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Trade Rumour: Carroll for Banks

In Trade Talk on August 19, 2009 at 6:00 pm

Dallas Mavericks receives: Marcus Banks

Toronto Raptors receives: Matt Carroll


This is just a rumour … Doug Smith reports

According to a couple of league sources and I can’t corroborate this with any of my most trusted Toronto folks, Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo’s got another deal bubbling, one that would send guard Marcus Banks to the Dallas Mavericks for Matt Carroll, adding a little long-term salary but providing coach Jay Triano with a shooter that he could use deep on the bench.

I’m warned — and therefore so are you — that the proposed transaction remains in its relative infancy and if this summer’s proven anything it’s that nothing’s done until it’s done. But just as we suspected, Bryan is thinking of moving a salary for one that’s a bit longer but not that much more expensive in the long haul.

The financials

Carroll, a 6-6 guard who will be entering his seventh NBA season, has four years left on his contract, he’ll make $4.7 million this season, $4.3 million in 2010-11, $3.9 million in 2011-12 and $3.5 million in 2012-13.

It’s more money and years than Banks has left – he’ll get $4.53 million this year and $4.8 million in 2010-11 – but the way Colangelo has structured his roster financially over the next few years makes the extra cost on the Carroll deal not that large a burden.

Thoughts On The Rumour

Dallas Mavericks — This trade would be an amazing coup for the Mavericks. Getting out from underneath that horrific Matt Carroll contract would be some achievement.

Toronto Raptors — This is plain stupid. They’d have to be idiotic to make this deal. Adding this type of long term salary and gaining so little talent in return would be a disgracefully bad decision.

Marcus Banks — Not an NBA level player. He has nothing to offer. His deal expires in two years.

Matt Carroll — An end of the roster NBA player. A one dimensional shooter. A poor defender, poor rebounder, poor ball handler, poor passer. Can’t create his own shot. Can score when running off screens but it’s a relatively low percentage play for his team. Is at his best, for his team, as a stand still shooter.

Matt Carroll is a good shooter. He shoots 40% from three for his career, and has a TS% of 55%. That’s his one NBA skill.

For this one NBA skill, some sucker of a team will have to pony up $16.4 million over the next four seasons.

Side Note: Instead of paying Matt Carroll $16.4 million, a team could instead just sign a minimum contract wing who is a superior basketball player. Crazy idea, I know!


Matt Carroll’s contract is to be avoided. It’s a terrible deal. One of the worst, if not the worst, in it’s pay bracket ($4-5 million per annum).

The only way any team should even contemplate taking on his contract is if they’re getting one heck of an incentive from the seller. Say future first round draft picks, or someone who is actually a good player. Short of that possibility, the potential acquiring team needs to say “no” emphatically and hang up the phone immediately.

PS — Anyone else having Jason Kapono flashbacks?

Come on, the Raptors just got rid of the guy and is terrible contract, and now, the Raptors are going to acquire a comparable (worse?) version of Kapon with an even longer + more damaging contract?

  1. They are both horrible players. Banks is a cancer and is a lazy ass who doesn’t care about working hard anymore because he got his money. His yearly money going forward goes up, Carrols contract in year 4 is much cheaper. Get Banks off our team!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with the article. Matt Carroll doesn’t add anything of need to our roster (at least with Ukic gone, Banks can be our garbage minutes PG, or backup if Calderon/Jack get injured). Bellinelli is a much better player with a much better contract. With DerRozan, Bellinelli, Jack, Douby and Wright all expecting to get some time at the SG spot, there is not going to be a lot of minutes left over for Carroll. Also, next year, Evans & Banks are valuable expiring contracts that give Colangelo significant flexibility to make roster changes next year if needed. (eg. next year, Banks + Evans to Sacramento for Nocioni).

  3. yeah, im having some baad Jason Kapono nightmare flashbacks

  4. i think this is a terrible trade for the raptors. Why would they want to take on two years of salary, even if its declining. I would favour trading Banks only for a servicable player (like Nocioni) or for a player who could be of more value to the raptors and expires the same season (peterson). Anything else should be out of the question.

    This is like getting a poor man’s version of Kapono, why even consider it?

  5. Contract details aside, at least Matt Carroll is a more versatile basketball player than Jason Kapono.

  6. Note: When Carroll played – his numbers were way – way better than Kapono every even comes close to in T-dot. Over 12ppg in 06-07. And, Banks could only dream about double digit scoring.

    Kapono is set to earn twice what Carroll will be earning at the end of his contract.

    Carroll was used (stupidly) as a defensive stopper for Charlotte during his last 2 seasons there (explaining partly why they can’t make any progress!)

    Raps do need a 3rd string SF and Carroll fits the bill – what kind of player did you think the Raps might be able to trade Banks for?

    The cost to the Raps is really $3.9m 3 years from now + $3.5m 4 years from now. In basketball terms 3 & 4 years away is forever.

    Not exactly front page news, but I can understand why Colangelo would entertain this trade – doesn’t mean it ever happens – Dallas could wake up and give their head a shake.

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