was heading out of bounds in the corner, Wade races it down, saves it to a teammate. Great hustle.
  • Bad pass by Wade, good idea but the pass was a little off the mark, too far ahead of Jermaine O’Neal. Lost an easy dunking opportunity.
  • Mario Chalmers picks Nash’s pocket out near the halfway line, breakaway dunk.
  • Nice ball fake from Frye on Haslem who was chasing out hard to the three point line, one dribble right, 20 footer from the top of the key, misses it. A little off balance on the shot but a nice move in the making.
  • Steve Nash loses the ball again (fouled? Yup) … poked away by Richardson, fastbreak, Wade to the rim, fouled hard by Frye. Wade makes both FTs to put the Heat back on top.

Miami leads 17-15 with four minutes to play in the first quarter

  • Wade gets a clearout against Dudley, backs it beyond the three point line, drives hard right, crosses over left, blows by Dudley, layup.
  • Oh beautiful touch pass from Richardson on the right block (high-low pass from Haslem to Richardson after ball reversed from right wing) to Jermaine on the opposite side of the rim for the dunk. Beautiful.
  • Timeout Phoenix — neither team looks capable of defending the other here. Miami looks very good.
  • Excellent interception by Grant Hill on a cross court 30 foot pass from Wade to Q on the fastbreak, Hill races forward, to the rim, looks to stuff it on Haslem, fouled. Hill makes two at the line.

Miami up four with two and a half to play

  • Wade misses a jump shot from the top of the key.
  • Grant Hill and Stoudemire on the pick and roll on the right wing, nice defensive rotation by Joel Anthony to meet Amare as he rolled to the rim. Got to him before Amare could get a good look at the rim. Good awareness.
  • Phoenix have missed six straight shots as Nash misses a pull up three (defender was slacking).
  • Arroyo and Dragic check into the game together.
  • Haslem fronts Amare Stoudemire 15 feet from the rim, nice pass over the top from Hill, Amare catches it, turns and dunks on Joel’s head. Wow! And one.
  • Grant Hill heading to the locker room after checking out. I hope he’s alright.

Miami lead by one (21-20) heading into the final minute of the first quarter

  • Wade attacks Richardson off the pick and roll, draws the contact and the foul.
  • Phoenix go to Amare on the left block. Defensive three seconds off the ball (Beasley). Amare takes the tech and hits it.
  • 43 seconds — Phoenix go back to Amare on the left post, he drives right, surrounded by Miami players, dumps it off to Louis Amundson for the dunk. Very good pass.
  • Richardson dives low off the right corner in case he needs to provide help on the pick and roll, Arroyo sees it, gets the ball to Wright in the right corner, Wright drains it.
  • Goran Dragic drives hard to the rim, tries the runner, nope.

Second Quarter

Miami lead 26-23

  • Some full court pressure from Phoenix, Miami pass their way out of it easily enough.
  • Beasley isolation off the right post (14 feet out), Beasley slowly turns middle, fallaway, rejected by Amundson.
  • Another defensive three seconds call against Miami. J-Rich misses the FT.
  • Phoenix’s turnovers are hurting them. Six already (a minute into the second).
  • James Jones drains a jump shot from downtown.
  • Channing Frye with a shake and fadeaway out of the low post, miss. Suns keep the rebound alive and gain possession as Miami knocks it out of bounds.
  • Beasley loses touch with his man off the ball. Got caught ball watching there. Cost his team a layup.
  • Beasley with a nice drive and finish in the paint.
  • Goran Dragic drains the triple. Phoenix’s first triple in five attempts.
  • Dudley hits another triple. Back to back three pointers.

Tie game 33-33

  • Beasley faces up on the right wing, 16 feet out, moves right, jump shot, misses.
  • Channing Frye knocks down another triple. Three in three possessions. 9-0 run by Phoenix.
  • Timeout Miami — Spoelstra unhappy with his players defending the three point line.
  • Jermaine O’Neal able to muscle Frye in the post, turnaround J as he spins off of Frye and Jermaine hits the 12 footer. Stops the bleeding.
  • Beasley runs out off the jump ball (between Richardson + Haslem, J-Rich wins it, but Miami gains possession), long pass ahead, slam dunk.
  • Fastbreak … Beasley slam dunk again. He has 12 points to lead the Heat. That sparks the Heat.

Amare, Nash and Hill check back into the game after those two miscues from the second unit. Frye and Richardson are the two other Suns players in the lineup.

  • Jermaine O’Neal posting up Frye 15 feet out, turns middle, pushed off by Frye. Foul. Jermaine looks like he can take Frye whenever he wants.
  • Miami post up Jermaine on the right post again, the passer (Wright) cuts middle, Jermaine tries to thread the pass through traffic, Amare comes from the weakside and breaks it up. Turnover.
  • Carlos Arroyo knocks down the leaner.

Miami lead 41-36 after an 8-0 run from the Heat. We’ve just passed the midway point in the second quarter.

  • Grant Hill drives hard to his right from the top of the key, pull up J from 14 feet, hit on the wrist, foul. Beasley can’t cover Grant Hill, Hill is far too quick + intelligent for Beasley. That’s a great matchup for Phoenix.
  • Pick and roll between Wade and Jermaine, passes it to Jermaine in the middle of the paint, surrounded by Phoenix defenders, tries the short shot. Rolls out. Miss.
  • Haslem hits a pair of FTs after a reach in foul by Amare.
  • Hill has a shot go in and out. Second time that’s happened to him tonight. He’s 1-5 from the field.
  • Lovely pass by Wade to a teammate for the lay in.
  • Excellent job by Jermaine O’Neal contesting those two shots. He intimidated Amare away from taking the short shot. Ball moved out, over to Frye, to the rim, Frye uses the off arm to shield the ball. Offensive foul. Great defense by Jermaine.
  • Haha, wow, Channing Frye catches it on the right post, Jermaine is not close enough to his man, Frye turns easily, blows by Jermaine like he’s an old man baseline, fouled to avoid the easy dunk. Great quickness from Frye.

Miami lead 48-37 with three minutes to play

  • Nash, pick and roll with Amare, dribbles right, Nash gets a good look at the rim from 17 feet on the right wing, misses … rebound Miami, outlet, Wade leaked out, slam dunk.
  • Wow … that’s the third or fourth breakaway dunk on the fastbreak for Miami in the second quarter. Phoenix’s transition defense is all over the place.
  • Timeout Phoenix.

Since going down 36-33 the Heat have gone on a 17-4 run over the last four plus minutes.

  • Stoudemire bulldozes his way to the basket and gets the short shot to go.
  • Amare pick and roll with Nash on the right wing, bounce pass, Amare gets it, knocked loose, Amare retrieves it, then fouled, not called. Ball out of bounds of Miami.
  • Amundson called for a charge. Nice defense by Richardson beating Amundson to the spot.
  • Dudley playing some very good defense off the ball denying Wade the ball.
  • Amare grabs his seventh rebound of the first half. He’s done a good job on the glass.
  • Steve Nash lets a three pointer fly from the right wing as Chalmers goes under the screen, hits it.
  • Wade misses a fadeaway J from the top of the key (left elbow extended).
  • Nice pass to Amare for the 16 footer and Amare hits it. 7-0 run by Phoenix to cut the lead to 6.
  • Great job by Amare to come down from the top of the key to block Jermaine’s shot. Jermaine had posted up Amundson, turned middle, short jumper in the lane over Louis, blocked.
  • Miami scores off the inbounds … Phoenix come back upcourt, Dudley to the rim, misses the layup, offensive rebound Amare but he doesn’t get the follow shot up in time.


  • The Heat have done a very good job defensively against the Suns. They’ve limited them effectively, particularly on the perimeter. Phoenix’s three perimeter starters are only 4-15 from the field. Amare hasn’t found his place offensively yet, not as involved as he was in yester-years.
  • Miami’s big men have played well. Jermaine O’Neal has looked good offensively. Haslem has been a beast on the boards and very good defensively. Beasley was mixed, more bad than good, but some good.
  • Quentin Richardson played well on both ends.
  • Beasley hasn’t been great despite leading the Heat with 12 points — outside of those two breakaway dunks he’s only 2-6 from the field. Only three rebounds in 14 minutes plus the defensive has been below par. Still, he’s giving the team a go-to option offensively which is helping the team. Not all Wade all the time.
  • Wow, Channing Frye has only one rebound in 16 minutes. That is single handedly wiping out Amare’s good work on the boards. Phoenix being out-rebounded by one at the half.
  • Miami was able to pack the paint defensively. Their close outs were very good for the most part, plus Phoenix’ shooters haven’t shot the ball well enough.

Phoenix need to go to Amare more in the second half.

Third Quarter

Miami leads 52-44 as we begin the second half. Make that, 57-53 Heat lead two minutes into the third.

  • Beasley doubles off of Nash after the post entry pass into Amare, quick pass back out, three pointer, good. Awful defense from Beasley, terrible recognition of who he was guarding and what he was meant to be doing.
  • Spoelstra immediately calls a timeout after that basket. One point game.
  • Eh, don’t like that pick and roll defense by Frye on Wade, Wade turns the corner before Richardson can catch up, drives to the paint, slam dunk.
  • Good tap out by Jermaine O’Neal to get Miami an offensive rebound.
  • Wade has been extremely aggressive over the last few possessions. Taking it hard to the rim each time.
  • Amare plays terrible transition defense, lets Jermaine stay just in front of him, doesn’t push to the side of the paint, lets him go down the middle, easy pass by Wade (no pressure on passer or recipient) to Jermaine for the layup. Terrible defense.
  • Haslem snares another rebound.
  • Wade drives to the left, off balance fadeaway J from 18 feet on the baseline, miss … scrap for the ball, Wade out-fights Wade and Richardson for that loose ball, missed shot, offensive rebound, tap, no good, tap again (Richardson), good. Timeout Phoenix.

Phoenix seem to fall apart whenever they begin to string a few good plays together. They can’t sustain their play.

  • Chalmers does an excellent job pressuring Nash, Jermaine steps out on the pick and roll, traps Nash, Jermaine slaps the pass, loose ball, Chalmers and Nash jump on it. Jump ball. Chalmers wins it.
  • Chalmers deserves a lot of credit for his defensive work against Nash tonight.
  • Wade slices and dices his way into the paint and finishes comfortably at the rim.
  • Steal Wade, fastbreak, Wade into the open court, Richardson fouls him to avoid the easy dunk.
  • Chalmers gets an open look … Amare decided not to defend him on the perimeter off the pick and roll (bad call) … but Mario misses the shot.
  • Quentin Richardson air balls a contested three pointer.
  • Fastbreak Phoenix, Hill to the rim, misses it. Tapped in by Richardson.
  • Lovely bounce pass by Chalmers to O’Neal for the uncontested dunk.
  • Crunching screen floors Chalmers, Nash wide open for the jumper on the right wing, Nash hits it.
  • Udonis Haslem responds with a jumper of his own on the right wing.
  • Nash swiveling his way around Miami’s defense, takes a fallaway jumper, hits it.
  • Richardson left open from three, miss. Haslem defensive rebound. His 10th rebound.
  • Wade misses a three pointer
  • Defensive three seconds against the Heat again. Nash hits the tech.

Miami leads 75-65 with 3:30 left to play in the third

  • Hill misses a wide open 17 footer. Rebound Wade (7th board), he dribbles up, settles for a three, misses.
  • Nash hits one of those off balance runners of his off the dribble. Eight point game.
  • Richardson back irons a jump shot (Q-Rich).
  • Louis Amundson gets a short shot. Six point lead.
  • Miami’s energy has dropped off. Happened when Jermaine checked out of the game. Their offense looks impotent outside of Wade with Jermaine + Beasley on the bench which has cost the team their momentum.
  • Phoenix gets another basket. Four point game. Timeout Miami.

1:40 to play in the third quarter. Miami lead 75-71

  • Dorrell Wright gest an open look from the left corner and he hits the triple. Wow, two threes from Wright. If he’s added that shot to his repetoire that’ll go a long way to establishing his NBA career.
  • Steve Nash bags another jump shot.
  • Nash dribbles down the clock, final shot of the quarter, splits the pick and roll defense, drives into the paint, finds Amundson, layup.
  • Carlos Arroyo runs up and hits a three pointer at the buzzer. Big shot. Tough shot.

Fourth Quarter

Miami leads 81-75

  • Wade isn’t on the floor. Big period here for Miami.
  • Dudley steals the ball, fastbreak, Dragic to the rim, pushes off but no call, opposite call. Terrible call. That was blatant. Dragic misses both FTs. Haslem rebound, #12, off that miss.
  • Amare + Collins + Dudley + Richardson + Dragic vs Anthony + Haslem + Wright +  Jones + Arroyo
  • Oh, awful defense on the baseline inbounds, the inbounder passed it in then cut right to the rim and got himself a layup which he missed. His defense switched off.
  • Miami has no shot creation on the court outside of Arroyo. Some stand still shooters, and a pick and pop threat in Haslem. But Arroyo is the only one who can do the heavy lifting.
  • Great job by Wright, ran baseline on the offensive glass, tapped it out, Phoenix got to the ball before his PG could.
  • Wait, why is Collins on the floor? That makes no sense to me. Where’s Amundson or Clark?

Miami lead 81-77 after two minutes

  • Arroyo splits the double, pull up J, fouled, misses. No call.
  • Fastbreak Phoenix, Jason Richarson hits the jumper on the break. Two point game.
  • Timeout Miami — Beasley checks back into the game. Good decision. That’ll help open up their offense again.
  • Wade checks in a few moments later. Miami have talent on the floor again.
  • Miami led by 13 after a 17-1 run late in the third quarter. Phoenix is currently on a 15-6 tear to get themselves back in the game.
  • Amare Stoudemire out of control on a drive in the paint, turns it over.
  • Wade knocks down a baseline jumper from 18 feet on the right side of the floor.
  • Beautiful finish in the paint by Dragic, twisting his body through the trees and finishing with his outstretched hand.
  • Defensive three seconds from Phoenix (Collins), Wade to the FT line, hits it. Miami up three points.
  • Great job by Amare to win that contested defensive rebound, outlet, fastbreak, drive and kick, J-Rich in the corner, hits it.

Tie game 84-84 with eight minutes to play

  • Jermaine O’Neal checks back in. It all fell apart for Miami when he went off the floor. Haslem leaves.
  • Offensive foul on Wade, charge, Collins drew it, turnover.
  • Blocking foul on Jermaine O’neal. It looked like he got there in time but shuffled his feet just before the contact. Dudley to the rim, layup, plus the foul, hits the FT. Phoenix up 3. Dudley has played well tonight.
  • Phoenix leads 12-3 in fourth quarter scoring.
  • Wade picks up his fourth foul, and sends the team into the penalty, with a loose ball frustration foul contesting a rebound pulled down by Amare.
  • Nash back to Frye for a three from the top of the key, misses it … Wade dribbles upcourt, snakes into the paint and hits an up an under layup in midair. Wow.
  • Channing Frye bags a three pointer from the right wing.

Phoenix lead 89-86 with six minutes left in the fourth quarter

  • Steve Nash hits a cold blooded three pointer from the top of the key after moving away from the screen to get wide open.
  • Q-Rich shot fake right wing, one dribble in, 20 footer, gets the friendly bounce (twice).
  • Amare kicks it out off the pick and roll to J-Rich for a three pointer. Hits it. Richardson has 8 points in the fourth after scoring only 4 points in the first three quarters.
  • Phoenix pulling away … Miami have no rhythm
  • Oh man, what a pass, Nash drives into the paint, across the paint, J-Rich cuts baseline, Nash flicks the ball to Richardson on the baseline, layup.
  • Timeout Miami.

Phoenix leads 97-88 with four minutes left in the fourth quarter.

  • Wade off balance jumper to beat the shot clock, nope, offensive rebound, Chalmers triple, nope, offensive rebound, Richarson misses the short shot, miss, offensive rebound, ball back out, swung to the left wing where Richardson has popped out, he hits the three pointer.
  • Oh my, what a pass again by Nash, bounce pass by Nash in the paint through 3-4 bodies to Amare for the dunk.
  • Miami miss a three pointer.
  • SUns up eight with three minutes to play.
  • Richardson pops a triple over Wright, miss, Q-Rich rebounds (ninth rebound). Dwyane Wade flies into the open court, to the rim, fouled. Wade hits both.
  • Steve Nash pick and roll, turns the corner on Haslem, to the rim, layup plus the foul. Nash has 28 points and 8 dimes after hitting the FT.

Phoenix leads 102-93 with two minutes to play

  • Richardson short on the three, offensive rebound, Chalmers three, miss. rebound Frye.
  • Nash brings it upcourt, winds down the clock, high pick and roll with Amare, to Frye who’s open on the right wing, passes on the shot, one dribble right, passes on the pull up J, out to Nash who passes on the three and Phoenix gets a shot clock violation. Too unselfish there.
  • Haslem hits a baseline jumper. Seven point game with 1:20 left to play.

This game is over. Good win for Phoenix.

Thoughts after the game

  • Wade and Chalmers are one of the best backcourts in the NBA defensively. They do an excellent job.
  1. Nice to see the Suns off to a good start.
    But they haven’t played a contender yet!

  2. I think the Suns are back to their best. It’s been a while since they played with such confidence. The Nash-Amare combo which we all love to see, never fails. All they need now is to build on to this momentum. For sure, they will be at the play offs.

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