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Denver Re-Sign Petro

In Free Agency on August 29, 2009 at 11:58 am

The Denver Post reports

The Nuggets renewed their insurance policy on Thursday, re-signing reserve center Johan Petro, who at worst is a commodity as a 7-footer, and at best could develop into a reliable role player.

Petro, 23, signed a one-year, league-minimum deal for $825,000, multiple sources said.

Also, the Post reports that the Nuggets are continuing their search for more help on the wings to fill that final league minimum required 13th roster spot.


Nice signing for the Nuggets. Johan Petro is a solid fifth big man in this league, one of the better remaining big man options, and good value at the minimum.

Johan Petro is a good rebounder and a good midrange shooter. Unfortunately, his defense is weak and he doesn’t understand his strengths well so he doesn’t play to them consistently. He’s been in the league for four years now, and hasn’t fulfilled his potential but there definitely is some untapped ability there.

The question is does he have the smarts to figure that out? It’s possible, but the odds aren’t good.

If Petro ever did figure things out, he could easily become a good starting caliber center in the NBA. Just by bringing his defense up to a solid level and staying within his own abilities offensively.

Nuggets Big Man Rotation

The Nuggets now have five big men, I think …

  • Starting center — Nene
  • Starting power forward — Kenyon Martin
  • First big off the bench — Chris Andersen
  • Reserve — Malik Allen
  • Reserve — Johan Petro

It’ll be interesting to see which of the final two bigs receives the most minutes. I think both are underwhelming as choices for the fourth big, but solid fifth big players.

  1. Dave,

    If I’m George Karl, I would not give up on Petro just yet, given his actual age and the limited PT he’s gotten thus far.

    Anderson can play either PF or C.

    Given Melo’s ability to play PF, as well, I think Petro is a better option for the Nuggets, as their 5th Big, over Malik Allen … who, I agree with you, isn’t very good overall but an okay 12/13 man, given his versatility.

    Nene has top notch athletic ability for a NBA Center. He just needed some extra time to develop at this level of competition.

    IMO, Petro is also a very good athlete for a NBA Center. He, too, just might need some extra time to develop at this level of competition.

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