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Wolves Waive Atkins

In Free Agency on September 24, 2009 at 9:51 pm

Jerry Zgoda reports

The Wolves on Tuesday waived veteran guard Chucky Atkins, agreeing to pay him the due $760,000 for a $3.48 million contract that was most non-guaranteed. That cost savings is why Kahn traded Etan Thomas and two future second-round picks to Oklahoma City in late July for Atkins and Damien Wilkins.

At the time, Kahn hinted that Atkins’ contract might soon be traded away for another piece of the proverbial puzzle. That never happened, and Tuesday they cashed in the $2.72 million savings themselves.

Zgoda also mentions that Mark Blount may be waived next week.


Chucky Atkins hasn’t been a serviceable NBA player for two years due to injuries. On top of that, he just turned 35 years old last month. It’s unclear whether he has anything left in the tank to offer …

Atkins did get in 32 games and 413 minutes last season, almost two thirds of which came with the Thunder … but after nearly two years out of the game his shot was flat — 30.1% from the field and 26.3% from three — and he ended up glued to the bench. Atkins was clearly only at the opening stages of a comeback. He wasn’t in basketball shape and he was completely out of rhythm during the games. Then again, his performances were terrible.

I have no idea whether or not Chucky Atkins has anything left in the tank. He probably doesn’t but I think he’s due one more chance to show his game … but no team should be offering him guaranteed money up front. A non-guaranteed contract + training camp invite seems the right route to take here.

  1. Some notes from Zgoda after a Q&A with David Kahn … main point is that both Mark Blount and Antonio Daniels are on the trade block.

    He put Daniels in the same category as traded-away Quentin Richardson and absent Mark Blount. Daniels, 34, was acquired from New Orleans earlier this month mainly because Kahn opened more cap space for next summer by trading Darius Songaila and the two years remaining on his contract away. Daniels wants to play significant minutes so he score another sizable contract next summer, a prospect that, barring injury, isn’t likely with the Wolves committed to Jonny Flynn and Ramon Sessions at point guard.

    He said he would trade Daniels to a team where he can play more — as he did by dealing Richardson to Miami for Blount — if he can get a similar expiring $6.6 million contract in return. Kahn said he believes helping players in that situation if possible is a bit of goodwill that eventually will benefit the franchise with other players down the road.

    Antonio Daniels

    On how many teams in this league is Antonio Daniels a primary backup point guard? Someone who’ll get a consistent 15+ minutes a night?

    The guy isn’t good enough to have that large of a role anymore … he’s a third string point guard at this stage in his career, and a mediocre one at that.

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