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Link: Sonicsgate

In General NBA on October 14, 2009 at 5:33 am

There are two ways to watch the movie:

  • In two parts in high definition (60 min each)
  • In one part in standard definition (120 mins)

I haven’t watched the entire documentary yet, but the parts that I have seen were excellent. It looks like a fantastic in depth look at how Seattle was robbed of their Sonics team. So for anyone who wants to know more about that situation, this documentary is a must-watch for you.

Links: to and their page on Vimeo

Update: I finished watching the documentary awhile ago, and, it’s very good. Interesting throughout and full of information.

  1. Brief update — the deadline has passed for the city of Seattle to provide funds to renovate the KeyArena. Seattle didn’t approve the legislation … so that means that Clay Bennett and the rest of the ownership have escaped from the additional payment of $30 million that they would have owed to Seattle had the legislation gone through + had Seattle not gotten a new NBA team by 2013.

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