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Warriors Sign Mikki Moore

In Free Agency on August 31, 2009 at 1:43 pm

ESPN reports

After a half-season stint with the Boston Celtics, Mikki Moore is going back to the West Coast.

Moore’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, told on Monday that the free-agent center agreed to a one-year contract with the Golden State Warriors over the weekend.

Moore’s deal is for the $1.3 million, the veteran minimum.

A decent signing by Golden State. Moore is a serviceable player that will add some insurance to the Warriors, as deep big man depth.

GSW’s Big Man

The Warriors big men:

  • Starting center — Andris Biedrins
  • Starting power forward — Anthony Randolph
  • First big off the bench — Ronny Turiaf
  • Second big off the bench — Brandon Wright
  • Fifth big in the rotation — Mikki Moore

The Warriors have four talented big men, all fairly young too, and one decent deep reserve in Mikki Moore.

Season’s Hopes

If the Golden State Warriors play their four talented big man close to a combined 90-95 minutes a night next season, then they’ll have an excellent chance of winning 40-45 games.

If Don Nelson continues to play his small ball lineups, which are less effective than the more traditional lineups he could play this season, he could wipe anywhere from 5-15 wins off the Warriors total depending on how often he’s using someone like Corey Maggette as his power forward.

My expectation

I feel pretty positive about Nellie giving Biedrins and Randolph 30 minutes a night to work with. I’m also fairly positive about Turiaf getting 17-20 minutes. So that’s eighty big man minutes going to big men.

I don’t have a clue whether Nelson will use Brandon Wright in the remaining minutes or not. I’d lean towards not, or at least fairly minimally with the majority of the minutes going to small ball lineups to help his overcrowded wings get their minutes.

At eighty big man minutes a night, you have to feel fairly good about the Warriors being somewhere around .500 next season.

  1. Dave,

    re: the Warriors Big Man rotation

    Like this Moore a great deal for the Warriors but would prefer to see G-State go with an 8-man line-up that looks something like this:

    STARTERS: 1/Ellis, PG + 2/Jax, OG + 3/Maggette, SF + 4/Turiaf, PF + 5/Biedrins, C
    KEY SUBS: 6/Curry, PG + 7/Randolph, SF + 8/Moore, PF-C
    RESERVES: 12/Watson, PG + 11/Morrow, OG + 9/Azubuike, OG-SF + 10/Wright, PF
    EXTRAS: 15/Claxton, PG; 13/Law, PG; and, 14/George, SF

    Nellie just hates playing it straight-up … so, I don’t really see much chance for a rotation like this to be used this season. If it was, however, G-State would be only 1 additional solid Big Man away from fielding a very, very competitive team in the WC for years to come.

  2. sorry … should read as:

    Like this Moore signing a great deal …

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