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Interesting Snippet On Player Heights

In General NBA on November 3, 2009 at 2:43 am

ESPN’s Daily Dime

Currently, there are 433 players in the NBA and 225 are 6-8 or taller (58.9 percent).

The tallest player is Houston’s Yao Ming at 7-6. There are two players listed at 7-3: Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Hasheem Thabeet.

The average NBA player is currently 6-7 (actually 6-feet, 7.3 inches). The shortest player in the NBA is Nate Robinson at 5-9.

Some fun stats on the average height for NBA players + almost 60% of the league is 6 foot 8 or bigger, wow!

Ron Artest Article

There’s also a good article on Ron Artest’s play for the Lakers against the Hawks + early in the season from JA Adande if you follow the above link.

I haven’t watched the Lakers play since preseason so I have very little  to add on Artest just yet. He was passive and largely reduced to being a set shooter for large periods of the preseason games I saw.

Edit: Nice article on the same subject (Artest’s impressive defensive play against the Hawks) in OC Register

What he really did was dissuade Johnson from considering a 50-point night for Atlanta, which seemed a possibility early. Johnson was 7 for 8 in the first period for 18 points, including a four-point play because he was fouled while drilling a 3-pointer from the deep corner (“unconscionable,” Jackson described Kobe Bryant’s foul).

“I just tried to get up in him, tried to do the things I normally do,” Artest said. “I’ve guarded Kobe, LeBron James. It’s all about playing hard. I’m a little heavier this year, but I’m also quicker. I’m probably about three pounds heavier.

“Yeah, I weigh myself every day and I’m 265. So with that and some added muscle and quickness, I think that’s going to be tough for my opponents.”

Johnson was 1 for 8 in quarters 2-4.

Ariza was a terrific defender, too, especially with length. Artest sort of removes you from your preferred offensive starting point. Artest, too, is more assertive about volunteering to be Bryant’s relief pitcher.

“Kobe was chasing the ball a little too much early,” said Jackson, who still got 41 points, eight boards and five steals from the MVP. “Joe was cutting behind him and taking advantage of him. Ron did a good job of just being there.”

But how does that work?

“Kobe’s never going to say he doesn’t want to guard somebody,” Artest said. “I just go over to him and say, ‘Hey, I got him.’ And he says, OK. Because you don’t want him wearing himself out. Besides, the guy who’s been guarding me, if he has to guard Kobe, now he’s really in trouble.”

“No. 37 (Artest) changed the energy of the game,” Bryant said, “and we all rallied behind him.”

  1. Of course one might actually want to measure the heights of a lot of NBA players. It seems a lot of players “grow” an inch or 2 immediately after their official NBA pre-draft camp measurements! lol

  2. The best thing to happen to the Lakers, thus far, this season, in terms of “improving” their ability to win the NBA title in June, was the clunker they had vs Dallas.

    Based on what I’ve seen from them to this point, if the Lakers can get and then stay healthy they will be a very tough out this season.

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