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Afflalo Trade Rumour

In Trade Talk on July 11, 2009 at 2:28 pm

The Denver Post reports

The Detroit Pistons are likely looking to trade guard Arron Afflalo to clear cap space to sign another big man and my colleague, Benjamin Hochman, has learned that the Nuggets could be Afflalo’s next stop.

Afflalo averaged 6.3 points per game on 47 percent shooting for the Pistons last season, his second season in the NBA out of UCLA.

The Detroit Free Press reported on the Post’s blog post, but had little to add, just this tidbit

The Post reports the Pistons are trying to ship second-year guard Arron Afflalo to Denver, which would clear approximately $1 million in salary cap space for Joe Dumars to sign a power forward or center.

Joe Dumars is trying to free up a little extra cash to beef up the remainder of his cap space, so that he can sign one more good player. I’m not entirely sure how much cap space Joe D has left, but I’ve seen reports of around $3 million.

Denver Nuggets

This would be an excellent acquisition for the Denver Nuggets. Afflalo is a better player, and a better defender, and Dahntay Jones. He would be an upgrade for the Nuggets, and a cheap one at that. If the Nuggets could get Afflalo in a trade, they’d be getting a steal.

Afflalo has real potential as a defender. I’ve felt that he’s been the second best perimeter defender on the Pistons for the last two years and arguably their best man-to-man defender so he’s already very good, but I think he has the defensive potential to become a lockdown defender like a Bruce Bowen or someone of that ilk later on his career. This would be a great get for the Nuggets.

Also, I like the Nuggets attempts to add some quality young prospects to the team. They’d be replacing Dahntay Jones and Anthony Carter with Arron Afflalo and Ty Lawson, while also having young JR Smith in an emerging role. Those youngsters can help Denver continue to push forward.

Detroit Pistons

I’m doubtful that Joe Dumars will be able to find a better player/prospect than Arron Afflalo for his $3-4 million, at this late stage of free agency. He should thread carefully from here on in.

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