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Cisco Breaks Wrist

In General NBA on October 12, 2009 at 12:06 am

The Sacramento Bee reports

Kings forward Francisco Garcia fractured his right forearm during a weight-lifting session this morning before practice. He will undergo surgery Saturday.

Garcia started the first two preseason games at small forward. His injury would seem to guarantee a roster spot for Desmond Mason, who signed a non-guaranteed contract last month and would have started the first preseason game if not for back spasms.

A follow up report

Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie didn’t want to speculate about just how much time Francisco Garcia could miss with what he called a broken right wrist. And, well, there’s hidden point there: there’s plenty of time to get into that.

He’ll be gone awhile because of a fluke injury on a physioball that burst during an exercise and will require surgery tomorrow morning.

And finally a firm idea of how long Garcia is expected to be out for

“Sacramento Kings’ swingman Francisco Garcia underwent successful surgery this morning at the UC Davis Medical Center to repair a broken right radius in his forearm and ligament damage to his wrist. Dr. Mark Lee performed the three-hour procedure. Garcia will spend eight weeks immobilized in a cast. He is expected to miss a minimum of four months of action.” – Sam Amick

Terrible news for Francisco Garcia and the Sacramento Kings.

Desmond Mason

I think Jason Jones is spot on in expecting Mase to make the roster now that Garcia is out. The Kings look a little green on that wing without Garcia’s experience and dependability.

Kings small forwards — Andres Nocioni, Donte Greene, Omar Casspi

Smaller Lineups

Another article in the Bee by Jason Jones on how Coach Paul Westphal plans to use his troops following the loss of Garcia

Kings coach Paul Westphal offered a little more into his thinking in how he plans to map out playing time at small forward.

Beno Udrih. Kevin Martin. Tyreke Evans.

The Evans-Udrih backcourt has been used in the preseason before Francisco Garcia’s injury. Without Garcia, those two along with Martin will help fill the void at small forward.

“Obviously Tyreke and Beno and Kevin are going to play a lot of those minutes at the two and the three spots,” Westphal said. “And then there are minutes available and the candidates are (Andres Nocioni) and (Omri) Casspi and Donte (Greene) and Desmond (Mason).”

The Evans-Martin-Udrih combination makes sense for Westphal is his fondness for versatile players that make them interchangeable in his offense.


Who plays the role of shooting guard or small forward, however, makes no difference.

“The two and the three are the same on our team,” Westphal said. “It depends on who you match up with defensively. There’s really not much difference.”

I’d rather see Tyreke Evans confined to the point guard position for now. Let him learn how to function at one position and then go from there. His game isn’t refined enough to have interchanging roles that are so vastly different from one another.

Four Months

So Francisco Garcia will be expected back sometime in the middle of February. Around the All-Star break.

Andres Nocioni

I would have preferred to have seen Nocioni start at the small forward position and have Garcia in that sixth man role. Not that it matters now.

The Kings bench looks light so they’ll have to hold one valuable contributor there to get some consistent production out of their backups. Noce will be the glue guy, the anchor, of that second unit.

  1. i am watching the Clips/Warriors and Griffin looks like a stud. Quality post moves, knows when to kick it out and gets in good positions for offensive rebounds. For all the offensive weapons the Clips have this year, the Warriors are still bringing a weak double on Griffin. The amazing thing is he is taking full advantage of it! So impressive for a rookie.

  2. Hey Dino Gunner

    I came so close to watching that game last night and decided not to at the last minute. Kind of disappointed I didn’t see it now.

    I thought the Clippers would play their best game. That Baron Davis would be free of his shackles while playing against the up-tempo Warriors and play like the player he’s capable of being … all while leading the Clippers to a wonderful performances.

    From the looks of the box score Baron did exactly that, looked like a fun game too. Ah well, I’ll catch the regular season Clips-Warriors games instead! Lesson learned.

    Why aren’t the Clippers a fast break team again? … damn that Dunleavy! He better let Baron and the boys run this year. Their whole team is better in the open court than the half court. It just makes sense.

  3. I think Davis is re-energized this year, playing with quality players in all positions. I think the clippers are one swingman away from becoming a legit playoff contender. The one knock I have on Baron Davis is that he seems to take it easy on defense. I know its pre-season, but I was reminded how little effort he played defensively on pnr, letting ellis or curry drive at will towards the big men. I know he has the tools to be a great defensive player, I just think the effort is sometimes missing with him.

  4. Dino Gunner,

    Yeah I’m hoping, and somewhat expecting, … not certain he’ll come through which I’m sad to say because I really enjoy watching Baron play … Baron Davis to play with a renewed passion for the game this year too. He performed far below his ability last season and surely must want to get back to his best.


    For the last couple of years I’ve thought Davis has done better defensively (one-on-one defense) on wings than on point guards. Nellie used him a lot against tough shooting guards and some small forwards while in GSW, and I thought Davis accepted the challenge and upped his effort defensively and tried to key in during those matchups. However, I thought his team defense was at his best when he was allowed to defend the opposing point guard.

    I’ve always thought that Davis was one of those players that fed off his teammates’ energy (overall effort, not just defense). Give him some defensive minded teammates who play with some passion and you’ll get great defensive performances. Give him guys who don’t care and you’ll get a weak effort. That was a problem for Davis last year in LA, and could be one again this year (albeit less so than last year).

    Clippers Wing

    Yeah their wing situation is pretty ugly. Hopefully Al Thornton can finally step up his game and fulfill some of that potential. They badly need better performances from him.

    Another quality wing would go a long way towards the Clippers making a strong playoff push.

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