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Delonte West MIA

In General NBA on September 30, 2009 at 10:14 am

Yahoo Sports reports

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Delonte West skipped a second consecutive training camp practice Tuesday night and the front office is unsure when the troubled shooting guard will return to the team, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Beyond the fact that he’s in his Cleveland apartment, one associate said, the reason for West’s absence is still a source of speculation for Cavs general manager Danny Ferry and coach Mike Brown.

Two consecutive practices? What the heck?

  • He’s throwing away his long term future on one of the NBA’s best teams. West has the opportunity to spend the next 5-8 years in Cleveland, playing alongside LeBron James, gunning for Championships year after year … and playing for an owner who’ll go over the tax and reward his role players handsomely … it doesn’t get better than this.
  • Why would Mike Brown keep Delonte in his starting role now? If he’s this unstable, how can he risk it? Why would he try to get him large minutes?
  • If West is so screwed up that he can’t even make his way to practice … at what level can he perform at on the court? Is his form even worthy of minutes at this moment in time?


  • How long until Delonte returns to the Cavs gym?
  • How much larger + more troubling do each of these issues become before this happens? This could become a terrible situation — for Delonte — very quickly.
    • The Cavs must be thinking about offloading West, now if possible, and if not, then next summer (only $500k of his contract is guaranteed for next year).
  • How much work will Delonte have to put in to convince his teammates and coaches that this won’t happen again? And that this won’t affect his performance?

Talk about digging a hole for yourself … foolish decisions.


Update: Delonte West was at practice today.

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