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Best Pre-Season Team

In General NBA on October 13, 2009 at 3:26 pm

I’ve got to watch the Cavs, Celtics, Lakers and Magic play two pre-season games apiece now and one Spurs game (they’ve been resting their main players more than the rest).

The Best Team

The team that has impressed me the most is the Celtics. They’ve been far and away the best team here in pre-season.

That’s not altogether unexpected though. The other teams are all dealing with larger offseason changes – Vince Carter & Co.  in Orlando + Artest in LA + Shaq & Co. in Cleveland + RJ in San Antonio – while the Celtics are bringing back all of their main players and only adding a pair of key bench players.  Their additions haven’t impacted their style of play much.

Furthermore, none of the other contenders play with the ferocity and intensity that the Celtics play with on a daily basis. As a result they’ve played with more energy and urgency in their pre-season games.

As a result, plus the fact it’s pre-season, it’s not something to read too much into … but the Celtics have been the best team I’ve seen so far.

  1. If the Celtics get back to last season’s form, the form before the injuries. Who is going to beat them?

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