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Negative Reviews on James Johnson

In General NBA on August 19, 2009 at 7:14 am

Doug Thonas reports

While I was at summer league all the talk of James Johnson was wonderous and hopeful. I overheard one Bulls staffer telling someone James Johnson was the second best player in the draft.  However, with the media gone, the news leaking out to me hasn’t quite so positive.

The Bulls are privately concerned about his work ethic and attitude which was the one area I had some concerns with myself.

Thonas continues with an anecdote

On one occasion, Johnson has tried to cut short a workout, thanking an assistant coach after a few drills and trying to leave only to be scolded that they weren’t done yet.  One source within the organization said he expects forgotten man Taj Gibson to have a bigger impact than Johnson in their rookie years.  There seemed to be an air of pessimism in general over what Johnson will provide out of the gates especially among those working out with him.

There were a lot of a negative reports about Johnson’s work ethic + conditioning prior to the draft. It’s disappointing to hear that those concerns are continuing into his rookie season.

These concerns aren’t the be all and end all, James Johnson is still only a rookie and after playing in the league for a year or two he might figure out how hard he needs to work to fulfill his potential. He shouldn’t be written off prior to then.

It’s just disappointing to continue hearing the same complaints about his training habits.

  1. Dave,

    Contrary to what I’ve read elsewhere on-line from another noteworthy NBA observer pertaining to this specific video clip of James Johnson:

    I am not enamoured with the way his physique looks in this sequence nor the appearance of his legs/calves, relative to the rest of his body … as relates to being physically able to effectively make the transition to playing at the SF position in the NBA with the goods required to guard the elite level athletes who work at this spot on a nightly basis in the League.

    Unlike others, perhaps, it matters not to me “how good JJ’s ‘windmills’ may look as he’s breaking away”.

    I, too, share your disappointment about such poor commentary coming out of Bullsville, thus far, about this young man’s work ethic.

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