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Joey Graham Finally Gets A Job

In Free Agency on September 25, 2009 at 7:24 pm

NBA Fanhouse reports

Meanwhile, the Nuggets will sign Graham, who averaged 7.7 points last season with Toronto, to a one-year non-guaranteed contract worth $884,881. Sources confirmed the deal. Nuggets guard J.R. Smith said he has heard Graham will sign, and called him “really athletic.”


Damn those Utah Jazz people for not signing Joey Graham!

Denver Nuggets

Anyway … the Nuggets badly need reinforcements on the wing next season after losing Linas Kleiza.

  • They now have Joey Graham, Renaldo Balkman and James White to choose from as legitimate wing players … with Graham and Balkman both able to spend a small portion of time as a four in a small ball lineup.
  • Or, they’ll choose to use Anthony Carter and Ty Lawson together in the backcourt off the bench … with JR Smith + Arron Afflalo getting most of the remaining minutes on the wing … which could leave Graham + Balkman with minor roles or possibly even non-rotation roles.

Joey Graham is a good signing at the minimum. He’s a decent player who’s a good fifth wing in a rotation … and a good fourth wing in the right situation. I would have preferred to have seen Joey G land in a highly structured offensive system, rather than the free lancing Nuggets, but Denver could be an okay landing spot for Graham.

  1. Dave,

    With the right coach, Joey has a chance to become a solid contributing NBA player. Not sure this is going to occur in Denver, though, although it certainly could.

    Mark Warkentien, Rex Chapman & Brett Bearup have actually done a very good job collecting NBA talent, in the last little while … since allowing Masai Ujiri to leave their organization in favour of working for the Toronto Raptors [Aug 1, 2007].

  2. I like Joey as a 3rd string SF.
    Joey tries hard and has enough to be effective as long as you’re not counting on him for too much.

    The fans will miss Joey in Toronto, but I doubt the coaches will.

  3. At this point last year, I felt there was a good chance Joey would be out of the NBA in 12 months time … but after the season he had … I’m amazed that he lasted so long in free agency.

    I thought he would have been signed sometime in the middle of August, not the end of September days before training camp opens.

    Anyway, at least Joey found a job for himself.

    Fifth Wing In The Rotation

    At the moment, I think this is Joey’s best role in an NBA. Not a regular rotation player but just outside of the rotation. An 11th-13th man on a roster.

    That said, if he landed on a team like Utah — someone with a highly structured offense that likes big small forwards who can play near the basket — then I think he’s a good rotation player … either as a starter or a key bench player … I think that type of environment would help bring the best out of him.

    However, elsewhere, I just don’t see it. The understanding of how to use his current abilities correctly is just too poor. As a result, you can’t depend on him because he won’t do the same thing night after night.

  4. Dave,

    I agree with that take on Joey Graham. Utah would have been a terrific landing pad for him.

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