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Nuggets Trade For Malik Allen

In Trade Talk on July 22, 2009 at 7:47 am

The Denver Post reports

The Nuggets have agreed to a trade that would net them veteran power forward Malik Allen from the Bucks in exchange for Sonny Weems and Walter Sharpe, an NBA source said Tuesday afternoon. The trade will likely become official later in the week.

Why were the Nuggets interested in Allen?

The 6-foot-10 Allen averaged 3.2 points off the bench for Milwaukee last season, playing in 49 games. He has been in the league since 2001, with a career average of 5.4 points per game. With question marks surrounding Steven Hunter — and Johan Petro yet to be re-signed — Denver’s only other reserve low-post player is Chris Andersen.

As for Sonny Weems

“Sonny is an athletic player that’s got to learn how to play basketball,” Nuggets coach George Karl told the Post during the summer league.

“At times it looks like he’s taking that step, and then at times it doesn’t look like he’s taking that step. He has 10 days here at summer league. He’s going to have to figure out his niche. He’s got the talent to play in the league. The question will be: Does he have the mind to play in the league?

“I think, in general, this summer and September and October will be very important to him.”

Thoughts On The Trade

Malik Allen is the only player involved in the trade who has proven himself to be an NBA caliber player, so since the Nuggets acquired him and for a low cost, I think Denver won this trade comfortably.

It’s hard to understand Milwaukee’s interest in this move. Is it Weems? Or Sharpe?

Presumably, the Bucks could have acquired Sharpe a few weeks ago when they acquired Amir Johnson from the Pistons in return for Fabricio Oberto … so their interest must be in Weems. I haven’t seen much of him, only a summer league game or two, and he wasn’t impressive in those contests. I can’t say anything more about the man than that.

Update: Courtesy of Brew Hoop

Nova Fantasy Sports is reporting that the Bucks are on the verge of trading Malik Allen and his $1.3 million expiring contract to Denver for second-year guard Sonny Weems, who would be owed just $175k if waived immediately.

If it does it would be a no-brainer for the Bucks, as Allen doesn’t provide anything of value at this point and the Bucks would be able to save a little over $1.1 million by converting Allen’s contract into a smaller, partially guaranteed deal.

I’d probably do this deal regardless of the Sessions situation, but it’s worth noting that this move alone would clear enough room to re-sign Sessions for the MLE without going over the 09/10 tax.

Okay, so the Bucks are very likely to waive Seems and save some money in the process. Nice trade for Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Bucks

I’m unsure of what the Bucks are trying to do this summer. Here’s a look at their moves:

  • Traded Richard Jefferson for cap flexibility — expiring contracts and partially guaranteed contracts
  • Drafted Brandon Jennings with the #10 pick in the draft
  • Traded one of those expiring/partial guaranteed deals for Amir Johnson
  • Did not re-sign Charlie Villanueva with their new found cap flexibility.
  • Signed Ersan Ilyasova
  • Unclear whether or not they’ll match the Ramon Sessions offer sheet.

A quick look at their roster

  • Centers – Andrew Bogut, Francisco Elson, Kurt Thomas and Dan Gadzuric
  • Power Forwards – Amir Johnson
  • Small Forwards – Richard Luc Mbah a Moute and Joel Alexander
  • Shooting Guards – Michael Redd, Charlie Bell and Jodie Meeks
  • Point Guards – Luke Ridnour, Brandon Jennings and Salim Stoudamire
  • Trade Asset — Bruce Bowen’s partially guaranteed contract (will be traded in next 8 days)

Are the Bucks biding their time? Waiting for another year before taking a definitive direction? It looks that way.

I am disappointed in the Bucks decisions this summer. I thought they were the fourth best team in the Eastern Conference heading into this summer, and that they could be a good playoff caliber squad for two years before using the expiring contracts of Redd + RJ to upgrade their roster into something more meaningful.

Instead, they’ve tried to gain some of that financial flexibility this summer by dumping RJ, by choosing not to re-sign Villanueva, and by not spending any free agent money so far. In the process they’ve likely knocked themselves out of the playoffs, although they still have a glimmer of hope if Redd can make a full and timely recovery. They have about $49 million on the books for 2010, so they’ll have some cap space but not a huge amount, and possibly none if they match the Sessions’ MLE offer sheet. The plan for revival still looks to be based around 2011, just like it was before they cut apart their roster.

Why not spend a little bit more money to try and be a good team for the next two years? It looks like that’s where they’re going to end up anyway, so why not have as good a team as possible for that time?

I’m confused as to what they’re doing. Hopefully, some clarity is on the way.

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