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CJ Watson Takes Qualifying Offer

In Free Agency on August 31, 2009 at 9:46 pm

RealGM reports

C.J. Watson has decided to pass on Golden State’s three-year, $5.6 million extension and will sign for the qualifying offer worth just over $1 million, multiple sources confirmed to RealGM’s Alex Kennedy.Watson will play out the remainder of his contract and become an unrestricted free agent next summer. Golden State could enter the season with as many as five point guards on their roster and playing time was a big factor in this decision.

The Warriors could come back with a higher proposal once they learn that Watson will sign for the qualifying offer.

Last season, Watson averaged 9.5 points and 2.7 assists in 77 games with the Warriors.


Wow, gutsy move from CJ Watson.

The Warriors offer of $5.6 million was a fair one. I think Watson will be hard pressed to get an offer better than that next season, especially if his playing time is reduced due to the arrival of Stephen Curry.

That said, even if Watson fails to get a better offer next year, this one should still play out in his favour. He needs to leave GSW and go to a team where he’ll be given more of an opportunity, or at least a better chance to win. Once he gets that, the payday will likely follow.

It’s just a question of when.

  1. Dave,

    Agreed. This is a gutsy call on Mr. Watson’s part. I like it, a great deal. IMO, he is an under-rated PG and will be a good investment for whichever team adds him to their roster next season.

  2. CJ Watson will be a restricted free agent again next offseason (Gilbert Arenas Provision, I think!)… so, once again, it’ll be difficult for some team to come in and steal him away from the Warriors.

    Golden State could easily hang onto Watson for two years before he gets out of town. No longer sure he made the right decision passing on the three year deal which offered a lot more money.

    Hopefully, things will work out for him. I like seeing a player pass up the easy money in order to try and get a better home for himself.

    Update: Appearently the contract offered by the Warriors had a player option on that third season. In that case, and considering CJ will be a restricted free agent next season, I think Watson made a mistake in taking the qualifying offer.

    Also, in the link above, Matt Steinmetz reports that CJ Watson hasn’t officially taken the qualifying offer yet … so there’s still time for him to take the Warriors three year deal, which is a move I’d recommend for him.

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