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Willie Green = Point Guard?

In General NBA on October 4, 2009 at 6:30 am

The Phily Burbs reports

Willie Green’s detractors claimed he was too small and shot too much to start at shooting guard in the NBA.

Yet Green, a career 9.5-point scorer, found a way to start 171 games at the “two” position over the past three seasons.

While he’s unlikely to continue in that role, now that new coach Eddie Jordan seems intent on using Andre Iguodala in the backcourt opposite Lou Williams, Green has been the backup point guard during training camp at St. Joseph’s University.

“He’s one of the top three guards (we have),” said Jordan on Wednesday.

Green has spent the summer working on his point guard skills

Green, who had a solid 2.47-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio last season, said he worked on his ball-handling after talking to the coaches because they wanted him to initiate the offense more.

“I always looked at myself as a guard,” Green said. “I can bring the ball up and I can play off the ball. When I first came into the league, I played point guard – I didn’t play shooting guard. It’s just a matter of just getting comfortable, learning the offense and going out there and executing.”

Leadership qualities …

Jordan pointed out that Green was mentioned the third-most by his teammates – after Elton Brand and Iguodala – when the coach quizzed them on who they thought would be the Sixers’ leaders.

“That’s very big in my book,” Jordan said.

Backup Point Guard

I am fairly worried about the backup point guard position for the Sixers. I think Phily looks weak here, relative to other team’s lead backup guards.

The idea of Royal Ivey getting close to twenty minutes a night worries me. I like Ivey as a third stringer, but twenty minutes a night would be too large a role for him for my taste.

Jrue Holiday also looked shaky during summer league, he was far too passive. As a result I’m not overly optimistic about his readiness as an NBA rookie (very nice medium-long term prospect though). Even though Holiday was unimpressive, offensively speaking, he still showed more on both ends of the court than Ivey has in recent years.

Additionally, I don’t like Willie Green playing the two guard position. Either as a starter or as one of their main backup wings. I think he’s been a relative weak point for the Sixers at either of those spots too.

So, I like the idea of trying to shift Green into that backup point guard position. I’m not sure how well it’ll work, but I do think it’s an interesting idea and that it is something worth trying.

It is an interesting idea. Hopefully it works out.

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