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In Free Agency on July 5, 2009 at 11:54 am
Sheed & Davis Together In Boston?

Sheed & Davis Together In Boston?

Via Gary Tanguay

Dallas has become the 5th team interested in Glen “Big Baby” Davis, along with Memphis, New York, San Antonio and Detroit. He wants to stay in Boston but the money may be to good to turn down.

Since then Mark Cuban has pulled out via Twitter

contrary to reports, the Mavs are not pursuing Glenn Davis. Great player, but we like our guys

Market Looks Weak

I can’t help but look at these and all the other Glen Davis free agent updates, and think the market looks weak for him. There are many teams who are calling him up and doing their due diligence, but there appears to be no strong interest in him at all.

I think Glen Davis is the guy that everybody likes, but that nobody wants to pay. There doesn’t seem to be any team that’s in love with him, and willing to pay the cost to land him.

Boston Celtics

While this looks like bad news for Glen Davis, it also is very good news for the Boston Celtics because it makes it far more likely that they’re going to be able to keep him around for another season or three.

I think the Celtics will match offers up as high as $3.5-$4 million per annum. The odds of Davis getting a contract offer beyond that seem low, and look to be getting lower each day he’s left on the market.

Other Teams

Dallas Mavericks — Always looked unlikely. They have a better undersized four man in Brandon Bass, and two other high quality big men in Dirk and Gortat.

Detroit Pistons — The Pistons already have Jason Maxiell on the books at $5 million per annum, why are they interested in Davis? Anyway, they’ve pretty much spent all their cap space at this point, and want to give the remainder to the vastly superior Antonio McDyess. Oh, and they just spent $35-40 million on their new power forward in Charlie Villanueva.

New York Knicks — NYC are going to highly considering letting David Lee and Nate Robinson leave due to the 2010 concerns … but they’re giving Davis a large multi-year contract? That makes no sense. Davis doesn’t fit their running game either.

San Antonio Spurs — I don’t see this one happening either. The Spurs need a bigger difference maker than Davis in the paint, and they’re armed with a starting role, minutes, and the MLE to land said player. They’re heavily interested in Wallace + McDyess for that money.

Memphis Grizzlies — This one made the most sense, but that was prior to Zach Randolph landing in Memphis. Now the Grizzlies have Gasol, Thabeet and Randolph using up nearly all of their big man minutes. The last few minutes are likely to go to a combo forward, either through the return of Warrick or Rudy Gay.

Which one of these teams is going out and offering Davis the contract he’s looking for? That contract is somewhere around 3 years and $12 million, give or take. I don’t think any of them are.


It’s looking very likely that we’ll be seeing Glen Davis back in Boston next season. Good chance Danny signs him on a two year deal at a lower figure.

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