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In General NBA on October 4, 2009 at 9:48 pm

Fisher’s Minutes

Phil Jackson wants to keep Derek Fisher down to around 22 minutes a night next season. He also said that he wants somebody else to step up and claim those other minutes, meaning Jordan Farmar or Shannon Brown needs to step up their game and make those minutes their own.

I vaguely remember Phil wanting to lower Fisher’s minutes at the start of last season, but that, as the season wore on and as Farmar firstly got injured and secondly failed to perform at a reasonable level post injury … Phil ended up playing Fisher more than he wanted to.

In fact, Fisher’s 29.8 minutes a game where the fifth highest minutes per game of his thirteen year career, and the third highest in total minutes. That was at age 34. After back to back trips to the NBA Finals, so a long playoff run both years too.

So we know what Phil Jackson wants to happen but we’ll have to wait to see if it actually materializes. Hopefully his hand won’t be forced again this season because Fisher minutes need to decrease.

The Talent/Big Lineup

Phil Jackson is pondering using this five man lineup:

  • Point Guard — Kobe Bryant
  • Shooting Guard — Ron Artest
  • Small Forward — Lamar Odom
  • Power Forward — Pau Gasol
  • Center — Andrew Bynum

I’d love to see that lineup. I think it would be pretty damn effective. There’s some spacing concerns offensively, but they’d still score at a good clip, and defensively they’d be very difficult to score against.

Hopefully it gets a longer trial period than the Odom-Gasol-Bynum trio did last season.

Bynum’s Knee Brace

Andrew Bynum will be wearing a knee brace this season. Actually, he might be wearing one on either knee. He’ll use the same knee brace as the one he used last season in the playoffs.

Is the injury still in his head? The risk of re-injuring it? Does he trust that his knee is healthy? Will the brace(s) help him play more freely? Or not?

Anyway, it’s likely nothing. We’ll see.

Andrew Bynum also said that he may wear a knee brace for the rest of his career, which has some Lakers fans worrying about the long term health of his knee. Drew also admitted that he loses some mobility by wearing the brace, so it’s doubtful that it’ll help him basketball wise.

Chuck Person

The Lakers hired Chuck Person as an assistant coach this offseason. This is interesting for two reasons:

  • Person is a good assistant coach and an intriguing head coach prospect. So a nice staff addition.
  • Person coached Ron Artest in Indiana under Rick Carlisle. He was also with the Kings too wasn’t he?

Anyway, it appears that the Lakers landed another good voice in Ron Artest’s circle and added a talented young coach in the same move.

Lamar Odom’s Off-season Regime

Odom took up boxing in the summer in order to help his strength + general conditioning and hopefully to improve his defense.

Phil Jackson doesn’t think it’ll make a difference to Lamar Odom on the court but is happy that Odom arrived to camp in good shape this season … for a change … Odom usually doesn’t do much physical activity during the off-season and consequently uses training camp to get himself into shape. So Phil’s happy about that.

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