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In General NBA on September 16, 2009 at 7:41 pm

The Washington Times reports

And now, less than two weeks before the Wizards start training camp, Arenas and Mr. Grover say the guard is at full strength and better than ever – a claim that, if true, makes his decision to finally work with Mr. Grover look brilliant and, perhaps, career-saving.

“Nobody could guard me before, and can’t nobody guard me now,” Arenas, 27, told The Washington Times last week, breaking a silence he maintained since departing for Chicago in July. “If I hadn’t come up here, I’d be starting off the season with a 95 percent chance that I’d be sitting out more games. … [Mr. Grover] saved my career.”

The Times has a great interview with Arenas and it looks heavily into Arenas’ offseason work with Tim Grover and how he’s prepared physically for next season … and by all accounts, Gilbert Arenas is in fantastic shape and ready to return to his best.

The interview continues after that and begins to look

  • Are the Wizards a contender?
  • Gilbert’s individual goals for next season
  • Arenas also blames the club for his failed comeback attempts in the past + for the club not being protective enough of his health overall. He also criticizes the medical staff for recommending giving him bad information. Moreover, Arenas says the team was more concerned with selling tickets than getting him back to his best.
  • Gilbert’s thoughts on criticism for not being a true point guard

Anyway, it’s a very good read and well worth checking out.

Another Link

Mike Jones, the author of the above article, wrote another article full of Arenas quotes

After conducting three interviews with Gil over the course of the last two weeks, I had so much material and and only a certain amount of space for the paper. So today’s story only scratches the surface, and there’s plenty of good stuff left over, so sit back, because I’m about to unload….

On how healthy his legs are

When asked if he feels like his legs are back to 100 percent, Arenas said, “I feel great. I’m never gonna be 100 percent. But I feel great. You can’t crumble up a piece of paper and then when you open it up again expect it to be smooth like it once was. But I know my legs are stronger than what they were, and now I don’t have to just rely on my speed.”

Anyway, there’s lots more good information in this second article from Mike Jones. I recommend checking that out in full too.

Again, Another Link?

Dan Steinberg with an article on Gilbert trying to take more of a leadership role next season.

[Flip] Saunders demands a lot of his point guards and sees them as an extension of him on the floor. And speaking of leadership, Arenas is aware that the perception of him is that he’s not a team leader. But he says that’s not because he isn’t capable of leading or doesn’t want to lead. Quite the contrary. He is taking seriously the task at hand.

“Flip asked me to lead this team and I’m gonna be his leader,” Arenas said. “The last coach didn’t want me to be his leader, so I didn’t want to be.”

Steinberg then goes on and attempts to debunk Arenas’ claims on the leadership, on the team rushing him back to the court, and then finishes up by making light of Gilbert’s comments which pretty much called his younger teammates too dumb (lacked the IQ) to play Eddie Jordan’s offense.

Last Link, I Swear

A link to a video on the of Gilbert Arenas doing his off-season workouts. This is the first video clip in a series of three.

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