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Sixers Bring Carney Back

In Free Agency on September 9, 2009 at 8:56 am

The Phily Inquirer reports

The 76ers have agreed to terms with forward Rodney Carney, this according to a source familiar with the situation.

Carney, 6-foot-7, has agreed to a 1-year deal. Previously, Carney spent two seasons with the Sixers: 2006-07, 2007-08. In July of 2008, Carney was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves, where he played last season.

In his 3-year career, Carney has averaged 6.5 points and 2.0 rebounds a game.


There’s 56 comments at the bottom of that above report by Kate Fagan. Most of those comments are quite negative about Carney’s return, although most of that seems to stem from the lack of other movement made by the Sixers this summer and a lack of confidence in the direction of the club.

There were some comments that were happy about Carney’s return — superb athlete, good cost effective option to round out the bench — that sort of thing.

In contrast, there were also numerous comments bemoaning his lack of technical skills such as shooting ability, ball handling abilities, and passing abilities.


The Sixers supporting cast is an atrocious shape.

Because of their weakness on the wings … Rodney Carney should either be their starting two guard or their first wing off the bench, so he should be able to win a large role for himself next season.

His main competition will be Willie Green and Jason Kapono, but Carney offers more than either of those guys. However, it remains to be seen whether or not Eddie Jordan will be able to figure that out.

I haven’t seen any definitive figures for the contract yet. It may be a minimum contract deal or it might be more, there were reports stating that Carney was looking for a contract slightly above the minimum (~$1.5mil per annum) and he may have been able to get that.

Carney is a decent end of rotation type of wing and a good insurance player on the wing, but asking him for more is taking a large risk. Unfortunately it appears that’s what the Sixers are doing.

Update: Nice article on the move — info on contract + words from  Carney  and Ed Stefanski

By all accounts, he will sign with the Sixers for $855,189, the minimum salary for players credited with 3 years of experience.

“Different people from the Sixers called a lot, showed me a lot of love,” Carney said. “It’s very different now; they have a different staff, new philosophies on offense and defense. It’s like going to a new team.”

Carney gives the Sixers 13 players under contract, with Stefanski willing to add a 14th – one under the league maximum – should someone win a job through camp and the preseason.

“Rodney brings experience, a high-level athlete who is a fit for the way we want to play,” Stefanski said. “He shot 35 percent from three-point distance last season, he’s improved defensively and, because of his athleticism, can play three positions.”

  1. Dave,

    The report I read had Rodney signing with Philly for the 4th year vet min [@ $855,000 per]. At this price, he’s a very serviceable wing player in this league.

    When I looked at the other wing players available right now, across the league, the 2 names that I saw which fit with the 76ers needs were Desmond Mason & Rodney Carney … each of whom is similar but different to the other.

    If he continues to make steady progress, which he’s done to this point in his NBA career, Rodney is going to fill in nicely for the 76ers this season.

    In addition, he is someone who should be able to benefit from the coaching of Eddie Jordan and the NBA’s version of the Princeton Offense.

    As I’ve said before … unlike other NBA observers, I like what Ed Stefanski has done with his team, thus far, this summer.

  2. Well, no one should be confused by what to expect from Carney. His stat line has been almost identical over 3 seasons. Can anyone say “reliable” backup?

    They know what they are getting.

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