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Bobby Jackson Retires

In General NBA on October 23, 2009 at 2:32 pm

The Sacramento Bee reports

Bobby Jackson will announce his retirement from the NBA on Friday.”You’re sad because every player hates for this day to come,” Jackson, 36, said Thursday. “But also, you look ahead to the future and you see that you can walk away from the game when you wanted to walk away. Everything is intact. My family is happy.”

That’s too bad. Bobby Jackson could have helped somebody this season.

Jackson will be staying within the game and has begun a front office job with the Kings

While Jackson said his role with the Kings hasn’t been defined, he plans to be involved in community efforts to sell tickets, occasional player development and perhaps scouting of some sort while absorbing all he can. Having said for years he wants to be a coach, Jackson has shifted his focus to front-office aspirations.

“I want to know what everybody’s job is, what they do, learn from the best,” he said. “Learn from (Kings basketball president) Geoff (Petrie), learn from (vice president) Wayne (Cooper), learn from (assistant general manager) Jason (Levien), learn from (director of scouting) Scotty Stirling, (director of player personnel) Jerry Reynolds. You learn from all those (guys) because you never know what sort of position you’ll be in down the road.”

The article continues

Truth be told, there’s only one position he’d rather be in right now: on the floor.

When Jackson became a free agent over the summer, it was clear he didn’t fit into the Kings’ plans. But the disappointment, he said, was that he didn’t fit in anywhere else.

I wonder if he demanded a regular rotation role? A primary backup point guard job?

Otherwise, I’m shocked that nobody thought he was worth having as a third string point guard and veteran locker room presence. Bobby Jackson could have added good value to a team in that type of a role.

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