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Good Article On Kevin O’Connor

In Great Article on August 23, 2009 at 1:13 pm

Very good article in the Salt Lake Tribune on Utah Jazz GM Kevin O’Connor.

“Kevin is a great guy — a very bright guy,” said Rod Thorn, the president of the New Jersey Nets who is also a friend.

“I have tremendous respect for him because he’s worked his way up through the system and has become one of the best in the business. He doesn’t get the notoriety that some bigger-name guys do, but I don’t know anybody who does a better job.”

It’s well worth reading — it gives a great account of what type of man O’Connor is and how he rose to the position of Utah’s GM

Oh, this story was very funny:

“They were 28-3 her senior year and lost to Tennessee in the Sweet 16,” said O’Connor. “… My dad came to watch her play once in high school. And she played well.

“So he congratulated her and said, ‘You played great. You did a lot of great things. You made your teammates better and you helped your team win.’

“I turned to my dad and said, ‘Hey, you never said any of that stuff to me when I was playing. How come?’ And real quick, he turns around and says, ‘You weren’t that good.’ Then he turns around and starts talking to her again.”

Anyway, check it out.

There’s an interesting list at the bottom of the article ranking O’Connor’s ten biggest moves. I missed it when I first read the article, but caught it the second time … it’s after the article ends, but before the comments section.

  1. Dave,

    A terrific article about one of the top GM’s in the NBA.

  2. Hey Dave & The Rest,

    As promised here is my preview on th upcoming FIBA Americas Preview. Please check it out. In case if you guys have any other interesting news about the tournament, do share them.

    Well it seems the Nets are following the Mavs footstep. NAJERA will turn out for Mexico as speculated earlier. What a loss for them as I’m sure his experience will be valueble.

  3. John,

    Given events of this type … this event is shaping up to be a highly competitive affair. Going to be an interesting next few days in Puerto Rico. 🙂

  4. Great stuff John, I’ll go check that out.

    I’m disappointed Ginobili isn’t playing, he’s one of my favourite players in the NBA. I don’t know many of the Argentinian players outside of Scola and Prigioni. I have a rough recollection of both of Gutierrez’ from the Olympics too.

    I think I’ll only be watching the heavyweights — Brazil, Argentina, Dominican Republic — play against one another in this tournament. Maybe somebody else if there’s a surprise team that pops up.

  5. hey dave, i know you had some thoughts on the Wolves drafting Rubio a while back. I found a pretty good article which goes in detail.

  6. Thanks Dino Gunner … Brit Robsen is a very good writer, big fan of his work. Unfortunately, I don’t read as often as I should.

    Well worth bookmarking his column/archives page.

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