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Spurs Sign Bogans

In Free Agency on September 21, 2009 at 5:58 pm

NBA Fanhouse reports

Free-agent swingman Keith Bogans will sign a one-year contract with the San Antonio Spurs, sources confirmed Monday to FanHouse.

Bogans, a solid defensive player, is being looked at as an heir apparent to Bruce Bowen, who retired recently after being San Antonio’s perimeter defensive stopper throughout much of the decade. The Spurs had been grooming Ime Udoka for that role, but they are electing not to bring him back as a free agent after he played two seasons with the team.

Bogans, who will sign a guaranteed deal worth the minimum of $1.03 million, last season averaged 6.0 points for Milwaukee. He has a 7.5 average over six seasons.

Tremendous signing from the San Antonio Spurs.

Keith Bogans

Keith Bogans is a solid role player. He can add quality to the Spurs:

  • Good defensive player particularly with his man-to-man defense. Bogans immediately moves ahead, by a large margin too, of Roger Mason Jr and Michael Finley as wing defenders.
  • Solid complementary offensive player. He was the sixth man for the Magic in the playoffs two years ago and did a decent job. Now in San Antonio he can take a smaller role which he can be relatively superior in. He is a decent scorer and a good shooter. He is one of San Antonio’s weaker perimeter players offensively, which speaks to the strength of their cast offensively.
    • Bogans has shot 35% from downtown for his career and hit 39% + 36% from three in his last two years in Orlando. He should be able to get a lot of good looks playing off of Duncan, Ginobili and Parker so there’s a good chance we see one of his better shooting season’s.
    • Bogans has improved his ball handling and passing over the last three seasons. He’s not someone who can create, but he can help out the main ball-handlers with backcourt pressure and get the team into it’s offense well enough.
  • A good rebounder for a two guard and a decent one for a small forward. He was excellent on the boards last season but it remains to be seen whether or not he can maintain that. Again, he immediately moves ahead of Finley and Mason as the best rebounder on the wing out of the supporting cast.

Keith Bogans provides some good quality to the Spurs wing depth … which has been looking questionable throughout the summer.

Spurs Wings

  • Main shooting Guard — Manu Ginobili
  • Main small Forward — Richard Jefferson
  • Reserves — Roger Mason Jr, Michael Finley and Keith Bogans

I think Bogans should be able to move ahead of Finley in the rotation, but I think the Spurs rate Mason’s three point prowess very highly so I expect him to stick in front of Bogans.

Out of the three role players here, Bogans is the only better than average  defender + better than average rebounder. This is something the Spurs supporting cast lacked, and they’ve filled it here. Nice work.

It’s still not the greatest wing depth in the world, but it’s solid, and significantly better than it was 24 hours ago.

  1. *eyebrow perks up*

    If the Spurs are able to make one or two moves during the season, i think they move to the front of the line.

  2. Hey Raps Fan,

    Your comment got held up in the spam filter for some reason … not sure why … same thing happened with Khandor about a week ago but his comments have been coming through fine since then so it’s probably nothing. Anyway …

    I agree. I need to see the Spurs make another good improvement on their interior before I can put them ahead of the Lakers in the West. I just don’t think Duncan has enough help to handle Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom. As long as LA has a big advantage in the paint it’ll be difficult for the Spurs to take them out in a seven game series.

    I thought the front office did a lot of great work early with the RJ trade, Blair draft pick and the McDyess signing … but I think they took their foot off the pedal for the last two months and missed some opportunities to improve their depth. This could become more important if they have to make a mid-season move and lose some of their bench players in the process (Roger Mason + Finley + Bonner makes around $8mil in expiring contracts, that’ll likely be the trade bait if needed), leaving them unnecessarily vulnerable. Anyway … we’ll see if it comes back on them. I thought it was a bad move but it’s not important while the roster is as it is.

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