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Nets Decline Option On Sean Williams

In General NBA on October 29, 2009 at 2:13 pm

RealGM has the press release

The New Jersey Nets have exercised third year contract options on Courtney Lee and Brook Lopez, and a fourth year contract option on Yi Jianlian, while declining to pick up the fourth year contract option on Sean Williams, Nets President Rod Thorn announced today.Lee, Lopez and Yi are now signed through the 2010-11 season.

It’s interesting that the Nets picked up the option on Yi Jialian. He’ll be on the books for a little over $4 million in 2010. The Nets might have been better off with that cap space. Still, though, the Nets will be able to trade him easily if that’s the direction they wish to go in.

The picking up of those options means that the Nets now have about $23 million in guaranteed contracts heading into next year’s free agency. That would give them the most cap space in the league.

Sean Williams

As for Sean Williams, he’ll now be an unrestricted free agent in 2010. He’s an athletic freak capable of playing both big man positions but more of a four than a five. He’s a slightly below average defender but an above average defender with excellent defensive potential. Offensively, he’s a good garbage man when he plays within himself.

The problem Williams has had is sticking within the team’s principles offensively and defensively. He doesn’t execute the game plan well and consequently takes the team out of it’s comfort zone, limiting his own + the team’s effectiveness. This raises the question of both maturity and basketball intelligence, plus coach-ability.

Still, there’s talent there. Based on his past two seasons he’ll be doing well to earn more than a minimum contract. In other words, Sean Williams will be a good low risk high reward player in next year’s free agency.

  1. You mean sort of like a Joey Graham?
    Potential but limited bball IQ?

  2. Hey Brothersteve,

    Yes, sort of, but with different levels of severity and in different ways.

    Firstly, Sean Williams case is a lot more severe than Joey’s ever was. Graham is at least capable of having a positive effect on a team if he’s in a small role, or in a brilliant situation he could play a larger role, whilst Williams is not capable of that. At least for the time being.

    Williams’ problem is that he doesn’t execute his coach’s wishes well enough. As a result, the team loses it’s shape and this happens on both ends of the court. This wasn’t a problem for Joey, although it was a problem for Humphries offensively at times but still nowhere near as badly as Williams and no-defensive issues unlike Williams.

    Joey Graham’s IQ problem is that he doesn’t have a good enough understanding of his advantages + strengths on the basketball. As a result, he doesn’t maximize his potential. His BBIQ issues were individual … while Williams are based in the collective.

    Williams is the type of guy who does better in a 3-on-3 out in the yard than he does playing an organized game of 5-on-5 because he doesn’t understand how to play with others well enough or how to follow instructions. Still, there is a great deal of untapped talent there inside of Sean Williams.

    Good low risk, high reward possibilities there … if a coach can get through to him and improve some of his mental characteristics.

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