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Game Time: Oklahoma vs Portland

In Game Log / Recap on November 1, 2009 at 8:12 pm

Good matchup here between two of the young squads over in the Western Conference. An up and coming Thunder squad versus an already established Blazers. These two squads could be fighting one another in the playoffs for the next 5-10 years.

First Quarter

  • Greg Oden just beast-ed Krstic in the low post before he ever got the ball. He’s too strong for Krstic to handle. Oden will be able to get deep position all night long, plus he can seal him away from the pass extremely well. Superb matchup for the Blazers.
  • Sloppy passing from the Blazers … almost turned it over three times — Aldridge’s four foot pass to Blake off target, Blake runs it down to the sideline, trapped, throws it to Oden, Oden can’t catch the ball, spills it heading out of bounds, saves it, Westbrook intercepts it but falls out of bounds in the process — Portland lucky to hang onto possession there.
  • Nice drive by Jeff Green on Aldridge. Green is far too quick + talented from the perimeter for Aldridge. Jeff Green is a very good power forward offensively.
  • Greg Oden posts up Krstic again, good position, Aldridge cuts, Green watches Oden, nice pass to a cutting Aldridge (down middle of the lane, Oden on right block) for the easy two … miss.
  • Durant curls off a screen, catch and shoot from 15-16 feet, miss.
  • Greg Oden posts up Krstic again, backs him down, spins middle, layup. Lovely move.
  • Westbrook blows by Blake and finishes in the paint.
  • Oden was lackadaisical in the post. Didn’t fight for position. Whole Blazers possession stalled because of it (14 seconds shot clock already gone). Portland got lucky in making a shot against the shot clock buzzer. Nice drive and fallaway J dribbling away from the basket on the sideline by Steve Blake to bail out Portland there.
  • Oden inside again, fouled, free throws. Nice threaded bounce pass by Blake as Krstic went to help on the pick and roll over on the right sideline.

Blazers lead 11-4 after four minutes

  • Greg Oden comes over and swats Green’s leaner at the rim. Nice pass by Westbrook off the dribble penetration to set up that look for Jeff Green. Blazers run for a triple, miss.
  • Nice pass by Blake on the break to Aldridge, Westbrook from behind swats Aldridge up top. Nice block.
  • Bad move by Green on the right wing, a one dribble jumper against Aldridge’s length, heavily contested, gets it to go. Bad shot to take but it went in.
  • Brandon Roy plays the passing lane, steal, goes coast-to-coast, layup.
  • Oden and Westbrook check out. Przybilla and Ollie check in. Przybilla immediately picks up an over the back foul.
  • Durant moves off a screen, catches, takes one dribble towards middle, shoots from 17 feet, misses. Is Durant 0-3 from the field? He’s gotten some good looks though. You’d expect them to fall as the game goes on.
  • Etan Thomas enters the game for Nenad Krstic. He gets a nice bucket in the paint.
  • Portland needs to establish Aldridge offensively. He’s been too quiet. Eight minutes in and he hasn’t really been given the ball in a go-to scorer type of situation.
  • Nice ball movement from the Blazers off the Roy-Przybilla pick and roll on the right wing, trapped defensively by the Thunder, ball swung to the top of the key, to the left corner, pass down low to Aldridge for the easy two, fouled first.

Portland leads 17-8 after eight minutes

  • Did Roy just foul Durant during a jump shot two feet behind the three point line? No, before the shot. Okay.
  • Durant with a nice drive on Przybilla, right wing, goes hard right, to the baseline, rises up and drops the 12 footer.
  • Brandon Roy working on Harden over on the left wing in an isolation, takes the jumper, misses, Aldridge cleans up in the paint.
  • Lovely bounce pass from Aldridge, shot fake from Aldridge at the top of the key, dribbles to the foul line, passes it inside to Przybilla for the dunk. Timeout Thunder.
  • Brandon Roy picks up his second foul. Durant with a nice job fighting on the offensive glass.
  • Great job by Przybilla coming over from the weakside to block Harden’s runner. Jeff Harden got the switch offensively, had Aldridge on him at the top of the key, called for an isolation, drove left, down the paint, nice lefty runner, Przybilla comes over from the right block and rejects the shot … nobody boxes out Jeff Green, offensive rebound + putback off the miss.

Portland lead 21-13 with one minute left in the first quarter

  • Andre Miller has been in the game for awhile now, dribbles upcourt, runs the pick and roll with Aldridge, passes back to the top of the key to Aldridge, swings the ball to Rudy on the left wing, Rudy drives + dishes off to Aldridge who cut to the rim, slam dunk. Nice pass by Fernandez.
  • Andre Miller splits the pick and roll defense, knifes down into the paint, forces the Thunder to collapse, ball kicked out, swung to the left corner, three pointer by Outlaw, htis it.
  • Aldridge just limped off the court. Didn’t look serious.
  • Thunder miss a shot from the perimeter, Green flies out of nowhere for the putback slam in one motion. Wow!

Second Quarter

Portland leads 25-15 after one.

  • Kevin Ollies bags an 18 footer from the right elbow extended. Westbrook still on the bench (two fouls).
  • Durant with his back to his man at the three point line, feeling him out, a player runs by him looking for the hand off, Durant doesn’t make the pass, knifes towards the middle, drives into the paint, misses the shot.
  • Durant driving into the paint, jumps into Oden as Oden backpedals, Durant falls back, Oden swats it … late whistle. Foul on Oden.

26-21 Portland after two minutes

  • Nice deflection on Rudy’s pass, turnover, running layup, miss, Thomas puts it back in. Three point game.
  • The crowd has gotten into this game for the first time tonight.
  • Durant checks out of the game for the first time tonight. Jeff Green comes back in. Thomas + Collison are hte bigs. Harden + Ollie the guards.
  • Portland’s lineup = Miller + Rudy + Webster + Outlaw + Oden.
  • Both teams are even for points in the paint at 14. The offensive rebounds have helped the Thunder.
  • Greg Oden travels in the post. A bunch of travels here aganinst Portland. Fourth turnover in a row too.
  • Good job by Portland to knock that offensive reound away from Collison, they run hard, nothing on, hold it up, over to Roy on the right wing, he drains the open jumper.
  • Harden takes a lousy shot from the left corner after dancing on the ball but moving in no direction against Miller. Miss.
  • Westbrook fakes using the pick and roll on the right sideline, goes left to the middle, into the paint, fouled.

Portland lead 29-24 with seven minutes left in the first half

  • Przybilla back in for Oden. Roy came in for Webster there a few minutes ago. Outlaw, Miller and Blake are the other three.
  • Thunder have Westbrook + Harden + Green + Collison + Etan
  • Westbrook with the drive and kick … sets up Harden for the open look, hits it.
  • Travis Outlaw travels. Seventh turnover in six minutes for Portland. That’s how Oklahoma got back into this game.
  • Blazers cheating off of Harden in the right corner, Green finds him after the dribble penetration, Harden drains it.
  • Timeout Portland.

Oklahoma lead 30-29

  • Good hands by Westbrook to slap at the ball while Roy cradled on the drive, Roy remains in control, gets it to Howard, 16 footer from above the FT line, hits it.
  • Oklahoma have outscored Portland 17-5 here in the second quarter as Westbrook scores on Blake again.
  • Westbrook dribbles down the right wing, backs down Blake, to 15 feet, spins baseline, fouled. Nice post up take by Westbrook.
  • Steve Blake trips up as he dribbles up court, forced to call a timeout to save the possession (avoid the jump ball) as he falls onto the floor.
  • Westbrook deflects Roy’s pass, heads out of bounds. Westbrook is disrupting the Blazers offense.
  • Isolation for Westbrook, post up from the three point line, down to 15 feet, Aldridge doubles, ball kicked out to the perimeter, two passes swung around the perimeter to the left corner, open three pointer, miss.

If Oklahoma had some better shooters at shooting guard (Sefolosha) and the backup wings (Harden, Weaver) + the backup point guard spot (Ollie, Livingston) … their offense could be lethal. Unfortunately they don’t, and their offense isn’t.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook put so much pressure on the opposition’s offense. They can create a lot of good looks for their teammates. They just don’t have the shooters around them yet.

Tie game 33-33 with three minutes to play in the first half

  • Clearout for Jeff Green at the three point line on the right elbow extended … foul off the ball before he can make his move. Durant splits a pair at the line, lead Thunder.
  • Travis Outlaw hits another three pointer, this time from the right wing. Nice ball movement from Portland.
  • Jeff Green left wide open at the three point line on the strong side of the ball (nobody within 15 feet of him) but he misses the triple.
  • Ollie back in for Westbrook. Westbrook was superb in the second quarter. He chewed up Steve Blake on both ends of the court.
  • Blake bags a three pointer from the top of the key … Portland back up five. Final minute.
  • Oklahoma has gone four minutes without a field goal. But they head back to the FT line and Durant hits another two FTs.
  • Wow … you could Nate cursing at the ref from the sideline there. He’s pissed at the ref for that no-call. Mondy Williams jumps off his seat to bring Nate back ot the bench after Nate followed the ref to the halfway line. It was a bad no-call, clear foul.
  • Kevin Durant turns it over on the drive … Roy holds it up for the final shot of the half, dribbling against Sefolosha, Thabo reaches, Roy tries to take advantage, goes up through him from 32 feet, misses and doesn’t get the call … rebound Oklahoma, four seconds, outlet, Ollie to the rim, layup, miss.


Portland leads 39-37 at halftime.

Third Quarter

  • LaMarcus Aldridge hasn’t returned to the game. Appearantly he has a knee bruise and it’s unclear whether he’ll be able to return or not.
  • Greg Oden with the dunk off the offensive rebound. First the Thunder wanted basket interference, then they wanted a tech for hanging on the rim, refs give them neither.
  • Westbrook gets one of two at the foul line.
  • Oklahoma has 18 free throws to Portland’s six. Big advantage … allowing them to hang in this despite tehir poor shooting.
  • Westbrook attacking off the bounce again, into the paint, Oden comes over and challenges the shot, Westbrook hits it anyway!
  • Turnover, Durant with the steal, coast to coast, down the foul line, slam dunk! Timeout Portland

Oklahoma leads 44-41 after a 7-0 run. We’re four minutes into the third quarter.

  • Turnover Portland, steal Westbrook, steams into the open court, Blake ties him up to avoid the easy basket.
  • Jeff Green forced that turnover against Travis Outlaw.
  • Oh, nice cut by Durant, who was flying in for the slam dunk from the top of the key down the FT line. Fouled. Durant is only 3-12 from the field but he’s made several free throws.
  • Nice quick pass out of the post from Oden to Blake who had run into the corner, with his man cheating off him to defend the post, three pointer hit.
  • Westbrook dips the shoulder and runs over Blake in the midpost. Foul.
  • Pick and pop with Blake and Outlaw, back to Outlaw, triple, good! Portland are back in the lead.
  • Good job by Krstic to steal that rebound from Oden, but he’s blocked from Martell on the on the three foot shot.
  • Loose ball foul on Oden. That’s his third. Portland is already in the penalty. Oklahoma is only 13-20 from the stripe, now 15-22 after Green puts two in.

Tie game 47-47 as we near the midway point in the third quarter

  • Martell Webster pump fake, one dribble in, shoots from the left corner, hits it. Martell’s first basket of the night.
  • Durant misses a wide open shot. Bad shooting night from Durant … but you keep expecting him to make the next shot.
  • Martell Webster drains a three pointer over on the right wing. Nice pass from Brandon Roy.
  • Westbrook front rims a jumper from the left elbow
  • Martell Webster catches the ball in the crowd, drives into the paint, stuffs it over Etan Thomas! Nice take. Seven points in a row for Martell.
  • Jeff Green short on a jumper. Oklahoma look a little deflated.
  • Travis Outlaw, nice extra pass from Webster to Outlaw who was open in the corner, he takes it but it rims in and out.
  • Oklahoma shooting only 36% from the field. Westbrook stops the bleeding with a quick jumper.
  • Brandon Roy with just nine points tonight … a pull up J off the dribble over Thabo from 15 feet on the right wing.
  • Sefolosha has played very good defense against Roy tonight. He’s given him no space.
  • Steve Blake misses the scoop shot against the shot clock … rebound Thomas, outlet to Westbrook, fastbreak, nice pass from the foul line to Sefolosha for the layup.
  • Martell Webster with a nice cut but he loses control, misses the shot, Oden cleans up and dunks it home.
  • Westbrook dribbles the ball for a long, then forces a contested shot from the right baseline from 18 feet, hits it. Not a good shot.
  • Oden picks up his fourth foul. Another loose ball foul. Green misses both FTs. Lane violation on Miller at the three point line (never seen that called before). Green makes it.
  • Oklahoma’s missed free throws could prove costly …

Portland lead 58-55 with two minutes to play

  • Etan Thomas has done a good job tonight. Played some good defense and grabbed a few rebounds. Some nice outlet passes too.
  • Roy passes to Webster who’s open on the left wing after working the pick and roll with Przybilla, missed shot.
  • Brandon Roy drives on Harden, pull up jumper from the left wing, miss, but Harden doesn’t box him out, offensive rebound and fouled on the layup attempt. Ruled before the shot.
  • Oklahoma shouldn’t have taken Thabo out until Roy went out. Bad sub. Roy sits now. I would have liked to have seen Nate keep him in the game so he can get going offensively against the rookie (Harden).
  • Andre Miller holding it for the final shot, pick and pop with Outlaw, switch, blows by Collison, into the paint, fouled. Miller hits his FTs. First free throws of the second half for Portland?
  • 2.2 seconds … steal by Rudy, three pointer, miss.

Fourth Quarter

Portland leads 60-56 heading into the final quarter

  • Travis OUtlaw, four seconds on the shot clock, dribbles right, pull up J over Collison, misses it. Good look at the rim late in the shot clock.
  • Ollie + Harden + Green + Collison + Thomas … not a lot of offense on the floor for Oklahoma. Their wings need to step up and look to create some offense.
  • Blazers second unit (Miller + Rudy + Martell + Outlaw) in the game. Przybilla instead of Oden for now.
  • Martell bags another jumper from the right wing. Nice pass out of the post by Miller.
  • James Harden slices into the paint, ball slips out of his hands, turnover. Shot clock violation.

Portland lead 62-56 after three minutes.

Got lost there for a few moments. Portland leads 64-60 with 6:35 left to play.

  • Portland picks up two fouls inside 10 seconds. That’s four team fouls. In the penalty on the next foul.
  • Blazers (Roy) split two free throws. Portland is 8-10 at the line now.
  • Westbrook gets back to the free throw line (fifth and sixth FTs). They are now 20-28 from the line after Russell makes both.
  • Brandon Roy gets an isolation in the left corner, jab step, drives baseline, to the rim, fouled. The help was slow on that drive. Thabo sent him baseline but he got no help. Roy misses the first FT, makes the second one.

Portland lead 66-62 with five minutes to play

  • Etan Thomas grabs the offensive rebound (air ball on out of control Jeff Green runner), Thomas misses the layup.
  • Webster baits Durant into a foul. Nice pump fake to draw the contact. Ewww … nope, actually Durant swiped at the ball after avoiding the contact after biting on the pump fake. He did well to jump to the side but a silly swipe. Webster splits a pair. Portland now 10-14 from the line.
  • Durant with a nice drive against Martell, a lot of contact, Durant’s fallaway off the dribble from 10 feet, misses it.
  • Nice hesitation dribble by Roy to beat Thabo on the right wing, to the rim, layup plus a foul. Roy makes the FT.

Portland leads 70-62 with four minutes to play

  • Westbrook drives hard to the rim and draws another foul on Portland. Makes both FTs.
  • A free throw shooting battle here
  • Brandon Roy goes left this time, nice low sweep to change directions before the dribble, knifes into the paint, to the rim, fouled + misses the layup. Roy makes both FTs.
  • Like I said, a free throw battle!
  • Good help defense by Oden on Westbrook’s drive off the pick and roll.
  • Travis Outlaw misses a shot, rebound to the foul line, fastbreak, Westbrook goes coast to coast and hits the layup.
  • Timeout Portland

Portland leads 72-66 with three minutes to play.

  • Webster drives on Durant from the top of the key, down the right hand side of the paint, short runner, Durant blocks it … fastbreak Oklahoma, Westbrook takes it hard from the rim, Blake gets a hand on the ball, out of bounds of Westbrook.
  • Travis Outlaw takes it to the rim and scores. Eight point lead. That should do it.
  • Jeff Green flies to the rim from the right wing, oden comes over to challenge the shot but he was a bit late, Green hits the shot.
  • Steve Blake left open in the corner and Blake drills the triple. Nice job by Roy to draw the defense and set up Blake in the corner (left wing, pump fake, dribbles left, passes left to left corner to Blake). Blake has 16 points.

That’ll do it. Good win for Portland.

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