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Dudley Modeling Himself After Bowen

In General NBA on October 19, 2009 at 6:07 am

The Arizona Republic reports

The distinctive, effort-laden play that has made Dudley a popular reserve with Suns fans is modeled after Bowen, the retired San Antonio enemy.

“For me to play a long career, I have to defend like that and shoot the ball,” Dudley said. “I’m not someone who will take you off the dribble. For me to play 10-12 years, I have to do that and knock down 3s. I can come off the bench and stretch the floor. Defensively, I get after you. At the end of the game, you never know, if I’m doing good on LeBron (James), Coach will say, ‘Hey, keep him in.’ That’s my strategy.”

Dudley is doing a great job creating turnovers in pre-season

He entered Friday leading the NBA preseason in steals and increased his average to 3.4 with five steals. He even swiped an inbound pass.”My thing is not even to steal,” Dudley said. “My thing is if I can deflect it or mess up their offense.”

It’s good to hear that Dudley is focusing on his defense and perimeter shot. That’s going to be his niche in the NBA … and when you combine that with his rebounding ability … you potentially have a very good to excellent role player down the road.

Amare Stoudemire + Earl Clark

Two interesting notes in another article based on the Suns defense

Stoudemire blocked three shots but Gentry was excited that he was in position to take six charges in the past two games.

“It’s phenomenal where he is now,” Gentry said. “He’s so engaged in trying to do the right thing defensively and trying to help a teammate and do the right rotation. When he does get in shape, he’s going to be pretty good defensively.”


The best defense, as expected, came from the bench, where Louis Amundson has become the team’s best rebounder (a board every 3 1/2 minutes this preseason). Amundson combines with rookie Earl Clark and swingman Jared Dudley to give Phoenix a defensive lineup that effectively switches and rotates. An all-reserve unit will struggle to score at times, but Leandro Barbosa scored 25 points, including five 3-pointers.

In a key second-half stretch, Clark blocked two Travis Outlaw shots, Dudley and Clark stripped Outlaw, Amundson defended LaMarcus Aldridge into a turnover, and Clark had a weak-side block on Martell Webster.

“(Clark) is going to struggle with rotations some but he plays with so much energy that he makes it up,” Gentry said. “He’ll keep getting better.”

Notes on the Suns bench, Earl Clark, and Amare Stoudemire.

I haven’t seen a Suns game yet this preseason so I can’t comment on Amare’s reportedly improved defense, but if it’s true, it’ll be of great benefit to both the Suns and Amare’s career. Likewise, I haven’t been able to see Dudley play to judge how much progress he’s made this offseason either.

Update: Another Article

Good article on Paul Coro’s blog on the Suns defensively … Jason Richardson is trying to get his defense back on track

Jason Richardson was defending Andre Iguodala, Jrue Holiday and Willie Green like the player he and the Suns had been talking about for a month.

“That’s the way I envision myself,” Richardson said. “I’ve been working hard all training camp on the defensive end, denying and doing the right things. I’ve got to get used to doing all the things I’m capable of doing defensively and still try to be an offensive player. I’m glad we’ve got eight preseason games so I can get used to doing both.”

Jason Richardson was a capable defender when he was in Golden State. Hopefully he can get back to that.

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