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Ray-Ray Wants His Payday

In General NBA on September 12, 2009 at 2:33 pm

The Boston Globe reports

Ray Allen said Friday night that he would like to negotiate a contract extension with the Celtics beyond this season. Allen, who turned 34 in July, is entering the final year of a five-year, $85 million deal he signed with the team formally known as the Seattle SuperSonics. Allen will earn $19.7 million this season.

“Of course, but it will be dealt with in its time,” said Allen, when asked whether he would like to play more years in Boston. “My job doesn’t change. I gotta go out and do the same things. We get paid to play basketball. We’re all in a great situation so we can’t look past this year.”


  • I think Jason Kidd’s $25 million contract will be used as a marker for Ray Allen’s next deal.
  • I expect Ray will try to get a little more than Kidd did since Ray is (1) younger (2) in better shape physically, and, (3) still playing at a higher level.
  • Plus, like Kidd, Ray Allen’s skill-set is one that will age well.

The Celtics should consider giving Ray a declining contract. Say $9 million in 2010/11, then $8 million the following year, and $7 million the year after. That decreasing figure would help balance out the contract extensions that Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins will surely sign over the next two years.

I think if the C’s are anywhere under $30 million and 3 years — which they will do — then they should feel comfortable re-signing Ray Allen. If they’re closer to the $20 million mark, or if they manage to keep the deal to a two year contract, then that’s even better for the Celtics.

  1. Will Boston be willing to commit more money to someone whose skills will be in decline? If they don’t, it could have a negative effect on team chemistry!
    I wouldn’t want to be Boston’s GM right now. (Okay except that money part)

    Best option maybe to trade him, if they can.

  2. IMO, the Celtics will NOT be trading Ray Allen anytime soon.

    Ainge & Allen will work out a suitable exxtension that allows Boston to remain in the thick of the battle for the EC championship. Allen is simply too good a fit for what the C’s to even think of trading him for fair value at this stage of his career.

  3. I’d like to see Danny Ainge hold off on a contract extension. Play out the season and see what type of offers are out there for Ray’s expiring contract. If there’s a move out there that allows Boston to get a younger player without losing too much talent, opening their Championship window further, then that’s something well worth considering.

    Likely, they won’t make a move, and then they can resign Ray next offseason. Ray is a pro’s pro, he’ll be able to handle playing without a contract extension … without taking it personally and hurting the team as a consequence … plus the team will have another 12 months to judge how Ray’s aging and can adjust their offer appropriately.


    I think The biggest problem with trading Ray Allen will be the finances.

    The Celtics can’t keep paying a Big Three that makes $20 million a piece, then pay another $10+ million for Rondo, and another $8+ million for Perkins, plus $6 million for Wallace, and another $10+ million for the rest of their bench (~~$95mil). It’s just too much money … especially with the cap + luxury tax threshold about to fall.

    The Celtics need to be able to keep someone of Ray’s talent level while paying $10 million or less in order to keep their books under control. That’ll be difficult to do in a trade, since most of the offers out there for an expiring contract will be from teams looking to get rid of overpaid long term deals.

    So most likely, the Celtics best option will be to resign Ray-Ray.

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