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In General NBA on October 4, 2009 at 3:40 pm

Felton Turned Down Contract

Rick Bonnell writes

I’ve been told by someone who should know that Felton turned down a long-term contract from the Bobcats that would have paid him about $7million a season.

Barring a huge improvement in his performance, I don’t know that anyone will offer him more than that next summer. More pertinent, I find it a reach that the Bobcats would offer him more next summer

A $7 million a season offer would be around $35 million over five years. If that offer is true, and I think Bonnell is a good reporter with good sources so I do trust it, then I think Felton made a mistake. Felton should have taken the guaranteed money because he’ll be hard pressed to find better than that next summer.

I think Felton is very likely to be in the MLE range next summer.

Link: Nice article on Felton here.

Losing Money

Same article as above

This is a team, after all, that has projected losing as much as $30 million a season the next three years.

Oh my god, wow, that is a lot of money to be losing every year. I think the Bobcats had lost $15-20 million over the past two seasons too. Things are getting bad in Charlotte.

Fast Breaking Bobcats

The report

The Charlotte Bobcats’ stated desire to run more is about how the roster evolved. Since the start of last season they’ve traded for a more athletic center in Tyson Chandler and a power forward with uncommon ballhandling skills in Boris Diaw.

Combine that with small forward Gerald Wallace and point guard Raymond Felton – two guys built for speed – and there’s a logical core group to play transition basketball.

“Coaches won’t have to scream at us about running all the time,” said Chandler, traded to Charlotte for Emeka Okafor over the summer. “We’re naturally gifted at running, so we’re going to run.”

The Bobcats will have a top 10 defense this season, and they have enough talent to be a top five defense. They’re going to be able to get a lot of stops … and like they said, they have the athleticism and open court players to punish teams if they break out quickly.

Furthermore, the Bobcats will have a very weak half court offense. So they need to get all the easy points that they can get their hands on.

Also, the Bobcats running game will be done the Larry Brown way

Coach Larry Brown is all for pushing the ball, but wants it done meticulously and with purpose. He says fast-breaks only work when the wings (small forward and shooting guard) are committed to staying ahead of the ballhandler, creating lanes to the basket. And he wants organized breaks that transition into a half-court offense.

“His idea of transition is very structured,” Wallace said, “where even if we don’t attack the basket, we still end up

And not the Mike D’Antoni way!

The Rookies

Interesting section here from Rick Bonnell

Gerald Henderson made perfect sense as the Bobcats’ lottery pick. He filled a huge hole at shooting guard, he’s tough and he’s been well coached.. But I wonder if second-round pick Derrick Brown is just as good, with more long-term potential.Brown has intelligence and versatility and those are the qualities that get Larry Brown excited. He’s a long way from belonging on an NBA court in the regular season, but that kid can play.

Vladamir Radmanovic

From the same link just above

Vlade Radmanovic looks good, in that he has to be more fluid than he was as a Laker. The triangle offense turned him into a specialist, as in “You stand over there while Kobe does his thing, and sometime the ball will rotate to you for a jump shot.” Brown expects Radmanovic to roll to the basket, to be more athletic than he’s been in a long time. And he’s trying like crazy to make it work.

That sounds great. Hopefully we’ll get to see Vlad revert back to the form he showed during his Sonics’ days when he was one of the better sixth men in the league. Back then he was putting up 12 and 5 in almost thirty minutes while switching in between the small forward and power forward positions. He was a matchup nightmare at the four back then.A nice combination of inside-outside scoring, and he even put the ball on the floor and drove to the hoop (for runners, rather than contact and resulting free throws) which was nice.

I think Radmanovic would be particularly dangerous at the power forward spot when playing alongside Chandler and Wallace. He can spread the floor out, give the point guard a nice pick and pop option. The paint would be open for Wallace’s post game. That could be a dangerous lineup for Charlotte.

Hopefully Radmanovic can get back to that. We didn’t see his best game in LA, he wasn’t suited to the Triangle offense. Simply put, he wasn’t intelligent enough to figure out how to get easy shots within the offense … so he became a spot up shooter and the Lakers didn’t manage to get the rest of his scoring ability.

Stephen Graham

Larry Brown likes the guy

Whenever Charlotte Bobcats coach Larry Brown compares a player to George Lynch, it defines praise.

Brown has started calling Stevie Graham this team’s George Lynch.

“He’s my George Lynch or Raja (Bell) when he was younger,” Brown said of Graham, a rugged 6-6 forward. “He can make a shot, he understands how to play, he can handle the ball and can guard a lot of different positions.”

I think Graham has an excellent chance of sticking on the Bobcats this season. He’s a Larry Brown type of player.

“I was always a fan,” Brown said of Graham. “Now I’ve been with him three days and my respect has grown even more.”

Larry also noted that Graham may have to play some power forward minutes while his big men are injured, and that he wants to keep Derrick Brown away from that position instead trying to get Brown comfortable as a small forward first.

Backup Power Forward

For those that didn’t notice Larry throwing MJ under the bus on media day … here is the recap

Larry Brown is trying to be a team player, but it’s not easy these days.

During his media availability Monday, Brown was asked about what the Bobcats could have done for a backup power forward. Brown mentioned that Drew Gooden was available. Brown mentioned that Hakim Warrick was available. Brown mentioned that Antonio McDyess was available.

You’ll notice that none of those players are on the Bobcats roster as training camp starts here Tuesday morning. What does that tell you about the Bobcats’ commitment to winning?

Larry Brown was very clear about the two main holes in the Bobcats lineup — backup shooting guard and backup power forward — all throughout the summer and dating back to the middle of last season.

Clearly, he’s pissed that only one of those holes was addressed this summer … and rightly so. The team should have no problem adding a decent backup power forward.

It’s not like this is a new problem for the Bobcats either. This lack of backup bigs has plagued them for years.

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