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Glen Davis

In General NBA on October 3, 2009 at 2:58 pm has a very good article on Glen Davis

Davis said he will take this opportunity to learn from Boston’s veteran All-Star big men and hopefully help the Celtics win their second NBA title in three years.

“I’m just trying to help my team,” Davis said. “[Playing less] would be a problem if I hadn’t already established myself in the NBA. It would be tough, like, ‘Man, I haven’t really gotten a chance to really play and show what I can do,’ but last year, having the opportunity to [show] what I can do in the league, it’s like, ‘You can play the game, so don’t worry about it if you don’t play as much.’

“Everybody knows I can play. Everybody knows I can hit big shots. My focus is still there, so it’s not about proving myself anymore. It used to always be about proving. I’ve got to prove myself to the coaches. I’ve got to prove myself to the world that I can play. Now it’s about becoming the best player I can be. I think this year is going to help me build that base of becoming that great player.”

Davis feels that last season’s experience will be a big boost for his career

He hit the game-winning shot, an 18-foot baseline jumper, in Boston’s Game Four Eastern Conference semifinal series-tying 95-94 victory over the Orlando Magic. That experience will be helpful this year, Davis said.

“I have a lot more experience under my belt with last year with being in the playoffs and being in crunch-time situations,” Davis said. “Building off my past experiences, I think (coach) Doc (Rivers) trusts me more as a player, seeing me and how I handle practice in a professional way every day. I’m just trying to work hard every day with consistency and making sure I can be a contributor off the bench.”

Doc Rivers discusses how he’ll use Davis this season

Rivers said Wallace will likely be the first player off the Celtics’ bench, but Davis won’t be far behind. Both will be on the floor at the same time a lot.

“With Rasheed on the floor with him at times, [Davis is] going to be the post guy, so he’s got to do that better,” said Rivers, before adding that Davis has worked hard on his inside moves and is in great shape compared to where he was in training camp last year.

“[Wallace] gives me the option to do whatever, but with Sheed being such a 3-point threat, I most definitely have to be the [center] with Rasheed in the game [on offense],” Davis said. “The good thing about it is the fact that with me being the five guy in the game, it is hard for a five to guard a guy like me on offense. On defense, I can guard the five or the four. It doesn’t matter. Whoever Rasheed wants me to guard, I’ll guard them.”

This is the opposite of last season when Doc and the rest of the coaching staff had Glen Davis playing on the perimeter and looking for his jump shot, in order to free up the paint for Leon Powe. This will be closer to the BBD we saw in his rookie season, in terms of how Doc will use him.

BBD is in great shape

Davis has come to camp in the best shape of his NBA career. Listed at 6-foot-9 and 289 pounds, Davis said he shed so much weight during his offseason workouts that none of his regular No. 11 practice jerseys fit him, so he is sporting a smaller size, with the number 48 on it.

“That’s what I have been working on this offseason, staying in shape,” Davis said. “I want to make sure that I’m in shape because you never know when it might be your time. That’s all I’m looking forward to — helping my team whenever they need me.”

More on Davis’ weight

“I really don’t know,’’ Davis said when asked yesterday how much he weighed. “I’ve lost and I’ve leaned out a lot. I’ve lost, I’ve just been working hard. But I can lose as much weight as possible and if I don’t maintain it throughout the season, if I gain 20 pounds by the playoffs, it doesn’t matter. I just want to be consistent, and that’s what I’ve been learning to do – be a professional and be consistent, every day.’’

Asked about the weight clause, awarded annually, Davis said, “That’s a big reason, too. The bonus is huge. I wouldn’t agree to it if it wasn’t attainable.’’

Doc notices the change too

Coach Doc Rivers has noticed the difference.

“He’s in the best shape he’s been in in training camp,’’ Rivers said. “I don’t know if he’s more motivated. He’s more mature. All the young guys grow up, and I think they understand what you have to be to start camp and what you have to do to have a good season. Each year, guys learn stuff, and Baby each year has gotten better and better and more mature.’’

The Boston Globe goes on to talk about how Glen Davis got in such great shape — mixed martial arts exercises + hiking around Ireland — one last quote:

“Last year, I felt like I didn’t come [into training camp] prepared and it took a while to get in the flow of things. This year, I wanted to come in and get in the flow and the tempo, and let the coaches know that I’m serious, and all the tough discipline they gave me in the past paid off.’’

That’s good to hear … because I agree he didn’t look ready to play at the start of last season. It took him a good two months to get into the swing of things offensively.

Update: Ah, I found an article with some numbers on the weight loss

Glen Davis said he has lost “20 to 25 pounds” but that does not necessarily mean he is that much lighter than his 289-pound playing weight (listed anyway) last year because he has added muscle in its place. He credits some of it to mixed martial arts training that he has embraced after watching his girlfriend do it in Houston.

He added that his goal is to become stronger, not necessarily lighter.

“I added on a lot of muscle. That was the point. My game is that I am a big guy. That’s what I do. So if I lose a lot of weight, I’m like the average player. So I kind of want to stay in my body frame, my weight, just be more conditioned, more toned. Just a comfortable weight where I can be me. Not some different person, different player.” …

Check out the CSNNE article, the link above, there’s a few good quotes from Rasheed & Co. on the team.

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