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Randolph Morris Lost Weight

In General NBA on September 11, 2009 at 11:20 am

Sekou Smith from reports

One of the favorite punching bags around here, Randolph Morris has done his fair share of work this summer as well. In fact, I’d argue that no [Hawks] player has undergone a more radical physical transformation this summer than Morris, who has shed some 60 pounds from his 6-11 frame in an effort to break into the playing rotation in his second season with the team.

“The work I did was both mental and physical,” he said after a recent workout. “I was trying to get myself where I needed to be mentally and physically for the long season. Just as important for me is working for the short term where I can try to get on the court this year. It was really a two-pronged approach for me this summer like it is every summer. It was about working to get myself in the best shape possible for the upcoming season while also realizing that the guys that last in the NBA are the ones that take the best care of their bodies. The guys that have the longest careers are the ones that you see in the gym in the dead of summer, when there are no cameras and no fans around. That’s where the real work is done.”

Randolph Morris is an interesting young big man in the NBA, smart and talented, but his physical conditioning has always held him back. It’s great to hear that he’s taken major steps in addressing this.

With Al Horford, Josh Smith, Zaza Pachulia and Joe Smith around … Morris won’t get much of an opportunity to play, but at a lower weight he could do a really good job for Atlanta as a fifth big in the rotation.

Jeff Teague

The above quote on Morris actually comes at the end of an article principally about Jeff Teague. He’s been getting glowing reports during his summer workouts from Hawks players and other NBA-leaguers.

Unfortunately, it looks like Teague will suffer from a minutes crunch as an NBA rookie with Bibby, Joe Johnson and Crawford all in the backcourt … but he does sound like a good draft pick and one for the future. It’s a pity he won’t get enough of an opportunity to show that future right away.

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