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Jax Trade Discussions Heating Up?

In Trade Talk on October 28, 2009 at 11:10 pm

ESPN’s Chris Broussard reports

For now, this is a rumor because I haven’t verified it with sources close to the situation, but I’ve been told by a few people around the league that the Stephen Jackson trade talk is heating up. I’m told that Golden State is mulling several offers, and one person told me he expects something to happen within the next few days.

I don’t know the particulars of any supposed offers, but I’m told Cleveland, Denver, San Antonio, New Orleans and the Los Angeles Clippers are all interested in Jackson.

Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets trade exception isn’t large enough to acquire Stephen Jackson so they look like they’re out of the running. They’d have to give up JR Smith and change to make a trade work.

Cleveland Cavaliers

If the Cavs make a strong play for Jackson their offer will be based around Zydrunas Ilgauskas. The Warriors will likely demand more than that but Big Z by himself is a fair offer. If the Cavs made that offer the Warriors would need to add at least another million to make the salaries work, which wouldn’t be an issue.

The Warriors will ask for JJ Hickson but I would be hugely surprised if the Cavs were willing to part with Hickson for Jacks. Their management, and LeBron, love his potential.

The Warriors may be able to get a future first round pick or something along those lines from the Cavs.

Another player who may end up being involved in the transaction could be Delonte West. The Cavs would need another $3 million in salaries to make it work or they may try to use a three team trade or add him to the Ilgauskas package.

San Antonio

I have no ideas on how the Spurs could make this work. They’re already in uncharted territory financially and adding Jackson’s remaining four years of his deal to their cap situation would be problematic.

I don’t think they’re in this.

  • If the Spurs were interested, well then they have the expiring contracts (Finley, Bonner, Roger Mason Jr all expiring) to make an offer.
  • Manu Ginobili, Stephen Jackson and Richard Jefferson would be a nice trio on the wing. A nice one two punch at the point with George Hill and Tony Parker. Then Duncan, Dice, Blair and Ratliff as their bigs. That is an impressive rotation.

Anyway, I don’t think they’re truly interested.

New Orleans Hornets

Stephen Jackson would be a decent fit with the Hornets. He’s a little too ball happy and not effective enough with the ball to be a very good fit next to player like Chris Paul but he would add some interesting things:

  • Some much needed leadership
  • Contagious energy on a squad that short of it
  • High quality defense on the wing
  • Good all around offensive play. Someone who can create for himself and others on the ball. And can shoot the ball well enough to play off of it.

The problem with the Hornets is that they don’t have enough expiring contracts. They’d have to offer someone with two years remaining like Mo Pete or Darius Songaila. In order to make that work for the Warriors the Hornets would then have to add other assets to the offer. Say a future first round pick or two.

Detroit Pistons

The Pistons had strong interest in Jackson last season prior to his contract extension. That contract, plus their redeveloped roster, and their new recruit Austin Daye likely will have decreased (eliminated?) that interest though.

Los Angeles Clippers

Stephen Jackson would be a very nice fit on the Clippers. It’s not their best move — playing for the 2010 free agency is — but it’s a good move.

The Clippers desperately need a quality wing player and particularly a small forward. They need someone who can play lockdown defense on the wing. These are all things which Jackson can bring to the table.

Plus, Jax gets to play alongside Baron Davis again. We all remember the positive effect they had on another the last go around so rekindling that partnership has to hold some interest.

If the Clippers did acquire Jackson, without having to part with any of their top five players (Kaman/Camby), that would make the Clippers a 45+ win basketball team.

The Clippers could make an offer of Ricky Davis + Mardy Collins + minimum contracts to get close to making the salaries match. If they couldn’t get away with that low of an offer they could include Rasual Butler or Craig Smith who also have an expiring deals.

Washington Wizards

I don’t think the Wizards will get involved in this but they could offer Mike James and filler and pick up Jackson on the cheap.

Captain Jack could be a nice glue guy with Championship experience for that squad, the final starter in their lineup. Jackson would provide more defensive ability on the perimeter than anyone else on the Wizards roster.


Anyway, it’s just a rumour for now. It may be something, it may be nothing.

For my money, the Cavs look like the best bet at the moment.

Oh, one last thing, I think most of the interest being shown in Stephen Jackson will be cursory and not strong interest. Teams who want to call and find out what’s happening + whether or not they can get a steal rather than teams who are calling to make a firm offer.

Update: Chris Broussard reports that nothing is imminent

I’ve fleshed out the Stephen Jackson scuttlebutt I mentioned on Wednesday, and let’s just say I’m glad I prefaced it with “this is a rumor,” not news.

San Antonio, New Orleans and the LA Clippers have not had any conversations of substance with Golden State concerning Jackson. Cleveland definitely has interest, but is unwilling to give up Zydrunas Ilgausksas and is taking a “wait and see” approach. Denver had interest but doesn’t have the goods to get anything done.

Broussard also mentions that the Warriors may think that they can get improved offers after December 15th when recent free agent signings are allowed to be traded, and perhaps even better offers closer to the deadline.

  1. Some updates — first up are some quotes from Jax’s agent

    In an interview late Sunday with ESPN, Jackson’s agent, Mark Stevens, blamed Nelson for breaking up the Warriors’ playoff team from 2007 and questioned his ability to coach.

    “I’m disgusted with the quality of Nelson’s coaching and with the lack of trust his players have in him,” Stevens said. “Nelson is the winningest coach in NBA history to never have coached in the NBA Finals, let alone won a championship. Yet he keeps getting jobs despite being 69 years old.”

    “I just want him out of there now,” Stevens said. “It doesn’t matter where. At this stage, something has to be done. It can’t get any worse.

    “No one trusts Don Nelson. When Nelson was in Milwaukee, Wayne Embry trusted him and brought him in, and he betrayed Embry. In Dallas, Mark Cuban took damn good care of him and his son and he betrayed Cuban. In Golden State, Chris Mullin hired him and trusted him and Nelson backstabbed him by reaching out to president Robert Rowell and blaming Mullin for everything that was going wrong with the Warriors.”

    Marc Spears reports

    Having tired of the near-daily disruption Stephen Jackson’s unresolved status has had on their young roster, the Golden State Warriors are more committed than ever to trading the veteran swingman and NBA sources said the team is optimistic a deal can be completed within the next few weeks.

    Captain Jack’s teammates are turning against him

    Even on a night when the Warriors beat the Minnesota Timberwolves 146-105 while scoring their most points in 15 years, two Golden State players told Yahoo! Sports on Monday that the team’s play – and overall morale – won’t truly improve until Jackson is gone. Jackson first declared in August he wanted the Warriors to trade him, and his impending departure has become one of a handful of issues hanging over the team.

    “The Jax situation is a constant distraction,” one Warrior said.

    “Once they trade him,” another player said, “it will clear up a lot of things.”

    Warriors GM Larry Riley adds

    “I’m aware the team needs a change,” Golden State general manager Larry Riley said. “I’m working hard toward that.”

    Jackson on the trade rumours

    “If it’s soon, I’m ready,” Jackson told Yahoo! Sports after Monday’s game. “Can’t do nothing but be ready. I asked for it as long as it’s the right situation for me and it’s not done out of spite. I’ve done a lot for this team and this organization and I hope the respect stays the same way. If it does happen, I hope it’s somewhere where I want to be.”

    More on Jackson + his teammates

    One of Jackson’s teammates said the Warriors have “serious chemistry issues,” and is hopeful Jackson is traded before the team’s upcoming five-game trip ends in Boston on Nov. 18. Jackson, sources said, told his teammates after a recent practice he didn’t feel like part of the team.

    Jackson responds to his agent’s quotes + his teammates complaints

    “It shouldn’t be [a distraction] because what’s going on with their contracts and their problems doesn’t affect my game,” Jackson said. “It shouldn’t bother them. But if it does I guess they need to grow in the game – it’s not going to be the last time somebody wants to be out and they’re a big part of their team.

    “It’s a business. Whoever is saying that doesn’t know that this game is a business. They could be gone just as quick as I can.”

    Jackson said he didn’t agree with his agent’s complaints about Nelson. “I can’t take any blame for that,” Jackson told reporters after the game. “He was upset with some things and he spoke his mind. We work good together because we both speak our minds. But I would never bash Coach in the paper like that. I never have. I got a lot of respect for Coach, and I’ll never do something like that.”

    Stephen Jackson is only one of the reasons for Golden State’s poor team chemistry. But he’s the one making noise right now … so he’s the one that will be blamed for it.

    Another article on the in-house bickering — link

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