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Link: Joe Dumars Interview

In General NBA on August 30, 2009 at 4:38 pm

There’s a two part interview with Joe Dumars by Keith Langois on — links to part one and part two — that’s worth checking out.

Here’s a snippet — Why Dumars decided to split his cap space the way he did

KL: This is probably an oversimplification, but when you look, a year later, what the Chauncey trade achieved was to allow you to shrink and make as painless as possible the transition period. Now that you’ve used the cap space, did you envision being able to get as much done with it as you did? JD: When we had cap space maybe eight years ago, we made a decision then – there was a question back then about going out and trying to sign one big name with that money. We made a decision back then that we wanted to come out of that free agency with multiple players. We made the same decision this year – we’re not going to go out and sign one max player and then tout that we’ve had a great off-season. As we entered the summer, we were not one max player away from being a contender, so it made no sense to go out and target one guy. We wanted to come out of this free agency with a minimum of three guys and we’ve done that with Wilcox, with Villanueva, with Ben Gordon, and to be in a position financially to also sign a veteran big like we wanted to, to also have Ben Wallace, as well. To come out of it with three or four players, that’s what we wanted to do in the first place. We believe talent in numbers wins. That’s what we’re going to continue to try to do.

There’s a lot of good information from Dumars in the interview. It’s worth checking out the whole thing.

  1. Dave,

    Terrific interview with Joe Dumars!

    Stuff that he alludes to in this piece reflects some of the differences in the way that Top Notch basketball people actually see and talk about the game [and the players who play it, at the highest level] versus a great many regular “fans” [and observers] who think in an unsophisticated way … without ever realizing it.

    e.g. What he says about the Pistons using Gordon + Rip + Prince together, incorporating Gordon with Stuckey, and their need to add players with the size and skill-set of Daye, Washington, Summers & Jerebko, at the Wing positions.

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