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Felton Takes Qualifying Offer

In Free Agency on September 23, 2009 at 6:30 pm

Sporting News reports

Restricted free agency is only getting tougher, and Bobcats guard Raymond Felton is the latest to figure that out. After discussing a long-term deal last week, talks between Felton and Charlotte have broken down, and multiple sources now say that rather than continuing negotiations, Felton will simply sign the one-year, $5.5 million qualifying offer put forth by the Bobcats.

Felton’s agent added

“Raymond is just ready to put the focus back on basketball,” Felton’s agent, Kevin Bradbury, said. “He doesn’t want any of this to affect the team at the start of training camp. So, we’ll look forward to him having a great season, the Bobcats having a great season and we will talk more with the organization when it is appropriate.”

Wow, surprising claim by Sean Deveney

Bradbury would not say just how far apart the two sides were on a deal, but it is believed that the team’s offer was in the range of the deal Marvin Williams got from the Hawks—a five-year deal worth $37.5 million, plus added money with incentives.

I expected the Bobcats to offer a contract in the MLE range with Felton getting his qualifying offer as starter pay with max increases each year, which would come out as around $32-33 million. I would be very surprised if the Bobcats went $5 million above that range. Heck, I was fearful enough about the Bobcats making the offer I expected, nevermind a larger one.

Felton taking the qualifying offer is a win for the Bobcats front office. They’ve done a terrible job managing their cap and adding another midlevel contract for midlevel talent would have only have caused further damage to their cap management.

As for Felton, if he was offered that much money then I think he made the wrong decision passing it up. That likelihood of him being offered more than that next season is fairly low, and not worth passing up the security of a long term deal for.

  1. Felton is a decent enough player but one’d hope his agent didn’t talk him out of $30m over 5 years?

    I know these guys have confidence up the yy but next year is not going to easier to get more money!

    Was kinda wondering what was taking so long here? – I never thought the Bobcats would’ve offered more than his QO.

  2. Brothersteve,

    I’m not sure I believe Sean Deveney’s report on the contract offer. The previous reports I had seen, by Rick Bonnell I think, all had Raymond Felton and his agent asking for Marvin Williams money ($7 mil year) but never offered that much. I had seen reports saying that Charlotte either made, or was close to making, an offer in the MLE range ($6mil per) with Felton’s QO ($5.5mil) used as the starting point … but that there was even some reluctance at that pay level.

    I thought Felton made a lot of progress last year on the defensive end + as a floor general with his overall decision making + passing ability … but until he sorts out that misfiring shot, which negates a good chunk of his value, I just don’t see him being worth more than the midlevel … his overall game simply don’t impact the game enough to warrant that type of money.

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