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Discussions On Rondo Extension

In General NBA on October 28, 2009 at 11:27 am

Ric Bucher reports that the talks have resumed … but only one piece of the article really interests me, and, here it is:

Duffy said he is looking for a deal that would make Rondo one of the NBA’s top five highest-paid point guards. According to Duffy, the Celtics “feel differently,” Yahoo! Sports reported.

An unnamed source told Boston sports radio station WEEI that the Celtics offered Rondo a five-year, $45 million extension (an average of $9 million per year), but Rondo is seeking a five-year deal worth between $55 million and $60 million (an average of $11 million to $12 million per year).

I think anything at or below $55 million is a contract that the Celtics should sign. If it’s $60 million or above the Celtics should instead wait until next offseason.

It’s only worth signing Rondo if you’re getting him at a lower than value price. If it’s close to his actual worth then the Celtics are better off waiting the year out (see how Rondo develops over the season) and addressing his contract next offseason when Rondo is an unrestricted free agent.

I’m not expecting the Celtics to sign Rondo to an extension.

Link: Marc Spears also reporting on this story.

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