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Graham Impressing Nuggets

In General NBA, Trade Talk on October 15, 2009 at 1:31 pm

The Denver Post reports

Joey Graham is holding out hope of making the Nuggets roster.

He shouldn’t have to worry. It’s all but certain.

Graham, 27, has impressed Nuggets coach George Karl so much that Karl has already talked about fitting the 6-foot-7, 225-pound forward in the rotation during J.R. Smith’s seven-game suspension when the season starts.

Those decisions are still to be determined, but what is clear is how much Karl likes the hard- working, rough-and-tumble Graham.

“There’s a ‘how we played’ last year that I don’t think any of us want to change,” Karl said. “Joey has that Dahntay Jones personality. They are different players, going to do it in different ways. But from the standpoint of courage and toughness and the desire to defend, Joey has those personalities.”

More from Graham

The Nuggets came on strong last month, and Graham had dinner with Karl just prior to the start of training camp.

“We sat down and he was telling me the things that he needed on this team, and I’m like, ‘I’m that guy,’ ” Graham said. “I fit right into the system and the things that they are trying to do here. Me and George have a great rapport. We talk every day about the things that I need to do. And hopefully he sees I can come in and do the things he needs for me to do.”

Denver have 12 guaranteed contracts and need one more player to make the league minimum roster size of 13. So Joey Graham is pretty much a lock to make the roster. Joey’s contract will be still be non-guaranteed up until January 10th.

Anyway, well done Joey Graham. It’s good to hear that he’s making a positive impression out in Denver.

Trade Talk

I actually came across this article from the Denver Post after reading the comments on Doug Smith’s recent blog posting which pointed out an interesting tidbit in the Joey Graham article:

The Nuggets once tried to trade Linas Kleiza for Graham when he was with Toronto. That didn’t work out, and they almost missed out on Graham again this summer.

Hmm … I don’t remember hearing about this in the past. Perhaps it was never public.

I wonder when it was. If it was anytime in the last two years, then I’d be upset at Brian Colangelo for turning down the deal. If it was in Graham’s first two seasons, then it’s somewhat understandable that he turned down the deal.

I’d love to know more about those talks. If it was a straight swap, or not, and when the talks took place.

Considering Colangelo’s interest in Kleiza this summer it seems strange that he didn’t make the deal.

  1. Joey Graham is a much better player than many regular Raptors fans happen to think. If George Karl uses him properly this season, the unsophisticated fanbase in Toronto that developed a dislike for him will see a different player than the one who languished with the Raptors.

  2. Wow big news! NBA is allows two steps after picking up the ball before calling traveling. I know the rule has relaxed somewhat over the years, but it is a big step for the NBA to actually allow it in writing.

  3. Dino Gunners,

    Huh … that was unexpected. I guess it’s good news, it’s not like the rule was being called anyway. just set up a video rule book page that looks interesting. I think that’s a very good idea by the NBA … hopefully it’ll reduce the number of complaints from fans on the officiating.

    ESPN reports

    The site, which Jackson said was about 1½ years in the making and thought was the first of its kind, offers fans some of the same training officials get. Jackson said many of the approximately 150 plays included were previously used in referee development.

    “It’s very difficult unless you’ve played the game at a very high level, or better yet officiated the game at a very high level, to understand the complexity of our rules strictly by reading them,” Jackson said during a conference call. “By adding a written explanation as well as video examples, it just gives the person time to gain more knowledge about the rules or context, and hopefully a little bit more data and therefore education.”

    The site features 11 sections, with Jackson figuring the ones covering block/charge and traveling would get the most usage because those were two of the hardest for officials on the court to call accurately. One clip shows James taking a third step, one more than allowed, after gathering the ball to end his dribble.

    When a category is selected, a play or series of plays is listed. When one is picked, the video plays while a written interpretation of the rule appears on the side of the screen. The videos don’t include volume, which in some instances likely prevented a broadcaster from hearing himself describe a call incorrectly.

  4. Joey was a useful player to have on the Raps roster.
    It’s likely they’ll miss his size if the backup 3 spot becomes an issue.
    In limited minutes with a defined role, Joey could really develop into a nice rotation player.

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