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Miami Sign Arroyo

In Free Agency on October 13, 2009 at 6:06 pm

RealGM has the press release

The Miami Heat announced today that they have signed free agent guard Carlos Arroyo.

Arroyo, 6’2”, 200 pounds, has appeared in 433 regular season NBA games (113 starts) and averaged 7.0 points, 3.3 assists and 1.7 rebounds in 18.2 minutes while shooting 43.2 percent from the field, 31.8 percent from three-point range and 80.1 percent from the foul line.

Bad Fit

Do these two qualities sound like complementary skills in a point guard who will playing alongside Dwyane Wade?

  • Needs to dominate the ball in order to be effective
  • Mediocre to slightly below average jump shot

Arroyo needs to be treated like a star (touches, shots, time on the ball) in order to be effective.

Carlos Arroyo is a lousy fit alongside Wade. Miami needs to sign a point guard (when looking for a role player at the point) who can be effective without the basketball in their hands (like Chalmers is). Arroyo doesn’t fit that bill.

Edit: Carlos Arroyo is a poor fit as a starter but as I mentioned, and as Khandor seconded, Arroyo is a very good fit on this roster as a backup point guard for that second unit.

Their squad is short of creative offensive players and Arroyo can help ease some of that pressure while Wade is off the court.

  1. Some quotes from Beasley on the signing and how it’ll effect Chalmers

    “I think he’s landslide better than everybody,” Heat forward Michael Beasley said of Chalmers’ previous competition.

    Beasley, in fact, said it is apparent that the signing of Arroyo has motivated Chalmers, who made the surprise jump to starter after being taken in the second round of the 2008 draft.

    “I think he’s taking this move and really getting competitive with it,” Beasley said of his closest friend on the team. “Everybody knows Carlos is a great player, a vet, a scorer with court vision. He can do it all. And ‘Rio now got somebody not only to go head-to-head with, but somebody to look up to, somebody to learn off of.”

    My first thought while reading the above passage was jealously (frustration too) … Beasley being jealous that Chalmers earned his place on the team right away and that he wasn’t able to do so. That Udonis stood in his way while Chalmers walked into an open vacancy.

    That’s high praise for Carlos Arroyo’s abilities from Beasley and not as much praise for his own teammates.

    Anyway, it’s probably nothing … just seemed a little strange.


    Some interesting quotes from Coach Erik Spoelstra

    Coach Erik Spoelstra said he plans a “deeper discussion” with Chalmers about the new dynamic at the position, then downplayed any perceived challenge to Chalmers.

    “This doesn’t mean anything about our faith in him,” he said. “I still have great faith in him and what he did, but also the improvement he made this summer. But this move strengthens our rotation and it helps our team.”

    That was apparent during Arroyo’s initial two days with the team, first when he helped forward James Jones line up a volley of successful 3-pointers in Monday’s practice, and then when he guided the second team during Tuesday’s scrimmage.

    “He can pass,” Spoelstra said. “He found guys for easy shots. He’s one of those guys that he makes two or three passes in a session, where you don’t necessarily see it. And he caught some of our guys by surprise. But that’s going to be a good element.

    “Carlos has a knack for pick-and-roll basketball and finding guys and getting them in open positions.”

    Arroyo will be a great fit for the Miami Heat when Dwyane Wade is off the floor. They badly need a creator while Wade is on the bench, and Arroyo can do a very good job in that role (backup point guard – main creative perimeter player in second unit).

    Luxury Tax

    Pat Riley is looking to reduce the Heat’s luxury tax bill

    Even with Arroyo signing a $1.1 million contract that isn’t guaranteed unless he’s on the team beyond Jan. 10, Heat president Pat Riley remains committed to reducing or eliminating Miami’s potential luxury tax bill by the trading deadline in late February.

    The Heat was operating about $3 million above the tax threshold on payrolls that exceed $69.9 million.

    Discounting the NBA’s supplement on minimum contracts for veterans, Arroyo’s salary would potentially add about $850,000 to Miami’s penalty. The Heat would have to pay a dollar for every dollar it is above the tax at season’s end.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Pat Riley navigates this problem.

    Dorrell Wright looks like an interesting candidate for a salary dump. He’s paid just under $3 million and plays a position where there are several alternatives (Jones, Q-Rich, Diawara, Cook and Beasley).

  2. Dave,

    Adding a creative ball-handler to go with their 2nd unit is a terrific move by Miami.

    If Wade stays healthy, the Heat should now be a lock for a playoff spot in the EC.

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