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Rasho Returns To Raptors

In Free Agency on July 24, 2009 at 7:12 pm

Doug Smith reports

Rasho Nesterovic is coming back to his adopted hometown.

The veteran centre, who spent two seasons with the Raptors before being traded to Indiana a year ago, has agreed in principle to a one-year deal worth about $1.9 million (all figures US), the so-called biannual exception to the NBA’s salary cap.

The move comes as little surprise since president and general manager Bryan Colangelo has long held that the 33-year-old 7-footer is exactly the kind of solid veteran the team covets in a second unit role.

The deal also works financially for the Raptors, who retain any financial flexibility they will have at the end of next season.

A solid signing … good player at good money and a decent fit.


I would have preferred to have seen the Raptors sign a different type of backup big man. To go with someone more mobile, a quicker big, more of combo forward, similar to what Pops Mensah-Bonsu brought to the Raptors last season.

Someone who could cover the pick and roll well (a huge problem for Toronto last season), who could run the floor well allowing the Raptors to push the tempo, and rebound at a high level (another Raptors problem area). None of which Rasho Nesterovic does.

So Rasho isn’t my ideal choice for the Raptors, but he is a good player and he will help the Raptors. Solid signing.

  1. Who would you sign next if you were BC? Pops? Delfino?

    BTW, I love your site but hate the new layout.

  2. Haha, thanks for the feedback Brain Colangelo, and the kind words.

    I’m not sure about the new layout myself either. I feel like it’s time to change from the previous version though.

    Raptors Signings

    I’d like to see Colangelo sign both Delfino and Pops. I think Carlos Delfino is a hugely important signing because the wings look weak-to-very weak once again for the Raptors, and I think Delfino can either be the second best or third best wing on the team next season depending on where DeRozan’s effectiveness falls as a rookie.

    If Colangelo needs to free up some cap space he should sell O’Bryant or Ukic, or both, to a team below the cap and offer up cash to buy out the player and a small profit for the team’s troubles (instead of buying them out directly, because they’d count against the luxury tax). That would allow the Raptors to stay below the luxury tax while signing more minimum contract players … which could become a problem should they give Delfino his $5 million.

    If Colangelo could convince Leon Powe to sign a two year deal fully guaranteed at the minimum, I’d love to see him brought on board. Powe isn’t expected back until the All-Star break so he’d be a signing for 2010/11 rather than next season.

  3. I said we should sign Leon Powe when Altraps first asked ages ago. So I totally agree with you there. I imagine his knee surgery is the scary thing.

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